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10 Easy and Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2020

Ladies will tell you that nails are an extension of what they wear. Beautiful nail art designs tend to attract a lot of compliments and attention. As a woman, you will always want to have an additional glamour to your nails.  

If you are tired of the monotone and classic colors on your nails, it is good to try out something fun. This article will give you some of the easy and beautiful nail art designs that you can impress in 2019.  

The most important thing is to give your nails the best look that you can ever imagine. Try to stand out from the rest. I mean, who will not like to have those nails that will command attention. Surely there are those nail designs that can make you stand out. 

The good thing with some of these nail art designs is that many people do not know them. This means that if you have them, you might be the only one having them. The other good thing is that they do not have so much in terms of procedures. 

If you want to run a successful run ail studio, you need to first begin with branding. This means creating great design assets that will help your target audiences identify with your brand. In this situation, your brand’s logo design becomes an important differentiator and marker separating you from the rest of your competition.

Some of them come with straightforward procedures that you can carry out by yourself. The methods do not take a lot of time.  Only a few minutes will be enough to leave you with beautiful nails.  

Some experts can take you the procedure if you are unable to do it yourself. 

However, you have to know that your appearance will largely depend on the application procedure. Given this fact, you have to be very careful when applying the ingredients of these nail art designs.   


10 Easy and Beautiful Nail Art: 

1. Orange and white Flames Nail Art Designs

Flames Nail Art Designs


This nail art design presents a youthful and fresh look. It has a great color combination and comes out as an excellent summer nail design. You can use a different color set if you want a unique look.  

You will need nail art strips, black, yellow, orange, and white nail polish. Apply two white nail polish for the base. Diagonally place the strips across one another and then apply yellow nail polish.  

Vertically place a second strip at the center and then use an orange nail polish on one side. After placing the strips appropriately, you can apply black at the base of your nails. Complete the look with a bright polish coat. 

2. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Pink Floral Nail Art


This nail art design has a pretty look with a delightful combination of white and pink. It looks as if you have springs on your fingernails. It has a classy but simple design, and you can recreate it within few seconds.  

Wearing it can help you to brighten up a dull day or a sunny summer day. You will need a white, pink, and purple nail wash and a nail art pen or thin nail art brush.  

To start with, apply two white nail polish on the base. Use the small brush to create flowers with your pink nail polish. Using the purple nail polish, add oomph to the pink flowers and finish with a topcoat.  

You may decide to recreate the look differently and also create flowers on the entire nail and not just a single side. You can also apply bright colors over the white base. 

3. Color Splash Nail Art

Splash Nail Art

This design has one of the most beautiful looks. You will use nails as a blank canvas. Splash a few colors around to get the cooling effect making the whole thing artsy. To achieve this, you will need a blue, white, and purple nail polish, and an angled nail art brush.  

However, you can also choose colors of your choice for the look as it will still deliver cool results. Apply two white nail polish for the base.  

After drying, dip the brush on the blue nail polish and use the thumb to splash color over your nails. Follow the same process for all the colors until you get the desired results and then apply a topcoat. 

4. Colorful Clouds Nail Art Design

You will love everything about this beautiful nail art design. The presentation is damn adorable, bright, easy, and colorful. You will be playing with the ring fingernail and leave the others with a minima aqua blue-green coat nail polish.  

It is a perfect design for the summer and spring. You will need a brush, light blue nail polish, pink nail polish, and an aqua blue-green nail polish.  

Paint all your nails with blue-green polish apart from the ring fingernail. Use the pink nail polish for the ring fingernail. Make sure you apply a clear polish coat on the top. 

5. Alley-Diagonpink and Yellow Nail Art

Yellow Nail Art


This is a colorful art that is a treat for your eyes. It has a young, vibrant, and trendy look. You can casually pull it off, and it will brighten up your day and outfit. You need a top coat, nail art strips, peach, yellow, and purple-ink nail polish.  

