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8 Benefits Of Bringing Your Own Food To Work

Breakfast and lunch are two meals where most people eat anything they can buy on their way to the office, whatever is close, or some even skip them altogether.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why fast food or junk food can be deemed unhealthy. Sure, they’re a good backup plan when you don’t have time to prepare your own meals.

However, consuming junk food every day isn’t the healthiest option since it can lead to an increase in cholesterol and a buildup of too much sugar or salt that can affect your heart and kidneys.

With this being said, let’s have a look at the benefits of bringing your own food to work and how it could completely change your lifestyle:


1. Lunch Boxes Are Reusable

1. Lunch Boxes Are Reusable

Plastic and polystyrene waste are causing severe effects on nature, with loads of it piling up in landfills worldwide. Because these aren’t biodegradable, they remain in these dumps for years and years if not recycled. Instead of adding to this growing problem, pack some yummy food in lunch boxes to be washed and reused.

Find a lunch box that is of good quality and that resonates with your personality. There are many shapes, sizes, colors, and prints available to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for an eco-friendly option.

2. Healthier Options Can Be Packed

Cafeteria food and takeaways are loaded with extra salt, sugar, and fat that are detrimental to the health of the human body. When bringing your own lunch, packing healthier options is easy.

Remember to buy some fresh fruit and veggies to keep in the fridge and throw some of them into the lunch bag while packing for the next day.

Cook extra food when making dinner and save some in a lunch box for the following day or later in the week. When cooking, make healthy choices, like using olive oil and coconut oil, less salt, and more vegetables than carbs and protein.

A well-balanced meal that includes food from all dietary groups is much better than a quick meal made in bulk and with added preservatives.

3. Portion Size Remain Constant

Ordering from a restaurant or eating a cafeteria portion could be too much for one person to finish in one sitting. However, some people feel guilty about not cleaning their plates, which leads to overeating. Packing just the right amount into the lunch box helps people stick to their diet or eating style without the extras.

Eat enough to sustain the workday, but keep snacks and unnecessary calories at bay by only eating what’s packed in the lunch box for the day.

4. Sustains Energy For Longer

4. Sustains Energy For Longer

Everyone knows about the 3 P.M. slump; this is the time of day when our metabolism starts slowing down and preparing for rest and digestion. Feeling tired with no energy to complete the rest of the daily tasks is no way to go to the end of the workday, but packing the right foods in the lunch box could prevent this slump.

Foods with a low glycemic index (GI) have energy that slowly releases after the meal, so the body is constantly fueled and ready for the next task.

Most other options aren’t as sustaining or could cause a blood sugar spike, making the bodywork hard for a few minutes and leaving the person feeling flat thereafter.

5. It Saves You Time And Money

The lunchtime rush could be annoying, and having to wolf down the food to be back at the desk at the correct time isn’t a healthy way of enjoying a meal.

Having to wait in line at a cafeteria, restaurant, or takeaway can waste valuable time. The time spent waiting could have been used to enjoy the home-cooked meal packed into a lunch box leisurely.

Driving to an establishment to find something to eat could rack up some costs on top of the money spent on buying the meal.

6. Meal Planning Is Possible

Are you tired of having the same thing over and over from the cafeteria? Does the local takeaway look less appealing each day? Plan a monthly menu and have a different meal each workday.

Sit down and write out a menu for the month. This way, meals can be planned to ensure that no meal is duplicated. Many ingredients can still be used in different recipes, so creating variety is easier than anticipated.

Keep enough lunchboxes handy to pack lunches for each day of the week and pack them ahead of time if possible. Doing this would prevent the last-minute rush to get everything together and forgetting half of the items in the fridge or cupboard.

7. Achieve Health Goals

Weight loss isn’t everyone’s goal, but healthy eating habits should be. Keep up with these goals by packing everything needed in a lunch box for the day.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy meals at lunchtime too. In the long run, a healthy diet and snacks will have a substantial impact on one’s health.

The food in the lunch box is a tailor-made solution according to specific needs and diets, unlike the one-size-fits-all meals from elsewhere.

8. Pack A Delicious Variety

8. Pack A Delicious Variety

Who said everything needs to match? Pack items from different menus or smaller, bite-size varieties of classic favorites.

Everyone defines comfort food differently, and with looming deadlines and added pressure from the boss, a workday might leave a knot in the stomach. Pack some foods and snacks that could help overcome the stress and worries of the workday. Whatever would help, pack it in the lunch box (just remember to keep it healthy!).

A glass of freshly made juice instead of store-bought, along with a colorful fruit salad, can brighten any dull day.

Packing It Up For The Day

Make office meals fun and feel like a party every day by adding the most delicious bites and snacks that would make co-workers jealous. With so many valid reasons for packing a lunch box, who wouldn’t give it a go?

Save time, money, and effort by pre-packing healthy options to help sustain energy. Get those tedious, mundane tasks finished in no time with some lunch box fuel packed with love.

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