Blog Why you should consider cardio for weight loss?

Why you should consider cardio for weight loss?

Just the same way we need air to live, our bodies need physical exercises for them to function efficiently. According to scientists exercises can reprogram your DNA. However, apart from this scientific reason, exercising pose a lot of health benefits that you cannot achieve by dieting.

Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, this is a great deal. You will need to watch your diet and exercise as well. Especially, you have to engage in both strength training and cardio to get the most out of the workout.

When you exercise, it will help boost your metabolism thus turning your body into a fat-blasting furnace. Also, it will help in the build-up of muscles thus improving your shape and giving you a firm and toned body.

When you diet, it can help cut down the daily calories but this does not promise you a firm body. You will always lose weight, but the body will not be toned. But when you combine exercise with dieting then the weight loss process will be faster.

Do you ever figure out how hard you should work, how much cardio you need the best cardio exercises to meet your fitness goals? The good news is that there exists a wide range of options you can always choose from.

You can vary both the intensity and the type of workouts daily. The truth is that when you mix up the workouts, you can always get the best results. Engaging in a variety of exercises will help prevent your body from adapting to a specific routine.

Thus low carb will help lower the rate of calorie burn and also curb down the boredom of doing one similar thing for over some time. If you are a beginner, take your time, and figure out those activities you enjoy doing. Build your endurance gradually and you will eventually fit into the system.


Weight loss workout plan for cardio

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Cardio is usually a good workout plan. It consists of steady exercises and when one performs them as high-intensity interval training, they could help in losing weight. Usually, the aim of this exercise regime is to burn down more calories.

Since this effective workout plan is centered on cardio, cardio exercises are the most effective in burning calories. Also, steady-state cardio, cycling, jogging, walking, and running could be the best when you perform them at the same level of intensity.

For better results, these workouts will always take a longer time. The high-intensity interval training and Cardio interval training are usually short workout sessions at a high pace, recovery interval, or intensity. These will help in boosting metabolism and burn fats.

Choosing cardiovascular exercises you like and enjoy doing is much more important. You should try sticking to these programs for you to achieve the best results as it is an integral part of weight loss.

You can either do the cardio exercises indoors or outdoors. For overweight people, you should start with low-impact exercises like using the elliptical machine or swimming.

Since the workout plan has a variety of activities you can engage in, you can mix them up. Remember to mix them with high-intensity interval training and interval training. But just in case you need to build your muscles, steroids combined with cardio and resistance training could serve the purpose.

How cardio Assist you in Weight Loss

Weight loss will only occur when you develop a calorie deficit. Some people will tend to prefer slashing off calories by dieting. But the most effective and healthy way is combining a healthy low-calorie diet, strength training, and cardio. Cardio will help by;

Adding to your overall calorie deficit

When you burn calories through exercise, it will mean that you do not have to cut as many calories from your diet. That is, as long as you are not compensating a more intake after your workout.

You can do cardio more than strength training

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After lifting weights, of cos, your muscles will need some rest time to grow stronger and recover. You can choose to do a prudent routine for cardio most days of the week with no doubts about overtraining or injuries.

You can easily increase the intensity to boost your calorie burn

When you incorporate minor changes to your routine, then this will affect you. An increase in the intensity of your routines will help accelerate your metabolism. Activities like jumping higher, running faster and climbing hills or trying new activities.

You can burn more calories at one time

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By boosting your heart rate into your target heart zone, it will cause your blood to pump faster. Also, you will be sweating and breathing much harder and thus your body will be burning more calories. It’s simple, the longer and harder you work, the more calories you burn.

Important tips to choose your cardio

Since there exist no best cardio exercise, every cardio exercise done with discipline and sincerity will give you the results you desire. Just because some other person recommends a certain exercise it does not mean it also suits you. Choose the exercises that make you comfortable.

Any exercise will always be thought-provoking especially when not done properly. You can choose to pose a challenge in whatever you do. For example, if you are walking, then choose to pump your arms, or speed it up.

Just as stated above, always indulge in the exercises that interest you and also make you comfortable. Do not ever try forcing yourself into a certain routine that doesn’t suit you. You may end up hurting yourself.

Remember to choose something that can keep you going at least three times a week. At all times, keep doing variations and be flexible once you become comfortable with the workouts.

How long should you exercise?

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You can always add cardio to your daily regular activities like speed walking or climbing the stairs.

Find out, a good personal trainer. They will help in motivating you to work out thus making a difference. Do not always think that even five minutes are not enough, every minute will always count.

Always take your exercise routine as a priority. Consider it as important as any other appointment. Stick to your cardio workout routine.

You do not have to complete all the sets at one time. You can divide them into smaller workouts throughout the day. It would be very effective.


Cardio can help in the burning down of calories thus helping in weight loss. But when you combine it with two or three days of strength training, then this could increase the rate at which you lose weight.

Are you struggling losing weight? All you need is to indulge in cardio activities, strength training, and watch your diet.

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