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Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses tend to be the best substitute for glasses. They give you the chance of showing off your eyes. But at a time when you think of applying on makeup, the contact lenses can come into the way. Although, there are always ways in which you can put on the eye makeup without necessarily disturbing the lenses.

All over the world, women are using makeup to achieve that signature look or enhance their beauty. But those wearing glasses, your eye makeup hides under. Therefore, women with glasses will always tend to wear contact lenses to make their eyes look prettier, and their eye makeups noticeable.

However, when you apply makeup and wear lenses at the same time this could cause an effect on your eyes. But this is not a way to tell you to drop either of them. The article is addressing the tips that one can use to avoid eye irritation when you put on the two. 


Applying your makeup

Applying your makeup

When applying makeup near your eyes, this calls the need for being more concerned. But if you are a victim of wearing contact lenses, then taking an extra precaution is necessary to take care of your eyes. 

The first thing you need to do is putting on your contact lenses before starting the process of makeup application. When you put in your lenses after applying the makeup will make them dirty and damaged. Therefore, makeup can easily get trapped in your eyes. 

 When you have your lenses on, then you can start applying the makeup. But always keep this tips in mind; 

Use brushes to apply the makeups and not your will put less pressure on the sensitive skin around the eyes as the brushes are always small. Also, when you use the brushes then you will have more control and the likeness of applying makeup on the wrong spots will reduce. 

Never put eyeliner inside the eyes.  When you put the liner on the water lines this makes it easy for the makeup spreading into your eyes .more so, it can also, get trapped by the lenses, thereby causing infections and irritation. 

When you choose using the eyeliner make sure you are applying it only on the outside of the eyes.  Before you apply the eyeshadow, you can choose to use the eyelid primer .it will keep the makeup in place thus preventing it from spreading into the eye. 

The tips for contact lens wearers 

When it comes to applying makeups to people with content lens wearers, it can be a very difficult task. But with the tips below the process can be easier and more effective. 

Clean makeup tools  

makeup tools  


When applying makeup with the brush, you should ensure that they are clean. But in the case you are that lazy person, then maintaining the cleanliness of your equipment’s maybe a disaster. 

Also, when you do not clean the makeup implements this could be a reason for irritation of the eyes. Therefore, when you fail to clean the makeup brushes well, this will lead to the accumulation of dirt and the bacteria will build up in them.  

When you use it on your eyes this could mean transferring them to your eyes. Always clean the brushes with warm water and mild baby shampoo. You can also use makeup removal solutions. 

Be careful with your waterline  

one of the closest things to your eyeball is the waterline. to those people who put on the contact lenses, applying makeup to your waterline is usually not recommended. because when you put on lenses then the eyes will always need to be moist otherwise they might cause some discomfort. 

In the case you are tight lining your waterlines with liners, the thick consistency of it will end up blocking the oil-producing eye glands. This will later result in dried eyes. Also, your lenses will become more oily and filmy. 

But in the case you insist on using the makeup on your waterline, always ensure to use the materials that are will save your eyes from the build-up of bacteria. Remember to always keep the application minimum and use disposable contact lenses. 

Use cream eye shadows instead of powder  

The eyes are the most catching feature of your face. And when you incorporate them with beautiful makeup, this will enlighten the face. Colors will tend to add value to anything. Therefore when you apply eye shadows then they will make your eyes prettier.  

 Always use the creamy eyeshadow as they are thick. But when you apply the powder it may get to your cheeks and even into the eyes causing irritation. 

Use Cosmetics That Are Designed Specifically For Contact Lens Wearers 

Lens Wearers 


The makeups we use daily have chemicals and not all of them are suitable for your eyes or skin. Therefore, when you go purchasing the makeup, ensure that you but those that re friendly for your eyes. 

Try using makeup products that are nylon fibers as the flake off in your eyes. More so, remember purchasing the makeups that are non-fragrant, known –cosmogenic, and those labeled hypoallergenic. They will help to avoid any issues that regard the eyes while wearing makeup. 

Lookout Products Expiry 

Everything in this world has an expiry date. So, when you go buying your eye makeup you should ensure that you do not buy those that are expired. They may cause allergies, sites, redness, and irritation. 

Since these makeup become toxic, they may end up harming your eyes. Therefore always try purchasing your makeup in small quantities. Since, when you open them they can be infested with dirt and bacteria, and when you apply them on the eyes it can harm them. 


Do you put on the contact lens and are worried about how you can apply your makeup?  The above tips will help you apply makeup while still maintaining your lens. 

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