Blog Want To Move Up In The World Of Healthcare? Top Tips To Make Your Goals A Reality

Want To Move Up In The World Of Healthcare? Top Tips To Make Your Goals A Reality

Healthcare is a massive sector, and there are so many unique routes to take within it. One of the best ways to move away from hands-on patient care to a role that lets you help from afar is to get started in management. Working in management still means you’re making a huge difference to the quality of care offered and even patient outcomes, but it is less of a patient and public-facing role; you’re working the magic behind the scenes and keeping the hospital running smoothly so that medical teams can do their jobs properly.

That’s why many, even nurses, look to management and administration later on in their careers. You don’t have to have worked in healthcare beforehand, either. If you want to make a difference but working directly in healthcare isn’t for you, then administration is a great choice.


What You’ll Need To Move Up In Healthcare

What You’ll Need To Move Up In Healthcare

To get started in almost any role in healthcare, you’re going to need a degree. Healthcare administration is no exception. Before you get carried away, however, it’s important to understand the two main routes into this sector. The first is with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration; the second is with an MBA that’s concentrated on healthcare management. Both are similar, but there are a few key differences that make the MBA vs MHA debate one you need to read up on.

Start Asking Now For More Responsibility

Being a team leader is a great stepping stone before moving into administration. It doesn’t matter if you don’t immediately get a managerial position, either. Showing your skills and ability to lead will help you at one point in your career or another. Starting now just means that you’ll have more of a foundation to work from later on.

Ask To Shadow

If you currently work in a healthcare environment, one of the best ways to prepare for a new career branch and start networking with the people who will count most is to shadow. Have a quick coffee break or lunch with someone whose role you are interested in to discuss your career. See if they have any advice for you, if you can shadow them, or if they’d be interested in mentoring you. Just asking about their job and what it entails can be a significant first step.

Begin Your Commitment To Lifelong Learning

As anyone in healthcare can attest, learning must be lifelong. For administrators, that means staying up to date on the news, new legislation, and new technologies. There will even be frequent debates and changes to the best practice. After all, healthcare is facing a massive upheaval around the world.

There are large shortages in staff, new technology to adopt, and an aging population to contend with. Staying updated on how the industry is changing and adapting to meet these challenges is crucial, and there’s no reason not to start today. After all, you’ll need to get into the habit sooner or later, and starting now can improve your education and get you jumpstart ready for a new career as soon as you graduate.


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