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Stained Teeth & What You Can Do About It

You probably are one of those who could remember a TV commercial wherein an attractive model walks in slow motion, drawing everyone’s attention to him or her. At first, we may not be able to pinpoint what it is that truly makes him or her irresistible – could it be those expressive, sparkling eyes, the confident walk, or the body curves being in the right places? Then the camera would zoom in on his or her face and he or she would flash that perfect smile. You couldn’t help but be momentarily blinded by those perfectly aligned teeth and those pearly whites that we all wish to have shining bright.

It may seem like an exaggeration of what actually happens when you see a beautiful person, but most of us have been there on the other side where the not-so-perfect beings only serve as bystanders who couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

Having a shining white smile is something that looks great on everyone, and naturally, everyone wishes to have it. It doesn’t only enhance one’s physical appearance, it also gives you confidence and improves the way you interact with people, as having a great smile easily attracts people to you. Gain back your confidence and make your teeth feel good with the Family dentist in Greenville.


What Causes The Change?

However, your teeth can become discolored over time, mainly due to lifestyle. There are also some causes leading to discoloration that can’t be avoided. It is therefore important which are ones we can duck from so as to slow down, if not prevent, the discoloration.

There are three leading causes of tooth discoloration, which are extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related causes. If you are worried about the color of your teeth and want to get them shining white again, read on to find out some of the reasons your teeth can dull over time, and what you can do about it.

Extrinsic Causes Of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth Discoloration

Extrinsic discoloration of the teeth is usually caused by foods and drinks that stain the enamel of the teeth. The chemicals in what we eat and drink can stick to our teeth, causing a bit of a reaction, resulting in a dull and off-white appearance of our teeth. Some foods can have a significant impact on the color of your teeth. To name a few, these are red wine, coffee and tea, tomato-based sauces, fruit juices, curries, berries, balsamic vinegar, and beetroot.

Smoking is another significant cause of stained teeth and combined with the foods and drinks above, it can seriously alter the color of the teeth. If you are worried about the staining on your teeth and want to do something about it, it is best to head over to your trusted local dental clinic. They are the best people to turn to when it comes to effectively and safely whitening our teeth. For example, there are residents that consider Crown Dental Surgery one of the best dentist in Chatswood, so if you live nearby you may want to schedule an appointment or drop by their clinic for consultation.

Intrinsic Causes Of Tooth Discoloration

There are also many intrinsic causes for the discoloration of teeth and some of these are preventable, although not all of them, and they often make the teeth have a greyish color. Some medications can affect the color of your teeth. Having too much fluoride is also a problem. While fluoride can help strengthen your teeth, too much of it in your system can cause teeth discoloration. The genetic condition is also another reason for the dull color of your teeth.

The biggest cause of intrinsic discoloration, however, is either tooth decay, or trauma or injury to the teeth. With intrinsic causes, it is much less likely that you will have any benefit from using teeth whitening remedies that you buy over-the-counter. And you will most likely need to seek the services of a reputable dentist that offers professional tooth whitening services if you want to make a difference. Don’t just go to any dentist for your teeth whitening and it is preferable that you do not attempt to do it yourself. To prevent any side effects or damages that would only result in bigger expenses or worse, procedures that are complicating to fix your teeth.

Age-Related Discoloration

The older we get, the more abuse our teeth and gums take over the years, and this can also affect the color of our teeth. As we get older, the enamel can start to wear away on the teeth, and this can lead to the teeth appearing in a yellowish color. The problem can further complicate owing to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, more so with getting older, which can leave people to be afraid of smiling and showing their teeth.

Talk To Your Dentist

Before you go shopping for the latest tooth whitening toothpaste that promises instant results, the first thing and most reasonable thing you should do is to talk to your dentist. There may be an underlying cause to your discoloration and it is best if you detect it early on. Your dentist will be able to help identify one or more root causes for your discoloration if there are any. They will also be able to inform you of your options to try and whiten them, especially when it comes to the right products to use.

You have to make sure you are not causing more harm than good by using the wrong remedy. When it comes to teeth, or other aspects of your health, you have to keep in mind that you require personalization in your treatment. As each situation is different. What could work for one person may not work for you? What resolved a tooth discoloration problem of one person could be harmful to you. Each situation is different, that is why it is important that you see your dentist as soon as you can. Your teeth, just like any other part of your body, are very important. Neglecting them could even affect your health in general.

In Conclusion

You may not receive the same treatment as other people, it all depends on the findings of your own dentist. Thus, they will do their best to whiten your teeth, build your confidence, and bring back that winning smile. 

If there is discoloration in your teeth, then your decision to make a change is understandable. However, there’s nothing embarrassing about that. We all want to have those pearly whites in their best condition. Make an appointment for your local dentist today and see what they recommend.

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