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Everything you Need to Know About Cherry

“Have a cherry-on-top day!” 

Often life is compared to cherry, “life is like cherry, it is not serious, it’s mysterious”. We hardly find people who would say a ‘no’ to a cherry. Cherry is so ubiquitous, that it can be consumed in any form. That brings us to let you know the benefits of cherry.   


Know About the Benefits of Cherry

Cherry belongs to the genus of a tree named Prunus, Prunus avium is the scientific name of Cherry. Cherry is believed to have originated in the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian sea. The largest cherry producing region in the world is Turkey. The name ‘Cherry’ has been derived from the Turkish word ‘Cerasus’. Washington grows a large number of sweet cherries than any other region in the world.  

There are more than 1000 varieties of cherry in the world. Only 10 varieties of cherry are grown commercially. Other varieties of cherries are cultivated in small regions and many people do not know about them. Cherry belongs to the family of plum and peaches. 

Cherry reduces inflammation in the human body. They strengthen the immunity of a human being and help to recover from arthritis. Here we are going to introduce you to all the benefits of cherry and how you can consume them. 

Did you ever know?

Cherry Facts: Cherry helps in hair growth

Benefits of Cherry: Nutritional Value

Before we explain to you what nutritional values the cherry contains, you must know our body requirement.  

Let us check how much of the nutritional component is required in the human body. You can also check how much of the components can a cherry substitute. You need to understand that the fruits that we recommend you to consume can not be taken for remedy. But regular consumption of them can prevent a particular disease.  

Nutritional Component  Human Body Requirement  Cherry Can Substitute
Vitamin C 15-70gm 7gm
Fiber 25gm – 38gm  2.1 gm
Calcium  1000mg 13 mg
Potassium  3500 mg 222 mg
Thiamin  1.9 mg 0.27 mg
Folate 400 micrograms 4 microgram

The above mentioned Human body requirement of nutrition varies from man to man. The requirement differs because of the difference in body weight, age, and gender. The most important thing about the benefits of cherry is the component of Calcium in it. The deficiency of calcium is mostly seen in women, cherry can be included in their daily diet to maintain a balance.  

In several studies, it has been found that cherry helps in the prevention of Osteoarthritis. Often doctors recommend cherry along with the regular authorities medicine for quick recovery. 

Health Benefits of Cherry

It would be very impractical to say that cherry is not accessible to everyone. Out of 1000 varieties of cherry, one variety or the other must be available near you. Do not wait or depend on the best variety of cherry, try to get access to the nearest variety of cherry that you find in the market. The benefit of Cherry is immense for women, hence here we will tell you in detail about it.

1. Anti-Oxidant Effect

There are 29 published human studies on cherry. Out of which 10 studies monitored the effect of cherry on oxidative stress. Application of cherry reduced oxidative stress in 8 studies and did not work on 2 studies. Cherry consumption also increases plasma content in human blood. 

Specifically, it has been seen that sour cherry contains more anti-oxidants. Such as quercetin and ellagic acid. These components in cherry are so strong that it helps them to fight Cancerous cell in the body. Cherries are also sources of melatonin which also helps in fighting breast cancer

2. Reduces Inflammation 

There have been around 16 studies that investigated the action of cherry on inflammation. Out of the 16 studies, 11 studies showed that cherry reduces inflammation whereas 5 of them failed. But the majority is among the positive result then we can say that cherry reduces inflammation. 

Cherries contain anthocyanins, which help to get relief from the inflammatory pain of Osteoarthritis. It also helps to reduce migraine pain or any other inflammation pain in the body. 

2. Diabetes Control

Diabetes Control

Anthocyanins reduce diabetes resistance. Cherry works like insulin, in the human body,  which regulated blood sugar levels in the body. Cherry works wonder on patients of diabetes and controls diabetes. Cherry consumption promotes healthy glucose regulation in the body. At least it reduces the risk of diabetes and maintains the blood sugar level. 

Successful studies have been made on these criteria and they have been proved to be correct. Now it comes under the prescripted remedy of diabetes control. 

3. Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

You don’t get to sleep at night? Does it seem like a nocturnal life? Do you feel like consuming chocolate to get sleep? But you know that chocolate would increase your fat consumption and also increases weight. So substitute with cherry, cherry does not have fat. It will not affect your weight. Plus the presence of melatonin in cherry helps to get sleep and comforts you at night. 

Surveys have proved that many people have tried this and they have given back good reviews. Some diabetic patients have been really benefitted by this remedy, so they continue cherry consumption. 

