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Most Common Dental Problems faced on a Regular Basis

The World Health Organisation classifies dental problems as a common chronic disorder. Almost every person faces basic teeth problems, which they don’t take seriously.

Common dental issues can be tolerable but they cause great discomfort. They can affect your day-to-day functioning and can hamper and distract you from working efficiently.

Due to the generalization of common dental issues, one might disregard the idea of visiting a dentist.  It is, however, always a good idea to visit a dentist right when you notice a minor issue, if dealt with in time, it can be eradicated and the chances of it escalating to something grave get reduced.

There are so many websites today that help you search for the most impeccable dentist services nearby. Common teeth problems might need you to enroll in affordable dental plans to maintain a regular check-up schedule. It also incorporates dentists providing telehealth advice.


What are some common dental problems people generally face?

A. Toothache

Toothache is something that is not limited to any particular age group. It can be the most common dental complaint of young children, adults, and even older adults.

People usually tackle this by rinsing their mouth with warm water, flossing, or using a pain killer. If your toothache is accompanied by fever, swelling, or push then prioritize visiting a dentist.

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B. Stained Teeth

Stained Teeth

No one likes yellow teeth. Teeth play a huge role in appearance. A common issue that is often ignored is stained teeth. Beverages, smoking, food, etc. can eventually cause teeth staining. This can be dealt with at home through whitening toothpaste, bleaching, or laser whitening treatments.

C. Cavities

Cavities are the most common word dentists hear of from their patients. When bacteria called plaque build-up on the teeth, it steadily begins to deteriorate the enamel. Cavities are usually a prominent problem for younger children but adults can have them too.

According to statistics, 90% of 20-year-olds have faced cavities some time. With regular brushing, flossing, and maintaining good oral health, cavities can be avoided. Additionally, fluorides can be used.

D. Chipped Tooth

Accidents could cause the chipping of your tooth. This is a widely recognized dental injury. Depending on the chip, the doctor can recommend a crown or resin material to replace the chipped area. A root canal after this might be required.

E. Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is an adult tooth that hasn’t come out and grown as it should’ve. The tooth could be stuck with another tooth, softening tissue, or bone. Unless it’s causing hurt and discomfort, dentists usually recommend leaving it alone. But if it hurts, an oral surgeon can help.

F. Sensitivity

Do you wince when you consume ice-cold ice cream? If it does, you should try to identify the cause. It could be a cavity, gum disease, exposed root, fractured tooth, etc. You might need treatment depending on the cause. It could be a root canal, filling, etc.

G. Gum problems

Gum problems

Bleeding of gums can be painful. If your gums are tender, you might experience occasional bleeding, notice them pulling away from teeth, or you might have severe gum disease.

Accumulation of plaque can cause it. Gum diseases/Gingivitis can make your teeth lose and even make it difficult for you to chew or speak. Regular dental check-ups can help you prevent gum problems.

H. Room for floss

Your teeth can be tightly packed together but they still need to have the slight space needed to floss. You could shift to thinner floss or alternatives if normal floss doesn’t work for you. Flossing is mandatory for good oral health.

I. Wisdom teeth problem

Wisdom teeth start appearing from 17 years of age and can also appear when one is 25. Most people have issues with their wisdom teeth.

At least one wisdom tooth is prohibited from growing entirely, which impacts it. It can harm the neighboring teeth, cause cavities or gum diseases. However, if the wisdom tooth is causing major trouble, it can be removed.

J. Clenching Teeth

Clenching Teeth

Clenching teeth can be an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is usually caused by stress and can result in migraines, sore jaw, and loss of teeth. It is termed bruxism and can be dealt with by therapy and treatment.

K. Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth don’t just ruin the aesthetic of your denture, they can also affect the functionality and lead to jaw pain. Straightening them can be relieving.

There are several other common dental problems that people usually turn a blind eye to. But you never know which common issue can turn critical. Regular dental check-ups, therefore, are quite the necessity to ensure you don’t have to face severe treatments.

Most common problems can be dealt with by adhering to oral hygiene. Better the teeth better the health. Actively taking care of your teeth today can avoid all the potential issues of tomorrow!

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