Blog 6 Makeup Tips Which Every Bride of the Season Should Know

6 Makeup Tips Which Every Bride of the Season Should Know

Have you ever felt jealous of your best friend or any girl in your social circle, who is a pro at using makeup? If answered honestly then 7 out of every ten girls will say yes! It is an underlying human tendency to feel envy of a person who has something that we want for ourselves. And when it comes to makeup, all the girls wish to excel that art. 

You will be surprised to know that the art of doing perfect makeup every time is simply about using smart tips and tricks. There is no such thing as “she is a born makeup artist” instead the reality is “she knows many makeup tips”, and that is what makes her look perfect every day.  


6 Makeup Tips Which Every Bride of the Season Should Know

Therefore to help you achieve that makeup quick look daily, we present six easy-to-do makeup tips and tricks. 

It is not very frequent that a girl uses blush to highlight her cheeks; mostly, it is kajal and lipstick only

kajal and lipstick only

 When you plan to attend a special occasion, this is when you can wear this makeup. Hence, when you are putting on blush, you must make sure it is matching the color of your lipstick. When these two bonds correctly, then you can be assured of having that complete and coordinated look on you. To make sure t you are standing out of the crowd, apply this makeup with the aid of a specialist. You might think that too much of the lipstick and blush makes you look perfect, but the reality is that it doesn’t.  

Mismatching the color of primer and foundation is a significant makeup blunder which many amateur girls do

When applying makeup, you must make sure the once you choose to blend with your skin type. Not all of these makeups are meant for your skin. Some could even lead to your skin having rushes or giving your face that looks that could be disgusting.  This is oneof the best makeup tips for beginners.

Thus, when you mismatch these makeups, this could lower down your self-confidence and even bring about fear in doing makeup. You must make sure the colors of your primer match well with the tone of the foundation. This will give an even skin tone, and the makeup will not feel made-up. 

Ensure you are buying the perfect mascara that can stay for a shelf-life

Good mascara easily costs more than a thousand bucks and when it dries-up before the shelf-life such wastage of money hurts a lot. There are so many companies that are making this mascaras. Do not get easily lured by the prices. Cheap could always be expensive in the end.  

Thus, ensure that you are buying your high-quality mascara from a reputable brand. But when you find your mascara has dried up, there is a way to bring that dead-flaky mascara back to life. Add a few drops of any contact-lens solution, and this will make it liquid again.  

But in the case the mascara had expired, then make sure that you are not using it at all. This could lead to eye infections that could be costly when treating. Be careful with the brand you use and pay critical attention to the expiry date. Nothing hurts like an investment that gets wasted in return. However,you must also know the best beauty tips for women. 

Maintain daily skincare routines  

skincare routines  

Perfect makeup begins only with regular skin-caring ritual. The first thing before you think of applying any lipstick on your face, it is essential that you clean your face. A clean look will make your makeup blend perfectly without leaving some patches on your face.  

More so, after long hours of makeup on your skin, before you sleep, you must remove the makeup. This will help in the removal of the accumulated dirt on your skin, letting it breathe. This makes your skin look glowing and healthy at all times.  

Also, you can use the right moisturizers on your skin and lips. This helps in the prevention of the aging effect and even your lips from getting chapped and remaining soft. 

You should always ensure that makeup brushes are still clean

During special occasions like weddings, it is highly recommended by experts that the makeup brushes that you use are clean. Using dirty brushes could lead to skin infections like red spots, acne, rashes, etc.  

Therefore, you must buy new brushes for the event. Not just settle for any brush, however, consider the perfect one. A brush that its bristles are strong enough to do the makeup properly. At times, some brushes spikes will be weak and fall off one by one during the makeup process.  

Use green tea  

green tea  

Green tea not only helps in keeping you healthy from inside but also acts as a compelling makeup product to fight acne. If any pimple pops-up on your face all of a sudden then boil green tea and dab a small piece of cotton in that mixture.  

Now, using the cotton apply this brew gently on the pimple. The inflammatory quality of green tea fights the acne and helps in removing it. When you do this for some time, then you will have that healthy, smooth and glowing skin that looks attractive from a distance.  


When you are planning to have a special occasion like a wedding, then you must start thinking about the kind of makeup that you will use. However, above are just some of the makeup tips that you should bear in mind while trying to figure out what’s best for you.  

 You can choose to visit the online wedding market. Get to see more about the list of the best bridal makeup artist in your city. Ensure that you were doing your research right. Take time, go through these facilities and see what each of the providers is rendering.  

Once you feel that you have found that perfect artist that you wish hiring for your wedding, call them. A good artist will negotiate the best prices, and when you feel comfortable working with them, then you can entrust them the whole responsibility. For sure, you will look glamorous with that perfect bond of makeup that the artist will apply on your skin.  

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