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10 Tips to Get Better Sleep at Night

Sleeping is one of the main activities of our life. We spend more than a quarter of our lifetime to rest and sleep. Therefore, if you want to have a more excellent, healthier, and more productive life, you must start to practice quality sleep. 

 After having a long day at work, sleeping is also important as it will help you reenergize. However, some people are less likely to fall asleep than others.  

If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Our lifestyles have immensely changed. But one thing that remains is that our brains and bodies still have the same needs as they did centuries ago. Sleep deficiency does not get a lot of attention, but is the origin of many illnesses and accidents, not to mention cranky moods and dark skin tones.  

Getting the proper Zs ensures that we give our bodies enough time to perform essential healing functions during the night, which keep us healthy and alert. Therefore, this article is mainly addressing the tips you could choose to ensure you are getting quality sleep.  


Choose comfortable clothing when sleeping

sleeping clothing

The type of clothing you put on when you are sleeping could influence the quality of sleep you are going to have. When you wear heavy clothing while going on the bed could make you feel so much uncomfortable.  

 Therefore, when going to sleep, consider putting on light comfortable clothing. This could give you sound sleep. You can consider choosing materials such as silk, cotton, and chiffon fabric.  

You should not wear tight clothing which can adversely affect your blood circulation. If the skin is sealed in a cramped, it can lead to allergies and even infections. Wearing tight clothing will also inhibit the production of melatonin – an important hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle 

Make Your Bedroom a Place for Sleep  

Bedroom a Place for Sleep  

Lower the lights, keep the room fresh (but not cold), and turn down the noise. Do everything that you can to make your bedroom a place conducive to relaxation and sleep. 

 When your bedroom is tidy, then you can be sure of getting good sleep. However, flea and bed bug are factors that can affect your sleep, especially when you have pets in your house. These insects will keep biting you while you try falling asleep.  

 Therefore, getting rid of these fleas could be one remedy to get healthy sleep. You can choose using the flea bomb. Also, you can use the home remedies that could kill them naturally. The other thing too, you should ensure you tide your pillow and blanker regularly.  

A snack one hour before sleep 

snack one hour before sleep 

To ensure that you are having a sound sleep, ensure that you are not going to bed when you are hungry. You can choose to take some snacks like peaches, milk, butter, almonds, and bananas before sleeping.  

However, you should try as much hard to avoid taking big meals. These meals could cause side effects, making you feel much discomfort in sleep such as a hurt burn or belching. The cups of chrysanthemum tea or green tea can help the body feel sleepy. 

Do exercise 

Do exercise 

Exercises are fundamental in our overall health. They could help in preventing many diseases from attacking us, such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  

More so, when you exercise regularly, this could help you in getting quality sleep. Researchers found that morning and afternoon exercise have the effect of increasing the quality of sleep. 

 You need to avoid heavy workouts 3 hours before bedtime. Because it increases the body temperature, stimulates the muscles, and makes it harder to fall asleep. You don’t have to go to gyms, instead, take some ways such as walking, cycling or cooking for 30 minutes every day. 

Avoid looking at the phone screen one hour before sleep 

The presence of a dark environment makes the body produce melatonin. However, when you are just fixed on the phone or other electronic devices that have light, this could counteract these effects. Exposure to screens will make your brain think it is still daytime, and melatonin will be reduced.  

Therefore, when your sleep gets interrupted by the lights, this will ruin your memories. It is one thing that increases the risk of depression, cancer, and even obesity.  

Do Not Try To Fall Asleep When You Cannot Sleep 

When you go to bed and do not get sleep after the first 20minues, you should consider doing something else. You can indulge in something more relaxing that could make you fall asleep in the process.  

You could choose reading books, novels, or even listen to music. There is some good habits that could help you get better sleep. 

Relaxation Techniques  


Relaxing before bed is one of the most battered practices by entrepreneurs. Whether you are working, planning for the next day, or have a hundred things battling in your mind, you never fully get to relax.  

Easing techniques is the process of reducing physical tension and limiting thinking about things that can affect you falling asleep, such as stress or work. The key to this is to create a peaceful environment, both mentally and physically. 

One way to do this is through progressive muscle relaxation. This technique teaches you to tense and relax muscles throughout your body. It creates bodily awareness by connecting the mind to the areas where tension is created. 

Starting with your feet and other muscles, you can stretch out gently to relax. Or you can meditate for a while to focus on the breath that can help your body prepare for sleep better. 

The key to relaxation techniques isn’t to worry about getting enough sleep. Once you begin worrying about rest, you create the self-inflicting problem of not sleeping. Focus on your mind and body, nothing else. 

Bathe With Warm Water 

After long Woking hours, you can choose to take a shower with warm water before going to bed. The warm water will help the body and the mind relax. Your body will feel fresher and even energetic, promoting better sleep.  

Stay away from caffeine, take soft and light drinks before going to bed, such as a glass of warm milk mixed with honey, chamomile tea, or mint tea. These are excellent drinks to help the body easily fall asleep. You can use the bottles while reading or writing before going to bed. 

Create A Fixed Cycle For Sleep 

Cycle For Sleep 

Adjusting a bedtime and waking up routine will help the body get into a habit usually called a circadian rhythm. Although this could be hard and challenging due to our busy lifestyles, it can help you. You will stay healthy and even get a more long term plan in life. 

Get in the habit of going to bed and getting up early in the morning. After some time, you get used to it, and it becomes a natural habit that makes you feel good. 

Add Some Essential Nutrients 

Essential nutrients are also important factors that can bring you a good sleep. Calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, D3, or omega 3 are the right natural nutrients for rest. These nutrients will not only make you fall asleep but also help in the boosting of your overall health.  


Sleep is a vital role for every human being. How to have a better sleep will mainly depend on how we are preparing our bodies both mentally and physically. Although our habits have changed over the years, the average time of rest for children is 9 hours.  

 For teenagers, they should have 8 hours of sleep, and for the adults about 6-7 hours of sleep. When you have enough sleep, this helps in the improvement of your overall health and will keep you more active in the day.  

Moreover, all you need doing is transforming from how to get better sleep to why you need fantastic rest. Usually, there is always an underlying issue that blocks your ability to going to bed. Above are some of the critical tips you can bear in mind, and you shall have that sweet, perfect sleep.  

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