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How To Choose the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Position

Hands down, sleep is the most sought-after daily activity in all our lives.  However, the quality of sleep achieved is essential to stay healthy and energetic. Without having a good night’s rest, our emotional, physical, and mental well-being is at risk of a breakdown.  We deserve to wake up feeling rested and energetic.  A good mattress contributes to getting a good night’s rest. So, which is the best mattress for your preferred sleep position?


Identify Your Preferred Sleep Position

Identify Your Preferred Sleep Position

Your sleep position is the position that cradles you to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, and your body naturally gravitates towards this position. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, it is a matter of preference. Whichever sleep position you prefer, a good and comfortable mattress should support the areas where your body presses most into the bedding and provide you with good support and comfort. 

Determine your budget

Due to e-commerce, it is now easier to obtain the prices of mattresses offered by different companies and at competitive prices.  Knowing your budget allows you to limit the amount of money you are willing to spend on a comfortable mattress.  A golden rule is that a cheap mattress is not always the best, and an expensive mattress is not always of high quality.

Read Mattress Description Features

Thanks to the internet, gaining information on product reviews is now at our fingertips. Once you have identified the kind of mattress you need, it is essential that you read its features as provided on the online site.  Search for the identified mattress reviews from customer feedback and reviews.  These reviews, positive or negative, give you information on the mattress’s durability and quality.

Determine Which Mattress Is Best Suited for Your Sleep Position

Determine Which Mattress Is Best Suited for Your Sleep Position

Once you have identified your sleep position, the following information is of help.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Research has shown that most people prefer sleeping on the side of their body. In this position, one shoulder and hip take on the body weight and press into the mattress.  Side-sleepers require a medium foam mattress that supports and contours to the curves of your body weight.  It also helps to keep the natural spine curve alignment when sleeping on the side.  The best mattress for side sleepers is affordable and is made up of foam layers that contour the hips and shoulders, providing relief from pressure.

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

The second most common sleeping position people prefer is the back sleeping position.  In this position, the shoulders and hips take on the body weight and press into the mattress.  A recommendation is to choose a mattress that supports the spinal cord alignment, shoulders, and hips.  A medium to firm foam mattress that contours your body without sagging is ideal.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

The stomach sleeping position, also known as the belly or front sleeping position, is one position that researchers do not recommend.  Although it is a comfortable position, with time, the unnatural spine position and muscles strain the back and cause lower back pain. A good mattress that supports the head and your spinal cord in its natural alignment is ideal. Select a firm mattress that prevents the hips and pelvis from sinking into the mattress but is soft enough to cushion your chest and stomach.

Visit the Store Before Purchasing the Mattress

Before buying the mattress, if possible, visit the store and test out or have a feel of the mattress.  You can ask questions directly to the salesperson, listen to their description and gain more information on the identified mattress.  Depending on your requirements, the salesperson can offer you similar options of mattress types.

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