Blog 6 Diet Trends For 2022 And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Lifestyle

6 Diet Trends For 2022 And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Lifestyle

As the years go by, we move through countless different trends as a society, from fashion and entertainment to lifestyle and health. One of the most common areas that see the creation of new trends in the world of food.

New diets pop up every year in the wake of speedily approaching summers and are often influenced by other things in popular culture, potentially leading to a torrent of new followers of these diets, especially social media influencers and celebrities, which then goes on to create an even larger buzz.

But the popularity of a diet trend doesn’t immediately mean that it’s just a fad or will eventually be forgotten about. Some have been significantly researched and have been adopted by many for years. We’ve listed some of the most popular diet trends continuing to gain popularity in 2022 and how you can take advantage of them in your lifestyle.


1. Vegan And Plant-Based Diets

Vegan And Plant-Based Diets

Every year, more and more people make either the switch to veganism or at least a more plant-based diet, predominantly for their health. Although, some will choose this lifestyle for moral reasons as well. This diet is far easier than ever, with many stores embracing the annual Veganuary challenge.

This new focus on plant-based diets has provided the public with many new food opportunities and great vegan recipes, both healthy and unhealthy. Of course, it’s okay to treat yourself to an unhealthy snack every now and again. Just ensure you don’t focus too much on buying enticing processed foods. Instead, choose meals filled with fresh vegetables for a much healthier lifestyle.

2. TB12 – The Tom Brady Diet

As we mentioned earlier on, popular figures such as celebrities have a serious hand in influencing how we live our lives, whether we adopt elements of their lifestyles actively or subconsciously. Diets are no exception here, and some celebrity food habits, like NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s, have become so well-documented that they are now a diet in themselves.

Otherwise known as the TB12 Method, Tom Brady’s diet consists of almost entirely plant-based foods, with a focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients, alkaline, and healthy Mediterranean foods such as olives and whole-grain pasta. There is a wealth of research into this diet, and it’s seriously well-balanced, so it should be great for just about anyone.

3. Paleo Diet

3. Paleo Diet

Short for Paleolithic, this diet is strictly focused on consuming a low amount of carbohydrates, replacing them with many foods that would have more likely been eaten during the paleolithic era. This is why it’s often known as the caveman diet too. To follow this diet, you’ll want to cut out processed foods and instead eat meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, fish, and healthy oils and fats.

A lot of our dietary problems today come from our over-indulgence of heavily processed foods and snacks, so reducing your consumption of these or cutting them out of your diet entirely is important for this diet.

However, there are alternatives that you can make at home, such as these paleo chocolate chip cookies, as cutting out your favorite sweet treats is not necessarily going to be easy. If you’re miserable during your new diet, the chances of you sticking with it are much lower, so try to gradually adopt a new diet instead, allowing yourself to get used to it.

4. Healthy Snacks

While this is not a specific diet, it’s important for all of us to consider reducing the number of unhealthy treats we eat today. It’s very easy to walk around the store and fill the shopping cart with new and enticing snacks that we pass by. Instead, try to start replacing these snacks with healthier options. Again, do this gradually so that you can get used to this mentally, or you’re at a higher risk of bouncing back to old habits.

Excessive sugar is the biggest issue when it comes to snacks, and the damage it can do to our bodies is significant. Too much sugar in our diets can increase our risk of a number of serious diseases. Sugar can increase blood pressure and can also lead to us gaining weight. This puts strain on our hearts, and the results of this could be very serious. Excessive sugar is linked to higher diabetes risk, too, which should be considered when thinking about our diets.

5. Immune System Boosts

5. Immune System Boosts

Many people today are looking at ways in which they can boost their natural immunity to certain diseases and viruses, and there are plenty of foods out there that can contribute to strengthening our body’s natural defenses.

There are, of course, a plethora of different supplements out there that people take to improve health and immunity, but these combined with a healthy and balanced diet could genuinely help you to ensure your body is ready to fight off certain illnesses that come your way.

No matter the diet you choose, or your goals, it’s important to speak to your physician or a dietician beforehand to make sure it’s the right choice for you. Our bodies all handle diets differently, and you may need a different selection of nutrients from someone else, so make sure you’ve done your research first.

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