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Essential Tips for Using Contact Lenses

Over 45 million individuals in the US wear contacts; however, that doesn’t eliminate the risk of eye irritation and infections.

This is because about 40% to 90% of contact wearers take unnecessary shortcuts and are unable to care for their contacts properly. It is important to know the basics of contacts.

Here are seven essential tips to ensure that your vision remains comfortable and clear with the use of contacts.


Top 7 Tips for Using Contact Lenses

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1. Clean and Dry Your Hands

This is the most important rule for contact lens wearers. Whether you are taking your contacts out or putting them in, hygiene matters always to avoid infections and other issues.

Regardless of where you are or how exhausted you are, ensure your hands are washed before taking out your lenses. Hand soaps without noticeable scents are best.

2. Follow Specific Time Rules

No matter what contact style you pick, ensure you adhere to its time rules. For example, if you are wearing disposable contacts, then don’t forget why it’s called disposable.

The FDA considers them one-time-use contact lenses. Continuous use of a disposable contact lens will result in irritation and infections. If you won’t be able to replace your contacts daily, you should consider extended wear options.

3. Rinse the Contacts Before Use

Even after you’ve washed and dried your hands, you still have to rinse the contact lens before inserting it into your eyes. This way, you can ensure that your lens remains free from bacteria and debris. After cleaning your hands, rinse your lens using a cleaning solution.

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4. Use a Multipurpose Solution

Many solutions rinse contact lenses but fail to clean them properly. Clean lenses are essential to preventing major infections. Instead, search for a multipurpose solution.

With this, you can rinse, disinfect, and clean your lenses. Furthermore, as an added incentive, a multipurpose solution can also be used to store lenses. Now, rather than having 3 bottles, you’ll have just a single convenient bottle.

5. Avoid Water

Contact lenses and water do not go well together. Whether you are swimming, washing your face, or showering, be cautious of the complications that come with mixing contacts and water. Water contains hazardous microbes that could cause various eye infections.

If you don’t have any more lens solutions, refrain from using water as the next best alternative. Water can even result in soft lenses swelling up, changing shape, or sticking to the eye.

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6. Clean and Replace Your Lens Case

Similar to contact lenses, your lens case also needs constant cleaning and replacement. To prevent infections, you have to clean your lens case as often as possible, even if it’s once daily. And although your lens case doesn’t have to be replaced that often, many doctors still suggest doing it once every 3 months.

7. Take Necessary Steps If Irritation Occurs

If you feel any form of eye irritation after wearing your lens, you could have some bacteria or debris in there. Refrain from leaving the lens in or rubbing your eyes.

This will make the situation even worse. If you experience irritation, remove the lens and consider glasses for a while.

Wearing and caring for contact lenses isn’t an easy process, but with these tips, you should be able to give your eyes and contacts the care they deserve. It is also fundamental to note that these tips also serve for coloured contact lenses.

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