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Signs to Know That Your Teeth Have Cavities

When one has that beautiful smile on their faces, it is the most coveted. It does not only have an aesthetic appeal but also helps in the contribution of the functionality of the mouth. More so, it boosts our confidence level to a greater extent.  

But think of that moment when your teeth have enamels or tiny holes. This could be one of the most uncomfortable things and also painful. Cavities will happen to be small infected holes that develop in the teeth enamel, making them the perfect grounds for breeding bacteria and food particles.  

Most of the time, they are caused by sugar and acid that makes the enamel give the bacteria’s opportunity of entering the holes. And when this pain becomes that persistent, it could be even tricky to point out where this pain comes from.  

Usually, the pain could source from anything, be it from the wisdom tooth to the infection and decay. Most patients will get confused as to what could be the real cause of the condition. Below are just some of the symptoms of dental cavities.  


Bad Taste or Bad Breath 

Bad Taste

Cavities are usually the small holes that are infected. They are often the tiny holes present in the mouth that are seen in the teeth that provide the ideal space for the breeding of bacteria. When bacteria accumulate in the gaps, it brings about a bad odor apart from that, not good taste.  

When you experience bad breath, this could be a sign of gum disease symptoms in developing. In the end, the plague build-up could end up irritating the gums. Therefore, at that moment, you notice consistent bad breathe you should always get in touch with the oral care experts to assess the bacteria source.  For starters, you can always get help from the dentist in massapequa ny.

Pain While Chewing Food 

Pain While

 At that moment, when you chew food and start feeling something is hurting, this could result in your teeth having cracks that lead to cavities. When you bite something and feel that sudden sharp pain, this implies that the nerves are disease-ridden, and they are in the decaying process.  

To assess the seriousness of the pain, you can touch that affected areas tenderly and decide whether to go for a dental check-up or not. But when you cannot be able to contact the city with the sharp pang, book your appointment with the dentist without delay.  

Visible Holes 

Most people will always take it as a distinct situation, but the presence of the visible holes could be an indicator of cavities. However, this does not necessarily mean when you don’t see the tunnels; there are no cavities.  

But when you notice little holes on the side or top of your tooth, then definitely you could be having tooth decay or cavity. You can choose to visit the dentist as soon as possible to have the holes filled up.  

Sensitive Teeth 

 Some people will always have sensitive teeth. But at times, this could be a sign of cavities. When cavities develop on the teeth, it forms the hollow canals referred to as the microscopic tubules. This will always allow the acidic, sweet, cold, and sticky foods to stimulate the cells and nerves inside the teeth.  

 However, when you experience the unusual sensitivity that could lead to actual pain, then it could be ideal for visiting your dentist. This is a sign that your cavity could be in a more advanced stage.          

Discoloration of the Teeth 

Discoloration of the Teeth 

Sometimes one could have black or brown stains on the teeth. This discoloration could be natural stains. However, when the color feels different from the rest of the teeth, this could be growing decay or cavities. When you experience such circumstances, wait no longer, visit the dentist as the cavity could spread to the rest of the teeth.  

A persistent Toothache 

Toothaches could be quite frustrating and much uncomfortable, as well. Depending on the severity or where the pain is, this is a condition that could last for hours to days. It could be an indicator of quite a few issues, the cavity being among the common problems. So, as soon as you start feeling achy, book an appointment with your dentist before the situation gets worse.  


 Cavities will not only apply to the children but the adults as well. The most common reason why adults have tooth decay is poor oral hygiene. They will always tend to forget also, especially when they are in a hurry.   

More so, this is on the rise due to the eat late at night where they eat a lot of food that is rich in carbohydrates and forget to brush their teeth. When this is the case, you will always experience that bad breath. 

 And when this is done consistently, this could lead to the development of cavities. And when no prevention is taken, the condition could even be worse.  

 Above are just some of the significant symptoms of dental decay and cavities. When you have the signs above, then this should ring in your mind that your teeth are suffering, and they need oral health care. You should visit the dentist to have early treatments 

More so, these symptoms could always grow worse and even much painful, especially when you continually eat sweets, drink cold or hot drinks. You could also experience the pain when you drink acidic drinks and soft drink s that have citric juices.  

One will experience more pain as well when chewing food, breathing in cold air, or brushing the teeth. When you have severe cavities, this could cause abscesses of the teeth in which the person will have symptoms such as fever, throbbing pain of the teeth, and swollen glands.  

When you have dental cavities, this is a severe issue that could lead to other problems. However, this could be prevented by people changing their lifestyles and their oral hygiene. Persons who already have dental cavities could still prevent the situation from being worse.  

 Recommendations are brushing the teeth after every meal and flossing the teeth. Also, drinking plenty of water to flush some particles out of your teeth. Our oral hygiene is your responsibility, consider visiting the dentist all the time even before you start experiencing the cavities. 

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