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15 Useful Home Remedies for Toothache

How do you feel when you hear the word toothache? This is a sharp, throbbing pain that can always make one go crazy. Usually, the pain is caused by an infection either in the gum or problems related to the teeth. When the pain persists, it will need faster treatment or failure could lead to losing teeth. 

The pain caused by the toothache can range from mild to severe. It could turn up being a chronic toothache that may even affect your entire body. Toothaches know not age or gender. It will trouble everyone, thus hurrying you to the dentist. 

What’s more strange about toothaches is that they will always manifest in the nights, during holidays, or weekends when most dental clinics are closed. When experiencing this pain, the last thing you will ever want to hear is that you need to wait for a day or two before seeing the doctor. 

The pains can even become severe making you unable to talk or eat. All you will always want during this time is for the anxiety to submerge. 

Therefore, when your tooth is aching, finding the root cause of the problem is essential. When you determine the cause, then it could be easier to relieve symptoms like pain and swelling. The most common remedies when it comes to toothaches are usually the cold compress and a rinse with salty water. 

 However, the condition can be that painful .and this is when he needs medical intervention sets in. They are competent experts who will provide you with the necessary guidance on the techniques to relieve the pain and even control it from reoccurring in the future. 


Causes of toothache 

Toothaches will always tend to vary from mild soreness to agonizing aching pain around the jaws and in the teeth. The major causes of this pain in the teeth are usually exposed to gum diseases, jaw joint disorders, a loose filling, cracked tooth, cavities, infections, and exposed tooth roots. 


The most common signs that accompany toothache include pain. Headache, foul-tasting discharge, tooth inflammation, mouth pain, and earache. Also, one could experience irritation or red gums, difficulties in swallowing, fever and chills. 

Home remedies for a toothache  

Since a toothache happens when the central tooth region the pulp gets irritated or inflamed. Since the pulp has several various endings that are very sensitive, this the reason why the pain is always that severe as the nerves get infected. 

Seeking advice from the dentist is always a good idea before the situation can even worsen. However, there exist some home remedies that you can try using to relieve the pain. But what you need to remember is that these home remedies for toothache will not cure the root problem. They will only provide relief from the pain. 

For lactating and pregnant mothers, those with medical conditions and allergies, it is essential to talk to the dentist before using these remedies. They might cause side effects to you.  

The 15 best remedies for toothache thus include; 

1. Clean the mouth 

Clean the mouth 

In addition to rinsing your mouth with warm water, you will always need to brush the teeth often, especially during tooth pains. Consider brushing the teeth after every meal, and this will guarantee you the best results. 

This might seem to be that simple. But failure to do so could cause you more harm. Brushing regularly will protect the teeth from bacteria and decay. Floss the painting tooth gentler to ensure that you remove the food leftovers after every meal. 

These are the leftovers that will always lead to pain and decay when you do not pick them 

2. Cloves           


When you experience numbing nerves or severe toothache use cloves, they can give you relief. Cloves have compounds known as eugenol, which are natural anesthetics that help in relieving pain. When using clove oil, you need to be that careful.  

When you pour it on the infected area, it might even worsen the pain when it gets to the sensitive tongue or gum tissue. What you need to do is place just two drops on cotton and then place it on the aching tooth till the pain disappears. 

Also, you may use a pinch of powdered clove on the tooth. Chew the clove that you have placed on the tooth until the oil is released. Keep them in place for about thirty minutes until the pain submerges. 

3. Peppermint and black tea 

black tea 

Peppermint always has that sweet flavor, and it possesses numbing power. In a cup of hot water, add one teaspoon of the dried peppermint leaves and then allow it steep for twenty minutes. After cooling down, you can then swirl the tea in your mouth and either spit it or swallow it. 

Also, the oil that comes from the peppermint plant could be beneficial. You can also choose to use black tea. It will help in reducing the swelling due to the presence of the harsh tannins. Generally, black tea is of great benefit to the overall health of an individual. 

But when it comes to toothache relief place the warm, wet tea bag on the affected tooth for brief comfort. 

4. Ice  


Using a bag made of plastic, put in the small ice cube. You can then wrap a piece of clothing around the bag, and then apply it on the tooth for about fifteen minutes till the nerves are numb. 

Another option is letting the icepack going to the cheek, just above the painful tooth. You can then tie up the ice cubes in clothing and have the fleshy areas massaged. It works mainly for sensitive teeth. 

5. Saltwater  

Combining one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water forms a pain-relieving mouthwash. It is also useful when it comes to relieving a sore throat. When you swirl the water, this will help to reduce the swelling and cleaning away the irritating debris. 

You will need to Swiss this solution in your mouth for about thirty minutes before you spit. It will work effectively by cleaning the area around the tooth and even drawing out fluids that could be causative agents of swelling. Repeat this treatment as many times as you can for results. 

6. Use the right brushing tools  

When you are experiencing a severe toothache, then it is always advised that you choose a toothpaste recommended for sensitive teeth. When you use the right paste, and you have issues with your gums shrinking, it will be the mainstream of the pain. 

