Blog A Dental Implants Online Shop that Doubles as a Manufacturer: The Next Best Thing?

A Dental Implants Online Shop that Doubles as a Manufacturer: The Next Best Thing?

Dental implants are implants that are placed in the bone below the gum line of the upper or lower jaw. These implants serve as an anchor for various prosthetic teeth options from denture bridges to artificial teeth.

The dental implant market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and is predicted to continue this rapid growth into the coming decades. There are multiple factors that contribute to the industry’s growth, with the most prominent being technological and socioeconomic.

There are tons of options for consumers that are looking for dental implants. Make sure that you are choosing the best orthodontists when it comes to selecting high-quality and durable braces in Singapore. When it comes to braces, the right fit makes all the difference. In the following sections, we are going to shed light on some important information you should be aware of as far as dental implants and braces are concerned.


The current state of the dental implant market

The current state of the dental implant market

In the West, North America and Europe alone hold the highest percentage of the global market revenue, with 65.9% of dental implant supplies being purchased by them alone in 2016. A growing portion of this revenue is accounted for by the rapid growth of the relatively new and widely popular dental implants online shop concept.

From 2016, a market shift began to occur in which Latin America and Asia Pacific saw a surge in dental implant demand. This is catalyzing a major dynamic shift, with these two global regions forecasted to exhibit record growth through at least the next several years.

This market boom in Latin America and Asia Pacific has been attributed to a now aging population of baby boomers that are equipped with enough money to invest in costly dental restorations.

Major shifts in dental implant market dynamics

Formerly fragmented, the dental implant industry is also experiencing a shift that is caused by the ripple effect of the 2008 economic recession, which has led to a series of acquisitions within the industry.

One major addition to the market is the appearance of the dental implants online shop. As everything has become progressively more virtual over the past decade, a new corner of the market has opened up, where suppliers are beginning to sell directly to their dental implantology clients.

Where the online dental implants shop is heading

Those industry professionals who choose to purchase their dental implants online shop at the online stores of their preferred implant system. Until very recently.

The market is seeing an increase in experienced dental professionals who are taking their business elsewhere: to online marketplaces independent of major implant system manufacturers. Instead, a new culture is being born, where marketplaces for dental implants products supply their own components through their own manufacturing business.

New companies are effectively coming and dipping their toes in two parts of the supply chain: the manufacturing side and the distribution.

…But are they competent in both?

…But are they competent in both?

It indeed sounds like the best of both worlds. An online marketplace has the data to understand what the market is demanding, and the demand is simple: less is more. With a large number of dental implant systems on the market and many requiring within-brand components to carry out a dental restoration, some of these new independent companies have heard the call: “If you build it, they will come.” But, some are building well, and others are not.

Manufacturing dental implant supplies are no easy feat, but companies such as Edison Medical, which specifically manufactures high-quality implant component supplies that are designed for use across all of the market’s major implant systems, have their formula down to a T.

With the production based in Germany and headquarters in the US, the market is abuzz with talk of an easier way to source and purchase implant supplies. This new hybrid style of enterprise where production and distribution collide is one that can bring a world of simplicity to dental offices worldwide, but with a vast range of quality available on today’s market, it’s best to do some research beforehand.

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