First, paint the nails yellow than applying peach nail to the lower half. Repeat the procedure with pink-purplish and go gradually diagonally all the way. Apply a top coat to finish this nail art design. 

6. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

This fabulous design is a rare combination of gold and light blue. You can wear the look casually or go with the gold outfit for a fancy event. All you need is clear polish, plastic wrap, gold, and light blue nail polish.  

Apply two coats of the gold nail polish for the base. After drying, apply a blue nail coat over the gold. Dab the crumpled plastic wrap over the nail while still wet. Once the gold nail polish seeps through the blue, complete with the topcoat. 

7. Striped Aztec Nail Art Design

Aztec Nail Art Design


This nail design seems to be complicated, but you can break it down in a few steps. It’s a comfortable design that you can get right at home. It has one of the best color combinations in the industry.  

The items you need are thin nail strips, thin brush gold, pink, black, and white nail polish. Use the white base to paint your nails and then create the pink strips. Using the same method, create a black strip at the nail tip.  

Use the thin brush to make the Aztec design and add triangles in the middle. You can then apply a clear polish coat for the finishing. 

8. The Pink Ombre Nail Design 

Pink Ombre Nail Design 

In this design, you create a pink gradient to achieve these beautiful looking nails. The model has a super cute look, and you can use any colors you like in this technique. It is a simple technique that you can do within a few minutes.  

All you need is a sponge, toothpicks, a pink and light-peach nail polish. Start by applying a coat of the light-peach nail polish. Use a toothpick to blend these colors slightly. Use a sponge to dab the mixed colors and then gently dab the sponge on the nail.  

To finish the work, apply a clear polish coat. After that, give it time to dry. If there are any polish that missed the nails and landed on your body, you can wipe it.  

After a short period, you will be left looking fantastic. If you are not so sure of how to go about this process, you can bring in an expert.  

The expert will help you out with the procedure correctly. You need to know that your nails will only look amazing with this design adequately applied.  

If you fail to apply it properly, then you will end up with rather bad looking nails. Given this possibility, you have to make sure you carry out the procedure carefully, getting every step right. The good thing is that this procedure is not complicated. Just a few steps and you will be done.  

9. Gold Glitter Nail Art

Gold Glitter Nail Art

This is a fancy design, and you can wear it on a day you need some extra little. It’s a pretty, super quick, and comfortable design. What you need is a dotting tool, a thin brush, black, pink, and gold nail polish. 

 Paint the nails with two gold nail polish coat. Create pink layers at the corners using the dotting tool. Use the black paint nail polish intermittently to outline the pink. You can then apply a clear nail polish coat. 

These gorgeous nail art designs will make you shine in 2019. The good news is that all of them are pretty easy to implement. However, you can rely on professionals to help you get the best designs. 

10: Work of art  

 This is also one of the best nail designs that can make you stand out from the rest. It is suitable for all ladies and suits everybody perfectly. If you are looking for a way of standing out, then you need to try out these nail designs.  

They are a perfect combination of class and top design.  

The nail art is made from primary colors like bright yellow and cobalt blue. These colors make them stand out from the rest. If you are thinking of upgrading your manicure, then you need to try out these nail art designs.  

There is appearance alone will please you boosting your confidence. You will never find a better manicure than this nail art design. The design is new, meaning not so many know about it leave alone having it. Having this nail art design will make you stand out.  

There are so many places where you can get this nail art design. For instance, you can find the layout in your local saloon. If not that, there are experts who specialize in delivering these services. They will help you to have these art nail designs.  

If not that, you can also create these nail design yourself back at home. You only need bright colors and then mix them carefully. After getting the compound, you can apply them correctly on your nails. After a short period, you will end up with beautiful and fabulous nails.  


 When it comes to ladies, nails are at the core of beauty. Your nails will have a more significant impact on how you look. Keeping them beautiful will add something to your vision.  

It is, therefore, essential for you to make sure you apply the latest nail designs on your nails.  

The nail art designs listed above are some of the designs you can use to make sure your nails look amazing. Consider them and see which one suits you perfectly.  

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