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Why Not Make Brushing Fun for Your Kids

We all know that it is quite challenging to get your children to brush and floss their teeth regularly. This is one of the most challenging things for parents. Kids not only listen to their parents but also avoid brushing daily.  

As a result, plaque and bacteria develop and cause damage to teeth. When kids grow to teeth problems at this stage, it becomes a problem for them. 

Some kids move on to experience permanent problems developed from teeth problems at a younger age. As a parent, you need to make sure you teach your kids how to brush their teeth regularly correctly. This will help them to avoid future problems in the future.  

Things like teeth discoloration will be avoided by regular teeth brushing. However, when these problems occur, they take so much in terms of resources and time to get well. Discolored teeth, for instance, take a lot of time before getting back to their original color.  

Many people think that all it takes to keep your teeth healthy is brushing. Well, that is not entirely true. Only proper teeth cleaning will work well.  

As young kids, they may not be able to do it in the right way. This, therefore, explains why you need to take time and teach your kids how to brush their teeth. You can also do it in a fun way that will prompt them to try out the process later on. 

For young kids brushing twice or three times, a day will not be wrong. They can do so in the morning, during lunch, and in the evening. If you can manage to make them stick to this trend, then they will have healthy teeth in the long run. 

The only trick to this, as said earlier, is making them enjoy the whole process. There are so many hacks you can use to achieve this.  

Just make them fall in love with it, and everything else will follow later on. To motivate them you can even buy them good-looking toothbrushes together with well-scented toothpaste. 


1. Encourage kids to brush and floss 

kids to brush

That is why dentists recommend that it is essential to encourage kids to brush and floss their teeth daily. Parents also ask their kids to spend around two minutes brushing their teeth.  

For kids, it is a necessary evil, but it is quite essential for them as well as overall dental health. One of the best ways is to create a timer to brush teeth.  

No doubt, it is a great way to make brushing teeth enjoyable. A well-thought-timer will motivate your kids to brush their teeth in intervals.  

However, you have to be very careful. Do not be so hard on your kids. This might make them hate the whole exercise.  

If they fail to observe the routine due to any reason, find a way of reminding them not to skip the procedure again. If you are always with them, you can make it your responsibility always to remind them to brush their teeth.  

If not that you can use things like meals as reminders. They can brush during breakfast lunch and finally supper. 

2.  Make sure your child is brushing 

child is brushing 

According to some experts, keeping a timer is an easy way to make sure your child is brushing their teeth. It will help kids to have great fun and enjoy their Brushing. For fun purposes, it is essential to have a designer brush for your kids so that they can have fun. Whatever design you choose, a timer will help your child understand how brushing teeth are essential.  

You can also highlight to them some of the dangers that come with not brushing the teeth. Try and make brushing teeth look like the only way to avoid those problems.  

Kids are just kids, and anything can keep them well-rooted in this teeth brushing trend. For instance, you can also buy them several toothbrushes to make sure the whole process is as much fun as possible.  

If you have some resources, you can even promise them some good things like biscuits and sweets at the end of the whole process. 

3. Favorite song 

 According to some experts, having your child brush his teeth on his favorite song is a great way. All you need to do is to choose their most beloved song so that they can enjoy and brush effortlessly 

You can play this song during the brushing process, or if not that you can play this song as a reminder.  

4. Getting beautiful, bright, and clean 

Depending upon the length of the melody, you can have him brush to the whole tune or have “spit breaks. He can chime into the ensemble and resume cleaning once more. This isn’t a good time for your child.  

However, it will keep his consideration from the measure of time that has passed. So you can make sure that he is keeping his teeth beautiful, bright, and clean. 

Another simple method to time your kid while he brushes his teeth is having him brush the teeth during the business break of his loved show. Business usually breaks between a few minutes, so it will give your kid a lot of time to brush.  

He can also do other things like wash, and spit before his or her show returns. You can have his toothbrush all prepared to go, once the business begins, he can race to the restroom and start. In simple terms, you can make brushing a game for your kids.  

In this way, they will enjoy cleaning as well as have a good time. 

5. Oral hygiene 

For many people, teaching kids oral health is a big battle. However, it is not difficult; this sort of fight can be championed. Though it’s preventable, typical plaque, as well as decay, remains the most common disease among children.  

When kids are aware of these problems, they will try anything possible to avoid such issues. When they learn that Brushing is the only way to achieve this, they will do it with passion. You can also emphasize the number of times they have to brush their teeth.  

 6. Speech delays to dental pain 

According to some experts, poor dental hygiene is linked to everything from speech delays to dental anxiety In this way, you can set a good example and prevent many diseases. Some parents encourage their kids to brush during a commercial break as well as listen to their favorite songs during Brushing. Some mothers tell stories to their kids so that they can listen to stories while brushing regularly. 

7. Battery-powered 

Along these lines, he won’t feel that brushing his teeth is hindering his fun, as well. Intuitive battery-fueled or rotating brushes with implicit clocks are accessible for children with fun hues and topics.  

A portion of these toothbrush kids go through the whole procedure. During this procedure, they experience the pieces of the mouth one by one and notwithstanding praising them toward the end! 

” Brushing and flossing should be pain-free and straightforward.” 

8. Brushing schedule 

Brushing schedule 

Your financial plan and your youngster’s age and phase of advancement will most likely impact your decision of this kind of toothbrush. The battery-controlled type is a lot less expensive, yet besides progressively expendable, just enduring two or three months.  

You can also consult a kid’s dentist regarding the brushing schedule for your kids. So are you ready to get sparkly teeth and dazzling smiles? 

9. Make it a competition

We all know the good feeling that comes with achievements is always appealing to everyone. If you have a good number of kids, you can introduce a brushing competition. Make it simple. The person with the brightest teeth will get the price.  

This way, your kids will brush their teeth vigorously with their eyes set on the price. They can carry on with this program for as long as you will be willing to support it.  


Brushing teeth comes with so many advantages. You need to make sure that you encourage your kids to brush their teeth quite frequently. If you do not know how exactly to do so, then the points listed above will help you. Don’t forget to consult a professional and seek oral solutions from the family dentist in shrewsbury.

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