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15 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

In the current, constipation has become very common to an extent people think that it is a routine. But what the primary blame for this kind of problem. The modern lifestyle, the foods that we choose consuming are the critical cause. You must know the effective home remedies for constipation. 

This condition mostly affects those people who overeat, consume too much junk foods and those who abuse alcohol. However, its major causes are the use of certain medications, stress, medical conditions, dehydration and the consumption of inappropriate diets. 

The common symptoms of constipation include mood swings, worry, embarrassment, irritability, lack of work interest and inability to pass stool. In some cases, the situation can even get worse to the extent of one vomiting and even abdominal swelling. 


What causes constipation? 

Before determining the cause of constipation, it is essential first you distinguish the difference between acute and chronic constipation. Severe constipation will always require urgent assessment as it may pose serious medical illness. 

This condition always will need acute medical care, especially when accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, cramps, abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. An involuntary weight loss could also accompany it. 

However, when the condition is just chronic, it may not be that urgent, and thus, simple home remedies could be used to bring relief. Here are some of the incidences that could lead to the occurrence of constipation; 

Lack of fiber in the diet 

When you take in foods that are rich in fiber, then the chances of getting constipation are always meager. Foods that are rich in fiber include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Fibre is essential as it will help in the movements of the bowel. Try much hard to avoid high-fat foods. 

Change in diet and routine  

When you start eating greasy foods, or you are on a weight loss program, these changes in diet could bring constipation. Also, when you travel the routine changes, .this negatively affects your digestive system, which could cause constipation. 

Physical inactivity 

When one becomes dormant, then the chances of getting constipation are always high. Experts have it that when you exercise regularly, this could increase the rate of metabolism. This fastens the processes in the body and could help prevent constipation. 

Lack of fluids  

When you do not take in enough water, then you can quickly get constipated. Also, when you consume in too many liquids such as artificial beverages they might trigger constipation. 


When one is pregnant, their bodies experience hormonal changes. This makes them even more susceptible to constipation. More so, the uterus may compress the intestines, and thus this could slow down the rate at which food is passing. 


Particular kinds of medicine are prone to causing constipation. The drug can bring the body to a standstill, thus causing constipation. Some of the vitamins and iron supplements can always create this problem. 

When this happens, you should always consider taking a stool softener or look for natural remedies of constipation. 

15 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation  

1. Eat prunes  

Eat prunes  

When you need the natural way to reduce the instances of illness, then you could choose to take in plums or prune juice. The reason why they serve the best is that an addition to their fiber content, the prunes contents have natural laxative sorbitol. 

The prune juice is usually natural sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect. You are just needed to consume about fifty grams of this dose at least twice a day. But in the case you have issues of IBS then you should try avoiding them because the sugar alcohols could be best known to be FODMAPS 

2. Loosen up 

It is among the common known remedy for constipation. What you need is taking in warm water that has honey and lemon in it. Lemon will help in the stimulation of the digestive system and also will help to flush out toxins. Honey will work as a laxative and cut on the sour taste. 

However, instead of using honey, you can choose using salt since salt is rich in magnesium. Also, the salt will encourage the contraction of bowel muscles and help in flushing toxins from the stomach and small intestines. 

3. Triphala

Add two spoons of Triphala powder in a glass of warm water and stir till the solution dissolves completely. Before going to bed, ensure you drink this solution for several days. After consuming this solution, do to drink or eat anything.  

But after thirty minutes they always drink water. This solution is a profoundly ancient Ayurveda and effective remedy to stimulate the secretion of enzymes and improve digestions. When it comes to curing constipation, this is the best remedy as it will enhance the contraction of muscles in the intestine. Also, it is a natural laxative for constipation relief. 

4. Eat prebiotic food   

Eat prebiotic food   

When you take in fiber diets, they will increase the bulk and stool consistency. That means it could help in the improvement of the bowel movement. Also, fibers affect the digestive system, and thus, they could be of great help in treating chronic constipation. 

Fibers are usually the best remedy for constipation. Because they help in the improvement of the digestive health as they can feed on the friendly bacteria’s on the gut. When they do this, they improve the bacteria balance of the stomach. 

These fibers are thus essential in making the stool much softer. These foods rich in prebiotic fiber include bananas, garlic, and onions. Therefore, foods rich in fiber are effective in improving the digestive health and providing the balances of friendly bacteria’s in the gut. 

