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Going Cruelty Free For Skin Care – What Are The Major Benefits

Revolution is the order of the day. And, like any other industry, the digital world of skincare is revolutionizing itself as well. 

Morality and invention have caught the eye of modern skincare companies, shifting toward including ethics to reduce animal cruelty and offer a holistic solution for testing. 

Vegan products have excelled and acquired a major chunk of the skincare industry in the last few years. People are now aware of the global phenomenon and opting for vegan skin care to protect animals and the environment. 

But if we put the moral causes aside, vegan skincare products are cool and have multiple benefits that protect the skin and help it grow. 

From stopping hair loss to anti-aging, for all problems, there is one solution for all problems: these plant-based products. 

Let’s discuss the pros of these products-


They Are Rich In Vitamins And Antioxidants

Just ask Ginger (not people). Rich in antioxidants and possess every solution for skin issues

That’s what vegan products are. They provide a natural solution to every problem, even kill the issue before it thinks of coming. 

Products possess different minerals and vitamins that smoothen the skin’s surface area and help the skin cells to grow naturally. It’s like going back to ages before chemicals ever existed; humans found solutions from nature.

Using products in the continuum makes you realize your skin looks healthy and young by removing dead skin cells. It promotes the regeneration of skin, cells, and tissues, a beneficial benefit. 

It deep cleans the skin and offers little space for flakiness, acne, and pimples. Removing dirt is prominent and delivers a brighter skin tone; nature has a solution for all problems. 

These fellas can cure hyperpigmentation and blemishes. 

See, I told you! They are great. 

Environmental Friendly 

It is the talk of the hour, with the depletion of the environment; we humans need to stop hurting nature and protect the existing ecosystem. 

The creation of these products exists keeping nature in mind, and that’s why you will view an absence of hazardous chemicals. 

Waste generated from manufacturing units has minimal environmental effects because it is mostly biodegradable in nature, which answers the question of being absorbed in the soil without harming its fertility to row seeds. 

Even if the products touch the surface level of water, they won’t alter their natural properties. And ensure a healthy marine ecosystem.

Sounds interesting?

Now, shift to organic skin care. 

They are the future of a sustainable world. A small step toward a healthy end is a major leap to nature’s survival. 

And it can aid the question of climate change and growing global warming because of the resources managed by vegan skincare companies.

Presence Of Natural Ingredients 

Almost all products in the modern world include ingredients used in creating products. And as plants make organic products, people get value for their money without harming their originality. 

Just some legendary kinds of stuff!

Commodities commonly use Ginger, Aloe vera, Vetiver, and Vitamin C-based fruits and vegetables, which are proven doctors of good and healthy skin. 

Don’t believe us? Ask a dermatologist. 

Keeping in mind the avalanche of organic products existing worldwide, check for the ingredients used in the product before purchasing. Because some organic products might not be friendly neighborhood products (we all love Spiderman, don’t we?)

Product Free From Animal Testing

Often in certain natural products, animal testing labels a nonchalant behavior to view the quality of products. 

Animal rights activities have ensured animal testing is a criminal offense. Vegan products are a ready-made solution to the problem. 

Testing on humans is possible for its natural propensities, and significantly, they refrain from using animals to make products. Well, they are the cure for the present problem and act as a prevention for future issues. 

Before purchasing, check the label on the product to get a broader understanding of the product and its germination from the start. 

These products are modern solutions to modern problems. 

Is Vegan The Same As Cruelty-Free?

If asked generally, cruelty-free is not the same as vegan skincare. The latter makes no use of animal products at all, but the former consists of some animal-derived products.

A Cruelty-free product may or may not use animal products like beeswax, honey, and pearl extracts.

  • Cosmetics Animal Testing Is Unethical

Cosmetic giants already own a list of more than 7,000  ingredients that happen to be safe. There are innumerable humane alternatives, and technology makes them only more accurate and better. 

Some of the most common ones are Vitro diagnostics, computer modeling, and cell culture tests. The amount of sufficient existing safety information is adequate for rendering product animal testing obsolete. 

  • It Is Highly Sustainable

While the logic behind cruelty-free and vegan are pretty much similar, they cannot be aligned in execution. Satisfying any one ethical criteria does not guarantee the other. 

Considering the same requirements, one may find certain aminal-derived elements in cruelty-free products.

Brands claiming themselves to be “cruelty-free” may not be testing these products directly on animals, but they might ask a third party to do it. 

  • Parent Companies And The Ethical Gap

One of the most ethical ideologies that aid the navigation of the cruelty-free domain has to be the immediate stance of parent companies.

Take, for instance, The Body Shop might be a cruelty-free company, but its parent brand- L’Oréal, might not. 

While some users opt for a hard-line approach, others are of the opinion that boycotting the parent brands might have a negative influence. Especially on the rising awareness as well as demand for these products. 

It is significant to comprehend and recognize the ethical gaps as a symptom of an even bigger greenwashing concern.

This leads to “cruelty-free” becoming a terminology in the marketing ploy and less ethical guarantees. 

Let’s Revise What We Discussed. 

In our opinion, vegan products benefit not only our skin but also the existence of nature and animals. It carries the potential of a sustainable world, which can lead us to a beautiful future.  

Join us on the journey of vegan skincare. For any queries, feel free to drop us a text. 


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