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5 Things To Consider Before You Get A Tattoo Removed

Tattoos are extremely common nowadays, and it’s not unheard of for most people over the age of 18 to have at least one of them. You’ll even see them being bought as a gift for 18th birthday presents too, showing just how popular they’ve become.

However, not everyone loves their tattoos, and some people even regret a few! As they’re permanent, you may think that they’re stuck on your body for life. However, this isn’t the case anymore as laser removal can work miracles and help you to get rid of your less-than-perfect ink.


Here Are Five Prime Things To Consider Before You Get A Tattoo Removed:

Removal has become almost as popular as tattoos themselves, and you only have to do a quick search of “tattoo removal London” to see just how many clinics there are. So, if you’re thinking about getting your tattoo removed, keep reading and discover the few things you should consider beforehand.

1. Does It Need To Be Removed Completely?

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One of the first things to think about is why you’re getting it removed. If you’re wanting to get it covered up with something else, you’re much less likely to need it completely gone, especially if it’s going to be a larger piece. However, if you just want to not look at it anymore, then you’re probably going to want to get rid of as much of it as you can.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the more you want it removed, the more sessions you’ll need. You’ll also need to think about what the tattoo looks like. If it’s big, bold and full of colour and thick black lines, you’ll find that it needs a lot of sessions to get rid of it.

However, if it’s just a simple, small one without much colour, it may be removed a lot quicker and easier. It’s always best to speak to the clinic first as they’ll be able to advise how the process will work. 

2. How Many Sessions Am I Likely To Need?

As mentioned above, it’s unlikely that you’ll need just one session. This is because everyone’s skin reacts differently, and different tattoos will need much more laser than others.

For example, darker inks like black and green are super easy to remove. But lighter colours like yellow, purple, and pink are extremely hard to get rid of. So, while you may be able to get rid of the linework in just one or two sessions, the colour will probably remain and need further work.

Sometimes, you might not even be able to get rid of the colour completely, and it may be light enough to not bother you anymore or get it covered up with something better. Always have a consultation with your chosen clinic as they’ll be able to advise you on how many sessions you’re likely to need and how much they can actually remove it. 

3. Will I Be Able To Withstand The Pain?

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While you may think you have a high pain tolerance, laser removal is said to be pretty sore, and even more painful than a tattoo. It’s important to think about how much pain you can actually tolerate, as you may need multiple sessions to remove it.

The aftercare can be quite tender as well, as blisters and scabs will form as it heals, which again, isn’t completely pain-free. It’s not intolerable, but it does hurt, so you really need to think about if you’re mentally prepared to deal with that amount of pain on a semi-regular basis.

Some clinics may offer you a numbing cream if you advise them of your concerns in regard to the pain, but they will only take the edge off and combat all the pain. So, make sure you understand what you can expect when it comes to the pain, and you’ll soon have a better idea of whether or not you can deal with it.  

4. Am I Okay With The Cost?

Tattoo removal isn’t cheap, and if you need regular sessions, it can soon add up. While it’s not the most expensive procedure you could ever have, it’s definitely not the cheapest, and it can eat away at your savings if you aren’t prepared for the costs.

Don’t go for a clinic just because it seems to cost less either. You want to go to a certified professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. Lasers can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so you want to always ensure that you choose quality over price.

Better lasers will have better results as well, resulting in fewer sessions, so you may actually save money in the long run. Always ask your clinic for a quote so that you can prepare yourself for the expenditure and ensure that it’s within your budget. If not, it might be best to save up for a little while and then look into laser removal. 

5. Do I Really Want To Get Rid Of It?

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It may seem like a silly question, but it’s definitely worth thinking about. Just like tattoos are pretty permanent, you can’t undo laser. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so you need to be 100% certain you want to get rid of it. Don’t do it on a whim, as you may regret your decision in the future.

Just because you wake up one day and don’t like the look of one of your tattoos, that doesn’t mean that tomorrow you won’t like it again. Sometimes sentimental value can mean more when it comes to a tattoo than quality.

For instance, if you got a terrible tattoo ten years ago with your best friend, the meaning behind it can mean a whole lot more to you and you might find that you would rather keep it. No matter how ugly it may be! 

Tattoos are something that you either love or hate, and this can seep into your own ones as well. At the time, you may have loved your 90’s tribal arm band, but now in 2022, it may feel a little outdated and perhaps it doesn’t look the best anymore.

However, you’re no longer forced to live with a tattoo you hate, as the laser is more accessible than ever before. So, if you’re thinking about getting your tattoo removed, make sure you take these 5 questions on board and carefully consider your answers. You’ll soon know what’s the right decision for you!

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