Blog What an Increased demand for OR and ER Nurses Means for Traveling Nurses

What an Increased demand for OR and ER Nurses Means for Traveling Nurses

Several big centers of populations, such as Houston, TX and New York City, have seen an increased demand for nursing and other medical staff in recent years. As populations expand, the need for skilled professionals and traveling nurses increases, and it is not always easy to fill those vacancies organically from the local population.

This has provided a fertile ground for travel nurses to take on short-term jobs in those areas, gain valuable experience and earn some money. However, the demand for nurse staff is on the rise across the country, and specific specializations are particularly in high demand.

According to some industry analysts, OR and ER traveling nurses, in particular, are starting to be sought after this year, with projections for further increases in demand in 2022.

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Why Travel Nurses Benefit from High Demand?

The reason is pretty simple – it is easier to find people willing to commit six months of their lives and careers to work in a remote area (such as ever-popular Alaska). Then it is to find a person willing to relocate there on a more permanent contract. Check out agencies like Stability Healthcare for more information.

Higher demand for a specific traveling nurse profession also means that employers will compete for a limited pool of trained and certified professionals – driving the wages upward.

What Does It Take To Be A Traveling OR Nurse?

What Does It Take To Be A Traveling OR Nurse?

OR nurses need to be able to take a lot of pressure and serve a variety of support roles to surgeons both in the OR and outside of it. They interact with the patients at their most vulnerable, so they need to be a calming presence to them and their anxious families.

When it comes to their professional duties, they can be extremely broad, depending on the setting. Neurosurgeon OR is a starkly different place to a trauma ward OR, and learning to operate in such diverse settings requires experience and a flexible, fast-learning individual.

This is why the traveling nurses who are looking for employment as an OR nurse typically need at least two years of experience in diverse OR settings.

Aside from required certifications as an RN, operating room nurses tend to have BLS and ACLS certifications, as well as the PALS in case they work with children. 

The Requirements For ER Travel Nurse

The Requirements For ER Travel Nurse

The very front lines of every hospital and medical institution is certainly the ER. The diversity of situations and patients that come to the emergency room dictates that the nurses and doctors working in these wards need to be equally adaptable and capable of thinking on their feet.

Unlike most nurse specializations where the goal is to fully heal the patient, ER staff are oriented towards stabilizing the patients and saving them from life-threatening situations. The patients are then forwarded to the more specialized wards, depending on their needs. 

For this reason, traveling nurses specializing in ER need to have the mental fortitude and broad knowledge of various fields of medicine, the so-called- specialization.

Why Is The ER Travel Nurse Job Challenging?

Why Is The ER Travel Nurse Job Challenging?

This specialization is perhaps one of the most mentally and physically taskings, explaining why they are in such high demand. Not everyone is cut out to withstand the grueling and dynamic environment of an ER.

Like the OR nurses, ER nurses need to have a variety of additional certifications, including BLS and ACLS. Some additional ones, including TNCC (the trauma nurse core course), are registered as a CEN (certified emergency nurse).

Even though these two specializations are in high demand right now, there are plenty of work and travel opportunities for all kinds of traveling nurses all over the US. So find your adventure and valuable work experience with us. 


Along with the growth of the population, the requirements of Or and Er nurses are increasing. The job’s nature is turning the job profile into the traveling nurses’ jobs. The job is highly challenging, but the requirement is high. Travel nurse jobs are more stressful mentally, and traveling makes the job physically tasking.

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