Why you should consider cardio for weight loss? Know everything here!

Weigh Loss

So, you have tried every combination of exercise and still not losing weight?

Let’s have a brief look!

Weight loss sometimes proves to be a daunting task. No matter how hard you sweat on the treadmill, but those pounds are too stubborn to get out of your body. But to transform your body, to get fit, to be healthy – you have to and need to exercise. That is the only way to transform yourself and become the best version of you.

As we need air to live, in the same way, our body needs physical exercise to function efficiently. Scientists have unraveled that the amazing act that exercises can actually reprogram your DNA. And the lack of exercise can alter your DNA unfavorably.

Apart from these complicated scientific reasons to exercise, it offers benefits, which can’t be achieved from dieting. Exercise boosts your metabolism and turns your body into a fat blasting furnace. It builds your muscles and improves the body shape, and gives you a firm and toned body. Dieting cut the daily calories but doesn’t promise a firm body. You’ll definitely lose weight, but the body will not be toned. However, in combination with diet, the process of weight loss will be faster.

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Cardio

Cardio is a good workout plan, which consists of exercises that are steady and when performed as high-intensity interval training, would help in losing much weight. The aim of the exercise regime is to burn more calories. Cardio is effective is burning more calories, as the workout plan is centered on cardio. The steady state cardio and interval training cardio together makes it more effective than any other form of workout.

Steady state cardio is power walking, jogging, running, and cycling and performing them at the same level of intensity during the workout session. The term of the workouts is longer for better results. Cardio interval training and high-intensity interval training are shorter workout sessions at a high pace, or intensity and recovery intervals. Interval training boosts metabolism and burns body fat. HIIT is a more intense workout and beginners can start with interval training.

You can prefer any cardiovascular exercise you like, just stay away from those exercises, which you don’t enjoy. It is an integral part of weight loss program and sticks to the exercise you do, so that you achieve desired results. You can do cardio workout outdoors or indoors. For persons, who are overweight, should start with low impact exercise like – walking, swimming, or using the elliptical machine. An elliptical machine is a good way to burn fat like jogging or running. It also feels much easier to do rather than running or jogging.

The workout plan has a great variety and you can mix and match them along with interval training and high-intensity interval training. However, if you are looking to increase muscle, then take steroids and do cardio and resistance training accordingly. You can buy oral steroids and they will help you to gain muscles effectively; however, take advice from the doctors before opting for steroids.

Important tips to choose your cardio

  • There is no best cardio exercise, and every cardio workout, when done with sincerity and discipline, will give the desired result. Just because your cousin say treadmill is the best exercise to shed weight doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Choose your own exercises which are comfortable for you.
  • Any exercise can be challenging if you don’t do it properly. If you are walking, then challenges it by speeding up, or at an inclination or pumping your arms.
  • As mentioned above, indulge in the exercise, which interests you or you are comfortable with. Don’t force yourself into some kind of routine, which doesn’t suit you, as you may hurt yourself.
  • Choose something which can keep you going for at least three times a week. Always be flexible, keep doing variations when you become comfortable with the exercise.

How long should you exercise?

  • You don’t have to complete all the sets at once, but divide them in smaller workouts throughout the day. You can start with a ten-minute walk.
  • You can add cardio to your regular day like climbing the stairs or speed walking.
  • People who work out don’t have more time than people who don’t. So, you have to make exercise a priority and have to consider it as important as any other appointment and stick to it.
  • Find a good personal trainer, so that he can motivate you to work out and that would make a difference. Don’t ever think that five minutes are not enough to exercise; always keep in mind that every minute counts.


Doing too much cardio is not a good thing and as it may backfire. Start at a steady rate and then increase your intensity with time and your comfort level.

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