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Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

It’s said that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Once you have lost your milk teeth, you only have one set for the rest of your life. This should motivate you to do your utmost in caring for those teeth.

It is no secret that a perfect set of teeth is a confidence booster and will also give you peace of mind knowing that they are in good health.

In caring for your pearly whites, it’s the little things that count. Let’s discuss how to maintain healthy teeth that will last you a lifetime.


You are what you eat

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Anything you eat comes into contact with your teeth. Your daily food choices will, therefore, affect your overall oral health.

Over time, regular consumption of sugary and acidic foods will cause damage to your tooth enamel, resulting in cavities. Excessive sugar is not only found in the typical foods we consider sweet treats (such as chocolate, cookies, and candy) but is also contained in cereal, fruit juices, and canned fruit. So, next time you are buying your groceries, check the sugar content in your food.

Calcium is essential for maintaining your dental health. Incorporate calcium-rich foods as much as possible into your diet to strengthen your teeth and reduce the likelihood of gum disease. Sticking to a healthy, balanced diet of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, protein, and dairy will keep your teeth healthy for longer.

Proper dental hygiene

Cleaning your teeth is not as isolated to brushing as most would like to think. Let’s explore the elements that make up proper oral cleanliness.

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth

This practice should be your second nature.

Ideally, you are encouraged to brush your teeth twice a day or after every meal for at least two minutes. Food residue embedded between your teeth is a breeding ground for bacteria, so take care to brush gently but thoroughly in between your teeth.

Your choice of toothbrush is an essential factor. Get a toothbrush that is the right size to access every square inch of your mouth and soft bristles that will not scratch your gums.

Choice of toothpaste

Choice of toothpaste

Select a fluoride toothpaste that will strengthen your teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in your teeth and bones but also found in other natural elements. It helps to maintain teeth enamel and prevent cavities.

Cleaning your tongue

The food you consume comes into contact with your tongue and there is a likelihood that food particles will remain on your tongue. If not cleaned, your tongue can shelter bacteria that cause tooth decay and result in bad mouth odor.


Not all food particles stuck in between your teeth will be removable through brushing. Dental floss can fit in between your teeth and remove debris stuck in those hard-to-reach places. A lot of people neglect to floss their teeth, which is a contributory factor to tooth decay.

According to a published study, it has been shown that plaque will more effectively be removed by flossing first, then brushing.

Mouthwash rinsing

Mouthwash rinsing

Using mouthwash to rinse before or after brushing is a good practice that helps eliminate food residue, reduce bacteria, and leave your breath smelling fresh. Be sure to get a trusted brand of mouthwash for good dental health.

Toothbrush replacement

Replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Apart from the worn-out bristles not being effective cleaning agents, their toughness may cause abrasion to your gums and result in other dental problems. Toothbrushes that are overdue for replacement may be a haven for bacteria, which will lead to infection.

Dental check-up

To keep your oral health in check, schedule a dental visit every six months or when you feel that there is something amiss. Personal care and diet alone will not suffice in maintaining the good health of your teeth.

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