Blog Is The Alkaline Diet Suitable For You?- How, What And More.

Is The Alkaline Diet Suitable For You?- How, What And More.

When something is alkaline, it has a pH higher than 7. Usually, the human body is naturally slightly alkaline, with a blood pH of around 7.4.

The alkaline diet mainly recommends eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water. It also has it that you cut down on the levels of sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and consumption of red meat. When you incorporate all these things, this helps in improving your overall health.

It can help reduce the chances of cancer risk and weight loss. However, many people think the benefit of an alkaline diet does not exist.

The alkaline diet always promotes the idea that changing blood pH is possible. This could be untrue as even a slight change in the blood pH could be life-threatening.

Changing the pH levels of urine and saliva with diets is usually possible. But when the pH of these fluids change, the pH of the blood always remains the same. The saliva and urine pH will vary depending on metabolism and diet.


What is the link between the alkaline diet and cancer? 


Some studies show that cancer cells thrive well in highly acidic environments. The alkaline diet advocates believe eating alkaline foods and limiting acidic foods could raise the body’s pH. Thus, doing this makes the body a poor environment for cancer.

However, these studies suggest that acidic environments help the growth of cancer cells and do not represent the complex nature of how tumors behave in the body. Also, there is no way that the foods we consume can alter the pH levels of our blood.  

Six reasons to incorporate an alkaline-rich diet  

The world has started changing, and people have started slowly realizing the benefits of alkaline foods. The diets that are coming with more life-changing benefits. Regardless of where you are currently, these diets are becoming the best ways to restore and maintain your health.

Why incorporate these diets? 

Better oral health  

The alkaline diets have improved overall health. But in the oral health sector, the foods have helped reduce problems related to the teeth, such as tooth decay. It is because when the body’s acidic levels decrease, it will cause tooth decay to fade, leaving your gums and teeth healthier and more robust.

Rich magnesium content  

Alkaline diets are always rich in natural minerals such as magnesium. This helps in reducing joint pains and inflammation in people. More so, it enhances the tissue functions in the body.

More graceful aging  

When you take in alkaline foods, they help increase oxygen levels in the body cells. The meals also have properties that help slow the aging process in most individuals.

Natural cleanser  

The alkaline diet contains natural and high-fiber foods. These foods act as great cleansers for the system without requiring herbal cleanser laxatives and powders.

Reduces headaches, anxiety and irritability  

When you take in proper acid-alkaline balanced diets, this helps in neutralizing acid imbalances in the body. Thus, this reduces irritability, anxiety, and headaches.

Eliminate common health adversities 

When you follow a strict alkaline diet, many health problems people face are significantly reduced. It reduces issues like lethargy, indigestion, constipation, IBS, gout, and acid reflux.

During digestion, the food is usually broken down into acid or alkaline ash residues. In this case, your diet consists of more alkaline foods than acidic, alkaline ash gets generated, and the body gains all the above benefits.

What is a basic diet plan? 

An alkaline diet plan is a diet that entails alkaline foods — the main components of the diet are nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The most crucial aspect of this kind of diet is not the foods you are eating but the foods you are not eating.

Following this diet plan will mean avoiding acid-producing foods such as processed foods, starch, salt, and sugar. Also, it would be best if you considered eliminating caffeine and alcohol to make the most benefits out of this diet.

This kind of diet mainly focuses on manipulating the body’s pH based on the foods you eat. These foods promote an acid pH. The body requires that your body work hard to enable the rebalancing and regulation of the alkaline pH.

When people regularly take in acid-forming foods, it helps them in their overall body system. They help to make the body more vulnerable to diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, and weight gain.

However, the list of these alkaline foods always differs depending on the resource. These lists are more complex than one may think. The meals are categorized depending on whether they are alkaline-forming or acid-forming in the body.

Just as the case, the lemon may taste acidic, but it tends to be alkaline-forming when in the body.

How Does An Alkaline Diet Affect Our Body

The acid ash or the alkaline diet categorizes food based on the amount of acid produced by them. This is calculated after the product is digested, which differs from its raw state. A study found that alkaline foods elevate the pH to > 7 on the scale, whereas acid-forming foods produce < 7 pH.

Alkaline diet suggests the incorporation of alkaline-forming instead of acid-forming foods. These include legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits. The avoidance of acidic foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, grains and alcohol helps in maintaining the pH of the body.

Despite research being inconclusive on the impact of pH on the overall health, evidence exists on the change that is influenced by diet. This is more convincing when the difference in pH throughout the body is considered.

As per the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) the change in pH through diet can only influence the pH of the urine. Unlike assumption, there is no chance the dietary change in pH can influence the overall physiological pH.

There are several health conditions that can affect the pH of your body, which indicates a severe issue. This is also detected through a urine analysis. A high urine pH indicates an infection or kidney stone, whereas, a low pH signifies conditions such as starvation or diarrhea.

The lack of definitive studies in the field of al;kaline diet have suggested that the diet may not have anti-cancer properties. This is one of the major points of confusion as a handful of studies noted this feature of the diet.

These claims come from the tendency of cancer cells to thrive in an acidic environment- noted within a  controlled, laboratory setting. The results of which cannot be replicated in live models for mostly ethical reasons.

Western eating habits  

Acid Ash Diet  

Acid Ash Diet  

A usual Western diet will consist of dairy, starchy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, big chunks of food, and saturated fats—the body’s necessities in building an unfriendly, acidic environment. As many studies could suggest that proteins and carbohydrates are essential for the body, consuming less is not helpful.

Consider incorporating into your diet many of the alkaline vegetables and fruits. The best way to balance the ratio of acidic and alkaline diet foods is by following a 70:30 ratio.

Acidic foods      

Acidic foods 

Consuming acidic diets could be harmful to your health. It can make your body more susceptible to diseases. Even according to research, most of the cancer cells are multiplying fast due to the presence of acidic environments.

Foods to always include in an alkaline diet plan  

When taken in their natural state, most vegetables and fruits are still alkaline. Therefore, alkaline foods will come in many forms—superfoods such as soy, olive oil, tomatoes, avocados, lime, and grapefruits.

However, wheatgrass, barley, kale, cucumber, radish, and beets could be the other ideal choices. It would help if you also considered drinking about 2 to 3 liters of alkaline water regularly. It will help in the restoration of total balance in the body.

The best way to prepare your veggies is by steaming, as cooking intensively alters the food’s nature. And this could lead to the destruction of enzymes and nutrients.


An alkaline diet plan is one of the best things you can always do for yourself regardless of age or current situation. Do you have a basic diet plan, or consider incorporating one into your daily diet routine?

If you do not have one, why not set up one immediately and reap all the benefits?

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