Blog 4 Health Mistakes Men Make In Their 30s

4 Health Mistakes Men Make In Their 30s

Entering your 30s can mark a turning point in your life in various ways, such as maturity, career prospects, self-confidence, and health.

You’ll have likely learned lessons from your youth, have a firmer understanding of your goals and may feel happier with who you are.

Yet, you might wake up with a few more aches and have more responsibilities than ever.

For this reason, you must take better care of your health to prevent health issues in your 40s and beyond. Protect your wellbeing by learning about the four health mistakes men make in their 30s.


4 Health Mistakes Of Men In Their 30s

1. Brushing Off Stress


Stress can affect a person’s health and happiness in many ways, as it can cause high blood pressure, heart issues, headaches, depression, or skin conditions. Yet, many men make the mistake of attempting to shake off stress instead of addressing the problem.

It isn’t a weakness to admit you feel stressed. It is vital to get to the root cause of the problem and make the appropriate changes to your lifestyle, such as reducing your workload or saying goodbye to an unhealthy relationship. Also, seek medical help if you’re suffering from any associated health issues, such as low mood, anxiety, or heart concerns.

2. Ignoring Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Sexual issues are common for millions of men of various ages. However, the risk of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a low libido will increase as a man grows older. Yet, many men might feel embarrassed to seek help when struggling with performance issues, which will have a negative impact on their confidence, relationships, and sexual satisfaction.

Men in their 30s are not immune from sexual problems, but options are available to restore their sex lives. If you are one of the many men experiencing an erection issue, you mustn’t hesitate to seek help. For instance, an erectile dysfunction treatment can boost your libido and sexual function, which will allow you to enjoy full sex life.

3. An Unhealthy Diet

Unhealthy Diet

A fast metabolism likely helped you burn off all those extra calories during your teenage years and twenties. Yet, an unhealthy diet may catch up with you once you enter your thirties, as your metabolism will slow and your testosterone levels will lower. As a result, your body will store more fat, which can affect your appearance while increasing your risk of various health issues, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke

Protect your health by adopting a healthy, balanced diet and incorporating at least 20 minutes of exercise into your day.

4. Avoiding Self-Health Assessments

Health Assessments

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to your health. If you fail to monitor your health or attend essential screenings, you might allow a problem to spiral out of control. It is vital men become more proactive about their health.

For instance, they must regularly perform a self-assessment of their testicles, as testicular cancer rates are rising among young and middle-aged men. Also, it’s the most common form of cancer for men between 15 to 35 years old.


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