Blog The Importance Of Choosing An Experienced Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeon

The Importance Of Choosing An Experienced Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeon

To get the best results, choosing the appropriate plastic surgeon is essential. Patients should focus on finding a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with experience performing the desired procedure.

While education and training are essential, the surgeon’s personal qualities and compassion can also make a difference. Choosing a surgeon who practices at first-rate facilities and adheres to strict safety standards is critical.



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In any surgery, the experience of the surgeon is critical. This includes their time in the field and how many procedures they have performed. In addition, excellent plastic surgeons prioritize patient safety and work with patients to manage expectations, reduce anxiety, and ensure the best possible outcome.

This is even more important in cosmetic surgery because the results can profoundly impact the patient’s emotional well-being. Selecting a skilled surgeon with a decent bedside style and who gives clear explanations is therefore crucial.

A great plastic surgeon like Joel Aronowitz, MD, will have a strong reputation and be committed to the community in addition to their technical abilities. These intangible qualities can be difficult to judge but are still essential. The surgeon should have a strong media presence, be known in the medical community, and donate their time to service projects. They should also have hospital privileges, allowing them to perform surgeries at a facility with high standards and life-saving equipment.


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Women considering a cosmetic procedure should also check to ensure the surgeon is a member of the Society of Plastic Surgeons, member. While this organization is not certifying, its members must maintain rigorous patient safety standards.

Physicians with good reputations are honest with their patients about the risks involved in a given surgical procedure, and they have privileges at an accredited hospital to provide care if complications arise. Physicians who lie about these facts are not putting their patients’ best interests at heart.

Physicians should consider their patients’ medical history, even if they only look for cosmetic surgery. This is crucial to ensure the operation is secure and won’t conflict with any existing medical conditions the patient might be experiencing. It is also essential that the patient and surgeon have a rapport that allows them to discuss the treatment plans openly.


Like any medical operation, even minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements carry some risk. Unfortunately, not all physicians have the same advanced education and specialty training to perform such specialized procedures. Some physicians with general surgery or other medical training hop on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon, but their lack of expertise can lead to disastrous results and even death.

The best plastic surgeons, such as Joel Aronowitz are innovators and continually seek a new and better approach to surgery. They exhibit creativity and ingenuity during their residency programs, and these traits continue to characterize them throughout their career.

Before scheduling a consultation, always verify that your surgeon is certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery. Doctors who obtain certification from other “boards” may call themselves board certified, but the ABPS or ABFPRS does not recognize that certification. Additionally, beware of surgeons who advertise their procedure prices online. Such ads are often indicative of inexperience and lower standards. They may also hide other fees, such as facility charges, to entice you to schedule a consultation.

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, you should read patient testimonials and reviews. During your consultation, look for surgeons who make you feel comfortable and who take their time to listen to you. They should explain what to expect from the procedure, including the risks and benefits.

Suppose a plastic surgeon makes unrealistic promises of results, fails to provide credentials or documentary evidence about their experience, and pressures you to schedule a procedure without assessing eligibility. In that case, it may be best to seek another option. These warning signs can also signal poor communication and a lack of respect for the surgical profession.

In a recent study, patients rated surgeon experience as the most crucial factor when choosing a plastic surgery practice. The study also found that surgeons with hospital privileges were more likely to be considered trustworthy by patients. Bringing any files, notes, or test results relevant to your care is also a good idea.

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