Blog Fitness 19 Affordable Health Clubs & Centers – All You Need To Know

Fitness 19 Affordable Health Clubs & Centers – All You Need To Know

What is fitness 19? Read through the end and know all about this exercise factor.

Now everyone is pretty conscious about their health. Daily work out and visiting the gymnasium is the core of maintaining a fit and active body. But each person has different preferences for gym activity and physical activity. Some like to run on the treadmill and want to do weight training others prefer Jumba training or dancing.

Therefore fitness goals are permanently fixed and stable. Finding the gymnasium is a challenge where your target is going to be fulfilled. This is the reason 80% of fitness enthusiasts are now preferring fitness 19.


What Is Fitness 19?

What Is Fitness 19

Fitness 19 is a gymnasium and activity center which has hundreds of branches in the whole United States. Fitness 19 was first founded in 2003. This gymnasium was established by a fitness industry veteran. The main target of establishing this gymnasium is to meet the expectations of the people.

In a very few gymnasiums, you can find versatility. But in Fitness 19, you will get the opportunity to try out different types of physical activity. From the fitness membership, you will get the chance to do the exercises. But when you need more than this, you have to visit Fitness 19. Because fitness 19 is not only going to give you the exercise place. Along with it, you will get the diet chart, and the nutritionist will help chat.

Why Select Fitness 19?

Why Select Fitness 19

Fitness 19 is a gymnasium. But fitness 19 is not like the other traditional multi gymnasium. Instead, online support is the most considerable advantage.

Here are a few reasons to select Fitness 19:

  • You will get a complete 24 hours of available online support.
  • To view the fitness 19 hours, you do not have to visit the gymnasium. Instead, from the online website, you can view the hours and locations.
  • The website is simple, and Fitness 19 has 120 branches. You just have to insert fitness 19 near me. Then you can see all the branches which are near your place.
  • You will get 21 days to reset your diet plan along with a personalized nutritional plan.
  • The meal plan of Fitness 19 is customizable, and depending upon your body requirements, your diet plan will be decided.
  • Email support for the individual consultations. You can communicate with the nutritionist and ask for consultations by mail.
  • Month to month membership facility is available in Fitness 19. So when you are going to count the membership experiences, you will see you have to spend a very minimum cost for it.
  • You can book any location for your activity. As a result, you do not have to search the gymnasium based on your physical activity preferences.

How To Apply In The Fitness 19?

How To Apply In The Fitness 19

The most extensive facility of Fitness 19 is you will get entirely online and through email support when you have a very minimum time for workouts. Your personalized meal plan is only going to save you. This is why Fitness 19 has a fully functional website where you can see the fees and the diet chart.

You can visit their website and see the fee structures from there. They offer a 21-day trial diet plan. The best strategy is just to go with it and, after 21 days, see the difference and then take the membership.

The membership plans are pretty less costly. You do not have to spend thousands on every membership offer. Fitness 19 offers extra conveniences and flexibility to every member. And the paid members also get the various terms and conditions for it. These terms and conditions are for 1 to 30 days. Even long-term contracts are also available here.

What To Expect With The Fitness 19 Membership?

What To Expect With The Fitness 19 Membership

Fitness 19 offers membership at a relatively low cost. In addition, most of the Fitness 19 memberships are available with month-to-month subscriptions. So your membership cost is going to be relatively low.

  • Every member will get the facilities to select the type of the exercises and the training.
  • Apart from the traditional gymnasium activities, you will get the opportunity to select activities like aqua aerobics, yoga, and cardio. They all are group activities. Often in the regular gymnasium, you will get the opportunity for personal training with extra charges.
  • Fitness 19 is offering a personal trainer facility for the members. And you do not have to pay extra for it. And every trainer is ACE certified so that you can entirely rely on the trainer’s decisions.

What is going to be better than doing exercises in your nearest place? And save the time of driving to the next city.

Different Membership Charges For Fitness 19

Different Membership Charges For Fitness 19  

When you are in Fitness 19, you will get multiple supports like the personal fitness trainers and the proper diet chart. Most fitness enthusiasts are always free at Fitness 19 because of these flexibilities. When you are in fitness 19, you do not have to search for nutritionists. Every type of fitness support is available, along with the membership plans.

Here is the completely updated fitness 19 fees structure for members, guests, and premium members:

Membership Type Span  Fees 
Basic one person membership 1 month $60
First-month dues for a single person 1 month $20
Annual fees for a single person 12 months $50


Membership Type Span  Fees 
Basic one person enrollment fees 12 month $60
12 months commitment for a single person 12 month $15
Annual fees for a single person 12 months $50


Membership Type Span  Fees 
Premium enrollment fees for a single person 12 months  $60.00
Premium Month dues for a single person 1months $23.00
The annual premium fee for a single person 12 months $50.00

These are the fee structures for the Fitness membership. And for the month to a single monthly membership, you do not have to give the cancellation charges. Even the premium members do not have to provide the cancellation charges.

What Is Fitness 19 Hours?

What Is Fitness 19 Hours

The Fitness 19 hours are pretty flexible. You do not have to search for your feasible hours and match up the gymnasium exercises hours. Fitness 19 remains open for 24 hours. And you can book the free consultations scheduled for any time.

Fitness 19 is a solution for everyone. Every age of people can go there and avail the facility. However, the schedule and diet chart both are a matter for your health. So when you are thinking about keeping your body healthy and active and want to visit a gymnasium far beyond the traditional gymnasium, Fitness 19 should be on your top priority list.


  • Do The Fitness 19 Have A Shower?

Fitness 19 has more than 100 branches.90% of the branches offer a shower facility to the gym members. Fitness 19 has more than 19 locations. And when you are selecting the unit, you have to call on the gymnasium to ask for the available facility and services.

Hence in many branches, the lockers and the showers are only for the Fitness 19 gymnasium members. However, for the premium members, the services are available 24×7 hours.

  • Do You Have To Pay For Fitness Personal Trainer?

To get the personal trainer facility, you only have to spend around $65 to $90 for each session. For bulk purchasing of sessions is not going to cost a huge amount. With only spending $649, you can buy 12 sessions. Like this, for the bulk purchase, you will get many options.

  • Can You Quit From Fitness19?

Yes, you can quit Fitness 19. For the cancellation, you do not have to pay any extra amount to leave Fitness 19. However, you have to visit their website and process the cancellations from the official website. Other than this, you can call on to the 24 hours available fitness 19 customer care and ask for the cancellation of your membership. 


When you want to go to a gymnasium, that is far beyond the traditional concept of the gymnasium. Fitness 19 is going to be the best selection for you. For your nearest gymnasium spot, you only have to visit the Fitness 19 website. Then search down the nearest gymnasium spot from your place.

Then you will get all the details about your closest Fitness 19 gymnasium and activity center. Are you thinking of taking the premium membership in Fitness 19? Share your experiences in the comment sections.

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