4. Boosts Immunity

Apart from protecting the damaged cells and inflammations in the body, they boost immunity in the body. Cherry boosts our immunity and helps us to protect ourselves from virals and other such bacterias, fungal infections, etc. Cherries are effective in helping to prevent inflammation and arthritis. Cherries also help to prevent fever and flu during seasonal change. 

This is something which does not need any survey, it was the normal feedback of the cherry lovers. After they reviewed this, scientists tested the reason for feeling so. They found out it actually boosts immunity according to the tests that they have done. 

5. Eye Care

Eye Care

The anti-oxidant elements that are present in cherry help to maintain good eyesight. Free radicals cause some damages to eyes which can be prevented by cherry. With aging, some eye-sight issues increase such as vision loss, degeneration, and dryness. Cherries help to soothe eyes, it also reduces inflammation and maintains the pressure on eyesight.  

Cherries do wonder for eyesight and eye care of patients with eye problems. Cherries are now medically recommended for children who refuse to use spectacles with less power. At least consumption of the cherry would help them control their eyesight for some time. 

Cherry Eating Habits

Often fruits are compared to medicines because they do not seem tasty. But if you talk about cherry, they can be consumed ripe easily. The taste of cherry is such that it can not make you feel about having cherry. The best thing about cherry is that people of all ages like consuming cherry happily because the flavor is such. Often cherry is included in unhealthy food so that it at least carries it’s own nutritional value when consumed. 

There is no such particular season when you can consume this fruit. This fruit is small and can be eaten and a dessert after a meal throughout the year. The best thing is there is a limitation to how you can consume it, you can consume it in any form. 

Eat Cherry Ripe

You can definitely pluck cherries raw and have it then and there. You can buy raw from the supermarket and consume two-three pieces of cherry regularly. Make it a habit or include it permanently in your food diet.  

Eat Dried Cherry

If you do not like having fruit raw you can also buy the dried cherry which is easily available in the market. Or you can buy ripe cherry or raw cherry and dry it at home. Keep your cherries under the sunlight, they will be dried and they taste amazing. 

Cherry Drinks

It is not recommended to make juice out of cherry, plus that is not feasible. But even then if you want to take it in a liquid form then you can make juice. You can also make cherry lemonade at home or you can also make cherry smoothies.  

The cherry on the Cake

Apart from eating cherry as ripe fruit, dried fruit, or drink cherry drinks, you can also eat cherry based food. Mainly cakes, pastries, pie, and cookies contain cherry. Try to include cherry in your diet solely in some form or the other. 

Risks and Precaution 

Cherry receives over-whelming love from everyone all across the world. There is barely anyone who has ever said that he/she does not like cherry. It is used and consumed all over the world and the benefit of cherry is immense.  

There are no such risks in consuming cherry. It is just that cherry has a lot of dietary fiber, excess consumption of cherry can cause gastrointestinal problems. Excess consumption can also create bloating and cramps in the body. Sometimes cherry does cause allergies because it might not suit everyone. Cherry can be taken as an additional portion of nutrition but it can not solely replace any high nutritional food.

There is a problem with the sour cherry, they contain lactic acid in minor amounts. So if you consume cherry after consuming some dairy product then it can cause acidity problems.   


If you have consumed cherry once and have faced the above mentioned digestional issues. Then it is recommended that you better not consume cherry for the next time. It can badly affect your health. 

Why Do We Recommend? 

Apart from the medicinal benefits the cherry has, there are some other benefits too. We will mention the other factors for which we recommend you to consume cherry. 

  • Cherry reduces stroke rate
  • Reduces blood pressure level
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Prevents Alzheimer disease
  • Prevents cancer
  • Reduces muscle pain
  • Sharpens brain
  • Good for migraines 
  • Boosts your sexual life

Cherry sufficiently fulfills all these requirements in one’s body without even letting the consumer realize. You will be able to feel these changes after consuming cherry for quite long. Cherry must be consumed but not is bulk quantity. Remember that consumption aptly will help your body, but excess can affect your health. 

Wrapping Up! 

On a quick wrap, we would just make some mentions, about cherry. By now you know enough about cherry. So we would not take more time, we just need to say that cherry is consumed all over the world. 

Cherry has some good nutrient contents, vitamins in it but it does not have any essential vitamins and minerals. So they can not be used as substitutes for any food. Try cherry today, start adding cherries to your regular diet.

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