Blog 8 Beauty Tips Every Teen Should Know

8 Beauty Tips Every Teen Should Know

Growing up is just all about trying to discover yourself. And at teenage is the time when you are just approaching adulthood. It’s the time you get more concerned about how you look, how you dress and your overall appearance. 

It is time you will find yourself trying out everything that could help you discover a whole new world of make-up, skincare, and even beauty. You will always make trials, fail, and as time goes by, you get to learn. In the long run, beauty is just enhancing what you already have and letting it shine through. 

The talk is just about trying out new stuff, but where do you need to start? One of the best sources you could find information is on the internet. There can be beneficial blogs concerning beauty that could give you tutorials on how to use make-ups and the best deals. 

You can always be able to know the skin problems that might arise at your teenage-hood. More so, you will be able to see the beauty enhancing tips and suggestions that could best suit you in your quick days look. Some might even look basic, but they are perfect. 

 But before you can even start using the beauty enhancing products, one thing you should always do is to examine your skin type. Knowing the type of skin you have could mean you will be able to choose the skincare regime that best suits your skin needs. 

You will be guaranteed that the products, ingredients, and formulas you are using are helping and not causing harm to the skin. However, your skin is hereditary, you can’t change it, but you can help in re-balancing it with the right regimes.


 The Burden Of Beauty Standards

Beauty standards exert significant societal pressure, influencing individuals to conform to predefined ideals of attractiveness. This pressure manifests in various ways, impacting both physical and mental well-being.

Physically, individuals may engage in extreme measures to meet these standards, including intense dieting, cosmetic surgeries, or excessive exercise. The relentless pursuit of these ideals can lead to physical health issues, such as eating disorders, body dysmorphia, or injuries from overexertion.

Mentally, the pressure to conform to beauty standards contributes to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Constant exposure to curated images in the media and on social platforms can create unrealistic expectations, fostering feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance.

This societal emphasis on certain beauty norms can also perpetuate stereotypes and biases, reinforcing the idea that worth is determined by physical appearance. This can adversely affect diverse individuals who don’t fit conventional standards, fostering discrimination and exclusion.

Addressing beauty standards pressure requires a shift towards promoting body positivity, self-acceptance, and embracing diverse definitions of beauty. Encouraging authenticity and recognizing that beauty comes in various forms can contribute to a healthier and more inclusive society, where individuals feel valued beyond narrow physical ideals.

The eight beauty tips that every teen should know

When it comes to skincare, it could be just as confusing as hell. There exist so many products, and this makes it even quite impossible to know the one that is suitable for your skin. Everyone’s skin is usually different, but when it comes to the teen’s skin always has a tough time. 

Since at teenage, your body is going through crazy times with hormones, this could significantly impact your skin. Therefore, to make it easier for you during this stage of life, below are some of the critical beauty hacks that as a teen, you should consider for healthy and glowing skin. 

1. Tonin

After washing your face, it is essential to follow this routine with essential toning. Ensure that you are using good quality and a mild toner. Spray it on your face and apply it with a little cotton ball. It will be beneficial in opening the pores that are clogged. 

2. Wash your face every single day  

face wash

As it may just seem obvious, you could find that some teens skip this routine. They fail to wash their faces properly with a soap or face wash every day, which is very wrong. Having a smooth and healthy skin is very crucial even before you can start thinking of trying any hacks and tips. 

When you ignore this basic hygiene routine, then this could be just a mess, especially if you have acne-prone and oily skin. This could welcome more infections on your skin. More so, before you go to bed, it is crucial removing off the make-up and washing your face to enable aeration. 

3. Using the concealer

Concealers are usually very bad for the young skins. In the case where your skin has dark circles, acne, red spots, and blemishes, you can choose using the natural and safer concealer. They will help in hiding the pesky marks. 

Besides, you should make sure that you choose the one that best suits your skin tone. Failure to do so will mean that the marks that you try hiding will come out more weird and prominent. 

4. Use an eye cream

eye cream

 Using eye creams could be one of the ideal tips you should never undervalue. Therefore, having an effective eye cream is vital in your skincare regimen as a teen. Since the area under the eye always needs nourishment as it may get moisture-deprived. 

Thus, if you have a flaky skin under the eyes, you should consider using the eye cream. Do not use concealers on your skin as it is still very young. What you need is just an eye cream that is right to moisturize the skin under your eyes. 

5. Say goodbye to too much make-up

Putting on layers of make-up is not a good thing at any age. Remember that these make-up products are just made of chemicals, and this could harm the skin. As a teen, your skin is still very young, and you only need to wear little, subtle and soft make-up. 

The role of make-up is always to enhance the beauty and not to create a fake, cakey look. More make-up does not mean more beautiful. 

6. Proper moisturizing

As a teen keeping the natural glow and that healthy shine in your skin intact is very vital. When you moisturize your skin, this could be key to help in the maintenance of your skin condition. You should consider buying a good moisturizer and use it regularly. 

You should use it every morning after you wash your face, at night and before you apply on make-up. It will help to keep your skin moisturized at all time. When your skin dry’s, it could become lifeless and dull.  

Always remember that your skin is vulnerable. And thus creating protective barriers for the skin will still help it staying more healthy and young even for the years to come. 

7. Avoid wearing everything

When it comes to make-up for teens, less is more strategy should always be followed .trying to put on all the beauty products that adults wear is not still a good idea. This will make your face look even more cakey and extra. 

8. Practice a primer

Priming your skin before having your make-up o is very crucial. It helps in making your skin smooth and even ready for having the make-up on. Also, the primer will help in keeping your skin hydrated and moisturizing it. 

In the case you have oily skin, it will help in controlling the shine and oil. Similarly, it could assist in the protection of one’s skin from the harmful effects of make-up 


Are you a teen and want to enhance the beauty of your skin? Why not consider trying the above beauty tips and you will get that healthy and glowing look. 

Remember that, your skin will always portray who you are just adding to it some beauty and you will have it all to stand out in crowds and even among your friends.

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