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Choosing the Right Concierge Doctor: A Guide

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to your medical care, then chances are you have thought about finding a concierge doctor. These professionals offer great accessibility, which is especially important for those with existing conditions.

However, with so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know who is most suitable for you. You want to find somebody that will prioritize your health journey.

Interested in learning more? Then keep on reading! Below we are going to discuss the steps that you should follow to choose the right concierge doctor.


Key Steps To Choose The Right Concierge Doctor

Here are all the key steps you must follow to find the right concierge doctor for yourself.

Assess Experience And Expertise

Assess Experience And Expertise

The first thing that you’ll need to assess is the doctor’s experience and expertise. You’re looking for someone that is highly qualified and with a strong academic background.

If there are certain areas that are important to you, such as chronic illness management or sports injuries, be sure that they specialize in these. They must have an interest in the right areas and have a reputation for delivering quality care.

Not sure where to get started? You can find a great team of professionals here.

Determine Their Existing Patient Load

Determine Their Existing Patient Load

One of the primary benefits of concierge medicine is the fact that they have a smaller patient load. Before you commit to someone, check that they have select limits on the number of patients they see.

This won’t just ensure that you can get seen quickly, but will also help them maintain that personalized standard of care. This information should be available with a quick phone call.

Consider Their Communication Methods

Effective communication is key in any doctor-patient relationship. They should be a good listener and explain any medical conditions and terms in a way that you understand.

On top of this, they must take a holistic approach to your care. You want to be taken seriously, no matter how silly your concerns may seem.

Determine The Specific Concierge Doctors You Are Looking For

Determine The Specific Concierge Doctors You Are Looking For

If you are looking for a concierge doctor, then definitely you will have a specific need which you want taken care of. When deciding which concierge doctor to choose, keep these three main categories in your mind.

These three categories are the specific practice of the doctor, the style of medication the doctor uses and what specification degree they hold. 

For example if your doctor holds a degree as a MD (medical doctor) or DO (doctor of osteopathy) both have different licenses to offer medical service.You need to look for the quality concierge doctor service a doctor provides.

The style of medicine means if your concierge doctor uses old school remedies or medicines or offers cutting-edge modern medicines or somewhat middle remedies including both old school and modern medicines.

Again if you want a family medicine practitioner who even offers service to little kids ages 6 and up and other age groups as well. While an  internal medicine practitioner only offers concierge service to adults of 18 years of age and up.

Understand Cost And Insurance

Concierge medicine usually operates on a direct-pay or retainer fee model. Due to this, it’s incredibly important that you understand all of the different costs involved.

While some services could be covered by your health insurance, other fees won’t be. You’ll need to clarify this with your potential options so that you know what services are included.

Go With Your Gut

Finally, our gut is a pretty good indicator of whether or not we should choose a particular person. After the interviews are complete, consider how you feel.

Do you think they are a good match? Would you like to see them again? How was the overall office environment? If you don’t feel safe or calm, it’s best to move on.

What Is A Concierge Doctor?

Concierge doctors are medical professionals who provide medical services to you in return for an upfront fee which is usually paid monthly. These medical professionals or doctors are also called DPC (direct primary care) or personalized medical service providers.

Concierge doctors were commonly used by wealthy patients as it costs a lot of money. But in recent years concierge medical service has become much more affordable. Concierge medical service has a wide range of services at varying costs. 

From yearly to monthly concierge service has different paying options too. Concierge doctors offer you personalized care along with direct access to them whenever you need them. These physicians often limit their patients’ number so that they can offer full concentration and service to a selected number of people. 

Again some concierge doctors have a large number of patients that they care for. 

Concierge doctors offer all primary care services a physician offers like conducting yearly physical exams or administering lab tests or diagnostic screenings. They can also offer minor emergency care services like skin conditions or allergies, small stitches, etc.

What concierge doctors can’t provide are specialized treatments like surgeries which are major medical procedures.

Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Selecting A Concierge Doctor

Before choosing a concierge doctor you must ask yourself these questions to choose the right concierge doctor. What these questions are listed below.

  • How much do you trust them? Trust is very important when it comes to patient-doctor relationship as you trust the doctors words and follow it for better results. If your health doesn’t improve after a considerable time then you might want to change your concierge doctor. Maybe his treatment isn’t working for you.
  • What kind of medicine does the concierge doctor practice? There are several kinds of medicine doctors practice in general like family medicine or internal medicine.
  • Which level of medical service they promise to provide you? If your concierge doctor is committed to provide you with a high level of medical care a concierge doctor can provide.
  • Does your concierge service include amenities you would like beyond the primary care a concierge doctor provides?
  • Does the concierge care fit your budget? Budget is an important factor in medical care services that ranges from low to extremely high. Opt for your budget concierge service so that you are not burdened by medical bills which might impact your finances.

Final Words

Finding the right concierge doctor can certainly be a challenging experience, but it’s not impossible. By understanding the key factors and following the steps above, you can make an informed decision.

Remember, they shouldn’t just care about your medical needs but also make you feel supported and understood. You must feel comfortable communicating with them!

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