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10 Best home remedies for glowing skin

The glow plays a critical role in adding beauty to your skin irrespective of the skin type. A beautiful glow will give you youthful and flawless skin that is gorgeous and will turn heads. The largest organ in the human body is the skin and hence bears a lot of things.  

Some of them include weather changes, exposure to pollution, dirt, harsh sun rays, bad food, makeup, and the aging process.  

All these things can cause different skin issues and cause the glow away from the skin. You need a proper care routine that will help in maintaining the glow of your skin. Here are the ten best home remedies for glowing skin. 


1. Facial Cleansing 

Facial Cleansing 

You have to cleanse the skin every day if you want to maintain its glow. This process will keep your skin soft, clean, and free of any debris that clogs the pores. Facial cleansing also prevents a breakout in the skin.  

Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your face every day both at night and in the morning. However, don’t buy commercial cleaners that have drying agents like alcohol. You need to get the ones that are manufactured from the alcohol content.  

Sometimes even a simple procedure like a piece of cloth and hot water will maintain the glow of your face.  

If you have passed through lousy weather as a storm, you have to make sure you clean your face as fast as possible. This is because your face might come into contact with some debris that might block your sweat pores.  

If you carry on with this trend for an extended period, you will realize your skin will change. It will look new and rejuvenated.  

The other good thing is that this procedure does not take an extended period. You only need a few minutes, and that will be it. However, you have to make sure you carefully do the cleaning and uniformly.  

Do not dwell on some part of your skin more than the others. This will leave you with a skin that is not uniform. This, therefore, highlights the need to be careful during this process. 

2. Moisturizer 

Moisturizing plays a critical role in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. You have to use a moisturizer irrespective of the type of your skin. The right moisturizer will make sure that your skin will not look dull or dry out.  

It will also maintain the natural moisture level of your skin by sealing in moisture that is already inside the skin. Well-Hydrated skin will look supple and soft and doesn’t have aging signs. Apply the moisturizer immediately after taking a shower or bath. The best skin moisturizers are olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Besides, you can come across moisturizers which include fish or turtle oils, snail slime, or animal milk. The lack of fatty acid components in products may cause dryness to your skin. For avoiding this kind of condition one of the best solutions is using goat milk products as they balance your pH level and prevent your skin from cracking and dehydrating.  Incorporating goat milk soaps into your daily regimen will keep the healthy bacteria on your skin and improve your skin microbiome.

If you have oily skin, you can make light oil products such as jojoba oil. You also have to be careful with the kind of moisturizer you use.  

Moisturizers work on different people differently. They may work well on somebody’s skin, but that might not be the case with you. Given this fact, it is not right to take recommendations from people about moisturizers. 

If you are not sure of the best moisturizers to use, you can seek expert advice on the same. Some experts can help you, depending on your skin. It is also not advisable to keep changing moisturizers now and then.  

It is advisable to stick to maybe one or two types of moisturizers at a time. 

3. Exfoliation 

Exfoliation is a critical requirement for maintaining a glowing and healthy skin. This process will remove the dead skin cells that build on the surface. This will give way to the growth of new and healthy skin.  

Oatmeal is one of the best exfoliation products that you can use for glowing skin. Exfoliate your skin once every one to two weeks, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.  

If you have light skin, then carrying out this process once in two weeks is advisable.  

For people with light skin carrying out this skin too consistently might have some effects on your skin. However, if your skin is a bit heavy or thick.  

You can carry out this process twice every two weeks. This way, you will be able to get rid of the dead skin that is the leading cause of unhealthy skin. 

4. Lemon


Lemon is a natural bleacher that promotes clear skin. Lemon has citric acid that removes the dead skin cells. It also has Vitamins C that reduces any form of spots on the surface by enhancing the process of cell renewal.  

Just apply lemon juice that is freshly squeezed on the neck, face, and any other exposed body parts. Let it rest for ten minutes then use lukewarm water to rinse it off. You can also mix the lemon juice with raw honey before applying it to your face. 

Carry out this exercise three to four times a week. It is one of the best home remedies for glowing skin. If the health of your skin was not that good, it might take some time before the skin finally gets back to its best. 

The effectiveness of this procedure also depends on the type of skin. There are those people who will realize this effect sooner, while for others, it will take some time.  

However, in all those incidents, you will still be able to get the best out of your skin with this procedure.  

5. Turmeric 

Turmeric is highly beneficial to human skin because it has antioxidants that help in fighting free-radical damage. Using Turmeric regularly will give you glowing, fair, and wrinkle-free skin. It is advisable to make this application one time a week.  

Once you start noticing the change, you have to carry on with this application. If you stop, then your skin might slide back to its unhealthy condition.  

However, you also have to be careful not to overuse the Turmeric. Even though it is not proven, but it might have some side effects on your skin. 

6. Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil 

This Oil has antioxidants for preventing free-radical activity that can lead to lifeless and dull skin. Can penetrate deep in the underlying tissues of your skin. It will make sure that your skin is hydrated for an extended period.  

Warm some coconut oil and apply gently on your legs, hands, neck, and face. Apply it once every day and use lukewarm water for rinsing. However, if you can, you can even apply it twice a day. You can do this very early in the morning and the evening. 

7. Oil Pulling 

In the past, Ayurveda oil pilling was good in the maintenance of oral health. However, oil pulling is also highly beneficial to the skin. Oil pulling helps in the process of detoxification and hence removes the toxins that accumulate in the human body.  

The oil pulling process is easy to do, harmless, and inexpensive. All you need for this process is the extra-virgin coconut oil, but don’t swallow or gurgle this oil. 

8. Rose Water 

Rose Water 

Rose water is one of the best remedies for glowing skin. It helps in nourishing and hydrating your skin. The rose water is gentle on your skin and suitable for both oily and dry skins.  

It has astringent properties and antioxidants, making it an excellent natural skin toner that leaves behind a pleasant rosy smell.  

It also works as a natural skin remover. Soak a cotton pad in rising water and then gently apply to the skin. Leave for 15 minutes and don’t rinse it off. Make this application daily at night. The effect of this procedure also depends on the type of skin.  

If you realize your skin is somehow thick, you can try it out twice a day, and it will help make your skin glow.  

9. Vitamin C 

The health of your skin is a clear reflection of your diet. Therefore, you have to eat the right foods if you want to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Vitamin C is one of the best remedies for glowing skin because it has a powerful antioxidant.  

Vitamin C maintains a robust immune system but also produces radiant and healthy skin by boosting the production of collagen.  

Research reveals that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that you can use in dermatology topically to treat hyperpigmentation.  

It is one of the best products for maintaining the health of your skin. You also need to eat foods that have healthy fats such as seeds, nuts, and avocados to enjoy healthy skin. Depending on the condition of your skin, you have to make these meals in plenty.  

You can also take some vitamin C supplements. However, supplements are always not advised. You should consider these vitamins in meals other than in supplements. 

10. Fluids 

We cannot leave out fluids on our list of the best home remedies for glowing skin. Dehydrated skin will be wrinkly and dry, and this will remove the glow of your skin. Therefore, you have to make sure that your skin is dehydrated at all times.

You need to take a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water every day. You can also take a few cups of herbal tea, such as peppermint tea, ginger tea. Green tea. And chamomile tea. Your diet should not miss fresh fruit and vegetable juices and coconut water.  

The requirements of fluid vary from one individual to another, and you can take depending on your unique needs. 


The points listed above are some of the steps you need to follow to maintain glowing skin. Follow them keenly, and you will end up with the skin type of your preferences.

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