Blog 4 Ways To Master The Art Of Calisthenics

4 Ways To Master The Art Of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is considered a street-style exercise form that requires one’s own body weight to gain excellent body strength. While most calisthenics exercises are easy to do, they become difficult as you progress ahead in your calisthenics journey. This handy guide will throw light on all the top ways that help become a master in calisthenics workouts. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


4 Best Ways To Become A Pro In Calisthenics

Best Ways To Become A Pro In Calisthenics

Have a look at all the steps that will help in improving your calisthenics form and master it.

Basics Are Important

The first step to mastering calisthenics revolves around working through all the basics and correcting your form. This can only be done with consistent workouts and training. Make a proper schedule to move all your muscle groups and practice pushing, pulling, and balancing. Once your muscles get acquainted with the right form and you can handle progression, you can move to the next step.

Add Equipment For Extra Strength

Progressing using loads or any other calisthenics equipment can boost your results and prove fruitful for more vigor. Be it resistance bands, pull-up bars, rings, or parallettes, you can choose any of them to progress further in your calisthenics journey.

But always keep in mind that these types of equipment should be added only after you are ready to train further. Thus, you just need to ensure that all your basics are complete and your body is up for the next challenge.

Embrace The Calisthenics Journey

Embrace The Calisthenics Journey

Practicing calisthenics with regular exercises is one thing but mastering it is another. So, to truly reach that level of mastery, you need to start embracing the regular calisthenics journey. This comprises regular warm-up exercises, followed by the main calisthenics exercises which finally end with cool-down exercises. Enjoying different exercises and thriving ahead is the way to go and attain a terrific body.

Consistency Is Key

Just like the old-age proverb states, practice makes a man perfect. Consistency in showing up for calisthenics workout on a regular basis is crucial to attaining that state of perfection. For that, experts suggest creating a full calisthenics workout plan that will help you include all types of targeted exercises on a daily basis. This will help in engaging all muscle groups so that your entire body reaps its magical benefits.

Top 3 Muscle Groups To Work On

Top 3 Muscle Groups To Work On

Our body comprises several muscle groups that need regular nourishing for the best body form. Check out the three main muscle groups that you need to work on for the best results.

Strengthen Your Core

In calisthenics, all the exercises are performed using your own body weight. Thus, a strong core plays a pivotal role in maintaining stability and balance. Regular strength training is the key to strengthening the core and providing your body the stability it needs. You can even enroll in the best calisthenics program to gain ultimate core strength and build endurance. The expert guidance will support you throughout your calisthenics workout sessions.

Tone Your Shoulder Muscles

As shoulder muscles carry the most weight, they need constant training to achieve that optimum strength. These muscles are in action rigorously and need to be strong enough to handle all types of loads. Most upper body exercises can be easily performed when you have amazing strength in your shoulder muscles.

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Calves And Forearms 

When progressing in the calisthenics journey, you will find yourself working on your calves and forearms. Both of these muscle groups are the hardest to train. But once they get a hang of it, they will help you gain enough stamina to handle challenging exercises without any hassle. So, opting for specific exercises will help in building strength in these areas.

Some Last Words

By now, you must have understood all the top ways to reach the top level of the calisthenics journey. So, all you need to do is follow them and pick one of the best programs that share everything in detail.

Calisthenics Worldwide is one of the amazing training platforms that offer personalized training and constant advice on the right workout techniques. You can check out their plans to master calisthenics under the guidance of professionals.


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