It will also relieve the pain you experience when you eat hot or cold foods and drinks. At this moment the gums shrink. The dentine under the enamel, which is the most sensitive part of the teeth surface, gets exposed. 

Also, ensure that you are using a brush that has soft bristles to prevent further shrinking while preserving the gum tissue. According to most dentists, utilizing electric toothbrushes could be ideal. 

7. Hydrogen peroxide 

When you fill your mouth full with three percent of hydrogen peroxide, it can help relieve the pain, discomfort and kill the bacteria that could be causing a toothache. In this case, the cavity is accompanied by fever and foul taste then hydrogen peroxide is the best remedy. 

The solution of hydrogen peroxide is mainly used for rinsing purposes. Once you get the relief, you will have to split it and use clean, warm water to rinse your mouth. It just helps relieve pain and not cure the causative agent. Use this when you have cavities. 

8. Asafetida 

It is ideal when it comes to treating problems like bleeding, gums, and toothaches. All you need to do here is to add a half teaspoon of the asafetida in two spoons of lemon juice and warm for some time. 

Allow the cotton pad to soak in the concentration then place it on your aching will help to relieve the pain much faster as it is a severe toothache remedy. More so, when you fry the asafetida in clarified butter, it can always provide much instant relief. 

9. Cayenne-ginger paste: 

ginger paste

It is also among the best toothache remedy. All you need to do is to mix the equal part of these spices with warm water to get a paste. You can then roll the cotton ball into the dough, allowing it to get saturated before placing it on the tooth. 

You will need to take care of the gums and tongue to avoid the paste from getting into contact with them. You can then leave cotton on your tooth as long as you can withstand it or until the pain lessens. Since these two spices are painkillers, you can choose to try them separately. 

Cayenne’s main chemical composition is capsaicin, which helps block pain messages from reaching the brain. 

10. Cover cracks with gum  

In the case where you have a broken tooth, then you could relieve the pain by covering the area exposed to infections with soft chewing gum. It works best, especially in cases where the loose filling was done to put it in place until you see a dentist.  

To avoid more discomfort, avoid chewing things using this tooth until you visit the dentist for repair. 

11. Myrrh and alcohol  


Myrrh possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is key in helping kill the bacteria from toothaches as well. This method entails simmering a spoon of myrrh powder in water for about thirty minutes and allow it to cool naturally. 

Place it on your aching tooth, for some time. You can then rinse the tooth with warm water. Do this at least six times daily. 

Alcohol is also the best remedy for relieving toothache. You can swish scotch, vodka, whiskey, and brandy and this could reduce the pain faster. This could be the best mouthwashes that relieve pain much easier and faster. 

12. Watch what you drink and eat  

Prevention is the perfect remedy for toothache. Knowing the techniques for avoiding dental pain before it occurs, is essential. When you experience toothaches, this will mean you need to cut down on drinking and eating sugary foods. 

Also, experts recommend that you will always need to avoid taking in too cold or hot foods and beverages. Also, try hard to avoid the hard candy things that could even worsen the pain. 

13. Fluoride treatment  

Fluoride treatments are significant, especially in the treatment of the early stages of cavities. It can help the teeth restoring themselves. This type of toothache remedy has gel varnish, foam fluoride, and liquid solution, which strengthens the enamel of the tooth. Also, they can aid in coating the tooth. 

When undergoing treatment of toothache using fluoride, the doctor can always use two ways. They can apply the fluoride directly to the teeth or place the fluoride into the tray that fits the will still take about five minutes to complete the procedure. 

14. Garlic  


Garlic is considered a natural remedy for toothache as it helps provide relief from toothache. The presence of antibiotics and other elements in garlic makes it more ideal when it comes to slowing down the bacteria effects. 

Relieving the pain will thus need a compelling mix of salt and garlic powder. Apply the moisture to the painful tooth directly, and it will decrease the pain. Also, you can consider chewing garlic directly to relieve the pain much faster. 

15. Massage the hand with ice  

This could seem challenging to understand. But when it comes to relieving toothache, the critical solution could be in your hands. Try rubbing ice on the sides between the thumb and index finger, and it will reduce toothache pain. 

This part of the hand is usually considered the L14 pressure point. It is the best alternative as t is a point where pain can be interacted with from all areas of the body. 

 Most studies have proven that when you massage the hand, it could be the best remedy as it will help to reduce the dental pain and thus cause cold signals which interfere with the pain signals. Try this at least for seven minutes for desired results. Pay attention to the hand that is on the similar side of the aching tooth. 


The experience of having a toothache could be that severe to the point of making you feel crazy and even losing concentration. The severity of toothache will always vary from gentle, chronic, unbearable to sharp pain. 

Do you suffer from a toothache? Do you wonder what kind of medicine that could be essential to relieve the pain that comes with a toothache? The article above has a list of the various useful home remedies you could use to help relieve toothache. 

Most of the products originate from plants. Why not consider them as they are readily available? However, what you need to know is that the remedies temporarily relieve the pain, visit a dentist for the appropriate cure of the root problem. Get professional help and fix that toothache with these dentists in avon lake.

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