Blog 5 Easiest And Fastest Ways To Build Up Real Strong Muscles

5 Easiest And Fastest Ways To Build Up Real Strong Muscles

Muscle strength is usually a crucial factor for good health, especially as we continue growing old. Therefore when it comes to building muscles, it is not just for those who are into fitness as a hobby. Because the more, the heavier the weights you lift, the bigger the muscles keep growing. 

Strength is considered as size. For you to grow your muscles naturally, then you need to keep on lifting the heavier weights. The muscle strength you gin can thus be ideal in reducing injuries such as falls. Moreover, the strong muscles help in fighting mild depression, improving cholesterol levels, and controlling blood sugars. 

Therefore, when it comes to muscle building, the use it or lose it effect is relevant. That is the more active or inactive you become, and it will lead to loss or growth of muscle protein. Thus this can either increase or decrease the muscle strength. Also, when you fail to do the resistance and strength training, the muscle mass will decline eventually. 

Most people are trying to build muscles by performing the high rep isolation exercises until sore and pumped. But what saddens us that this does not trigger muscle growth since you cannot lift heavy weights enough. Unless you are a lifter who is already active and using drugs, then you can never achieve muscle strength by doing isolation exercises. 

There is no way you can only engage in natural lifting without exercise and expect your muscles to grow. You should include activities such as Row, OH press, Deadlift, Bench, and Squat. When you combine both the heavyweights and exercising, then you can gain muscle strength even without using drugs. 


The easiest and fastest ways to build up real strong muscles  

 Just by adopting small changes, this can make significant differences in your life. Stop tying yourself on ultra-scientific diet plans and the different workout regimes that do not yield. The only thing you need is controlling the body by setting up the mind for a few fitness goals. 

 However, on your fitness journey, you can find many distractors. But what s key is for you to stick to the goals our have set unless you have achieved all needs courage and determination. Since believing in yourself and sticking to the changes is vital irrespective of what move you are adding to your way of life. 

Having you been working out in the past and have not been seeing any results? Worry not. The article is mainly focusing on the small jerks you can incorporate in your lifestyle and build up your muscles reliable and fast. 

Chest bodyweight workout

Chest bodyweight workout

When we hear f chest workout, what comes into our minds is the heavy barbell and dumbbells. But this is not the thing. Some people will take in supplements like the injectable Deca-Durabolin to make their chest strong. However, without incorporating in the right workouts, then these steroids do not guarantee results. 

It is also possible to work out on your chest without necessarily using pieces of equipment. You can use your body weight in making the pecs pop. The bodyweight workout regime will not only make your pectorals to pop, but also will get your triceps, muscles, and abs into real action. 

Do you think of showcasing your chest, then follow these chest workout routines to grow your chest muscles strong. 

  •         Roll up ladder switch out pushups- 3 sets of 10 yds.’ in each direction
  •         Dive bomber pushups- 3 sets, 7 reps
  •         Diamond pushups- 3 sets, 8 reps
  •         Dips (eccentric lower) – 3 sets, 10 reps
  •         Simple pushups- 3 sets, 12 reps
  •         Side step press for chest- 3 sets, 10 reps
  •         High/medium/low isometric presses- 5 sets, 10 reps

Arm workout 

Arm workout  

Sometimes we do not have that much time to spend in the gym. That is still ok. Other people will make excuses for how busy they are to work out. But arm workout hardly takes 15 minutes. No matter the busy schedules, this can be done within the short leisure time you spend.  

 Therefore, here is a 15-minute arm workout for your skinny arm. 

  •         drag curl – 4 sets, eight reps
  •         Zottman curl -2 sets, 12 reps 
  •         Neutralgrip floor press -5 sets, five reps
  •         reverse grip triceps extension -2 sets, 12 reps 
  •         Neutral-grip floor press- 5 sets, five reps
  •         Dip- 4 sets, eight reps

Some routine pull-ups  

When it comes to improving your overall body fitness and developing your hands, then exercises like pull-ups are great. So, why put in more efforts in the gym when you can do some pull-ups in your home? Here are some tips that can aid you to do more pull-ups. 

1. Negative training  

Negative training  

The training mainly bases on the lower parts of the movement versus the actual lift. It helps boost endurance and also in the development of muscle fibers in a much distinct way. What you need to do is; holding the chin-up bar and making an excellent grip, jumping up and making sure your chest is closer to the chin-up bar. 

You can then let the body to rest for about 5-6 seconds and repeat. For best results, you need some few reps and some set every week on your final day. 

2. Use assistance band and so forced reps 

Doing pull-ups is not that easy as people may think. For beginners, repeating even two pull-ups can be a matter. But some assistance bands can aid you in doing some more pull-ups. Usually, the groups are in plastic form, and they help in counterbalancing your bodyweight. 

When you have the bands on, they can automatically help you doing some two or three reps without any assistance. Also, you can consider doing force reps by including some training such as, 

3. Bulk up training  

This training helps to check out your performance and strength. It entails exercises like the barbell bench press, barbell deadlift, and barbell back squat 

4. Squat pull-ups  

When you do the squat pull-ups, it works for your entire body and will activate the nervous system. The workout will help in strengthening the lats and muscles more quickly. 

5. Heavy pulldowns

Heavy pulldowns  

You can choose to do the 10 or 15 reps with light weights for about a week. Also, you can do the 3 or 5 sets and 40r 6 reps of heavy pulldowns for at least three weeks. 

In general  

People tend to go to the gym and workout tirelessly. Their focus is always on weight and lift training but also when you focus on resistance exercises, and this could be important as well. It will help in the growth of healthy muscles. 

Even those who are using steroids also need some resistance exercises to get the results. Training matters most when it comes to building the muscles. Through the training, it will stimulate your body to build muscles. 

When you lift heavy weights, this can stress our body. However, your body will react to this by getting even stronger and adding muscles mass. Thus, this will help in coping with that stress the next time you are exercising. 

More so, nutrition also can matter in muscle building. You only need to take in maximum protein needs, eat enough calories, and drink enough water. This will help in the building of the stiff muscles. 


These exercises need not be done at the gym or more time. You can easily do them at your home more efficiently. Since creating time to go to the gym can be a bit challenging, these workout regimes of about 15 minutes can just be included in your daily routine.  

Why give an excuse of time when these workouts can only last 15 minutes? Just follow the above practical exercises and grow lean and muscular body within a few months

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