Blog American Study Finds Weight Management Can Improve With Morning Workouts.

American Study Finds Weight Management Can Improve With Morning Workouts.

A US study finds exercising in the morning to be effective for weight management. It suggests that morning workouts can help in combating obesity and high BMI. The study found that the participants who were working out in the morning were able to lower their BMI.

The study observed reduced waist size and low BMI in individuals who got a workout into their routine in the morning in comparison to those who preferred a different time. However, the researchers were not able to justify what the best time to workout was. 

The study observed that working out in the early hours of the day helps in shedding pounds than doing so in any other duration of the day. Observational study on this topic found that the people who were adhering to working out between 7-9 AM were able to note a decrease in their waist circumference and BMI. 

The study also noticed that even if the participants did not work out a lot in the morning, they were able to shed pounds. The authors concluded that morning workout can have a positive impact on the people, reducing the risk of obesity, who might be sedentary during the rest of the day. 

The research assistant professor Tongyu Ma said that their study provides a hint at the optimal time of the day that can be beneficial for weight management. One theory that supports this study is that working out in the morning lets the body burn calories throughout the day. 

This helps keep the individual energetic, even though they are engaging in sedentary activities during the rest of the day. Individuals were placed in three groups where they exercised during morning, afternoon and day. This led to the observation that people in the morning group had lower average BMI than those in other two groups. 

Circadian rhythms and hormones associated with it may play a role in weight loss during a morning workout. 

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