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How to Stay On top Of Your Oral Health

The mouth is always the entryway to the body. Thus it can be the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to breed. When the bacteria multiply, they make the gums their perfect home. Healthy bodies will find it much easier to fight this bacteria.  

But the bodies with diseases such as diabetes or inflammation, fight it hard fighting the bacteria’s. This will later turn into gum infections. 

Living with diabetes is not that easy as one may think. The disease can have an effect on every part of the body. For many people how to control and deal with high blood sugar could be tiresome. Especially changing your daily routines; exercises and diet. 

One key relevant thing to always know is that high blood sugar will affect almost your entire body. The kidneys, gums, and any other body parts where blood can flow through. Therefore, if you live with diabetes, then the need to pay attention to your oral and dental health is important. 

maintaining your oral health could help in taking care of the gum diseases as it is prevalent in diabetes patients. it will also help you control the blood sugar levels. 

When left unattended, it can pose a lot of health problems such as heart disease. More to that, it can be that expensive to repair when it gets to the point of heading to the dentist. 


Why People with Diabetes Are More Prone to Gum Disease 

Everyone has those tiny bacteria’s that live in their mouths. When these bacteria make their way into one’s gums, they can end up causing periodontal diseases. The disease thus can destroy all the tissues holding the teeth, gums, and even your bones. 

Especially for those living with diabetes, it is a common attack. It is normally due to poor blood sugar control, and age that will increase the risk of gum problems. When the gum disease occurs then it causes the blood sugar level to rise. 

So, this will make controlling diabetes a very difficult task. Because one is that much susceptible to infections and less able to fight the bacteria that invade the gums. 

How to stay on top of your oral health when living with diabetes 

Keeping your oral health is very important. It will always give you the confidence to walk around places. Although, in diabetes victims, it can be that challenging. But this should not really bother you. It can be controllable. 

Here are some of the tips on how you can keep your pearl white teeth safe and clean when you are living with diabetes. 

Consider your current oral health

In the case your gums and teeth have a problem, fixing it fast is better. It will help avoid infections from even worsening.  

The cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay will not only cause pain making it difficult to drink and eat. They can also be costly to repair when the problem takes longer times to fix. 

One of the options when it comes to fixing the problem is the use of implants. They might not work for everyone though. Therefore, you need to do a bit of research before you can make up your decision. 

Control your diet  

Control your diet  

For those people who live with diabetes, the need for being strict on certain diets and exercises is very ideal. You can choose to replace refined sugars such as tomato sauce, bread, cakes with sugar-free foods and whole grains. 

Also, you can consider taking cheese instead. It will help in the production of acid-neutralizing addition to that, always consider vegetables and fruits in your diet. Their crunchy, hard texture will act as your own personal plaque scraper. 

You should also ensure that you are drinking a lot of water all day through. It will help wash away the bacteria while reaping the benefits of the fluoride it encompasses. 

Get into good habits  

When you are living with diabetes, a disease that is targeting the teeth and gums, flossing, and brushing after every meal is crucial. Always carry with you a travel-size oral care kit. Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss. 

When it comes to the point of recalling when it needs to be done, you should try coming up with a routine that you can easily rely on. If you are that busy person who will not remember easily, you can set up reminders on your phone to always keep you on track. 

Take care of your toothbrush  

Take care of your toothbrush  

A key important aspect to remember is caring for the tools that you use on your mouth. Using toothbrush covers over some time can cause the breeding site for bacteria growth leading to contamination. 

Ensure that you rinse your toothbrush well after use with warm water. It will help remove the toothbrush residues. Never recycle floss. Pay key attention to how long you stay with your toothbrush. Consider replacing it every three to four months. Or as soon as the bristles become worn. 

Lose the bad habits  

bad habits  

Losing your bad habits is always very important. You can quit eating and drinking foods that might cause you more trouble. Quit chewing tobacco and smokingif you are a victim. Also, try and avoid sugary drinks and foods. 

Another key thing to consider is the type of toothbrush you are using. Don’t use toothbrushes with hard bristles as they could even cause more problems to the gums. Remember also the other bad habits that can also cause havoc on your oral health.  Such as chomping on ice, using your teeth as a multipurpose, and biting your nails. 


Do you suffer from diabetes or any other disease that is posing a threat to your oral health? Then choosing to stay on top of your oral health will help you avoid any issues down the road. With the tips above, you can be sure that your teeth and gums are taken care of without having to spend much. 

Most importantly, make sure you do regular dental visits! Maintain a healthy smile with Dentist in Ballwin by booking an appointment now.

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