5. Epsom salt  

Epsom salt  

It is one of the perfect constipation remedies that does not require direct consumption and ingestion. What you need here is to take a cup of the salt and add it to your bathing water. Mix the mixture well and then relax in the bath for about fifteen minutes. 

The salt will highly help in the muscle relieve. More so, it will help treat constipation due to its laxative properties. Depending on the extent of the illness, you can always have this bath at least four times a week. 

6. Avoid Dairy  

At times preference to dairy can always lead to constipation due to the effects on the guts movement. More so, when some children and adults tend to have an intolerance to proteins in cow’s milk and lactose, they will always experience constipation. 

Therefore, in the case where you identify that you have an intolerance to dairy, then you should consider withdrawing from it temporarily to ascertain whether the symptoms will improve. What you should always do is to ensure you replace the foods you eliminate with other foods rich in calcium. 

7. Grapes  

Grapes have a combination of organic acid, cellulose, and sugar, making them be laxative foods. When you take in grapes, they will not only help in bowel clearing but also tone the intestines and stomach thus relieving constipation. 

For desired results, one needs to consume at least a hundred grams of these fruits daily. In the case the fresh grapes are not available, you could choose using the raisins. But you should ensure that the raisins are well soaked in water for them to attain their original size. 

When you choose eating raisins, eat them in the morning together with the water they are soaked in. 

8. Coconut  


When you experience constipation, consider taking one spoon of coconut oil in the morning before consuming anything. Also, you can take the oil before you go to sleep. For you to get the constipation relief to take the coconut oil for at least three days. 

However, at times, you may choose to mix the coconut oil with your foods. It is the best remedy, especially in cases of chronic constipation. Remember that you should not exceed the daily consumption as it could lead to diarrhea 

9. Herbal tea  

Among the best home remedies for constipation is the herbal tea. Just boil a cup of water and it adds herbal tea. After the mixture boils, you can leave it to cool for some time before drinking. For better constipation relief, you must drink at least five cups of this tea in a single day. 

The tea is a natural laxative and highly competent to enable one excreting hard stool much more accessible. The tea mainly retains water in the intestines, thus making the stool bulky and soft. 

To enhance more tests and improve the laxative nature of the tea, consider adding one spoon of honey. These teas are mainly peppermint tea, green tea, or black tea. 

10. Exercise  


When you choose to exercise more, then this could help relieve constipation. Though not that clear of how the activity relates to constipation when you move the other body parts move also. Thus they regulate each other, increasing the rate at which foods move through the intestine. 

 Exercise will also aid constipation since the muscle movement can stimulate the colon muscles to be on the move 

11. Pooping positions  

In modern society, there has been an increase in the flush toilets where people sit comfortably as they poop. The practice of squatting is now being seen to be outdated. But what needs to be done is for people to get back to this old model of squatting. 

The reason being that squatting will help relieve the signs of constipation, hemorrhoids and excessive potty training. Moreover, it will help in the stimulation of puborectalis muscle opening correctly, thus providing a complete bowel and intestinal emptying. 

Since squatting toilets are now being termed as outdated, the need for creativity arises. People should start making toilets with steps so that they may get a squatting position in their bathrooms. This is one of the best home remedies for constipation.

12. Blackstrap molasses  

This has been a remedy for constipation over the years. Molasses are the by-products of refining sugarcane that contain high minerals and concentrations. 

Different from the incredibly refined sugars, molasses are very high mineral contents of essential nutrients like vitamin B6, minimal sugar, iron, calcium, and magnesium. By consuming only one teaspoon of molasses, this could provide you with all the vital nutrients required to relieve constipation. 

13. Drink a lot of water  

Drink a lot of water  

Most people think that taking in fiber is the best remedy for constipation. However, this is just one part of solving the equation. What you need to know is that as you increase the fiber intake, then the consumption of water should well increase. 

When you take in water, this will increase the amounts of water in the body, thus helping bulk stool ad also bowel movement softer and more comfortable to pass. It is essential to know that the risks of getting more constipation can be due to a high intake of fiber with fewer amounts of fluids in the body. This is one of the best home remedies for constipation.

14. Healthy oils  

Taking in healthy fats is very important when it comes to reducing the risks of constipation. The oils are useful in keeping the digestive system to function smoothly and regularly. Oils like pure oil are very effective in helping to get rid of constipation. 

More so, when you consume one teaspoon of olive oil, this could help in rebooting your entire system. You can consider adding some lemon juice to the oil or taking it plain. It will help combat constipation within a shorter time. 

In addition to that, the flaxseed oil is also essential when it comes to handling will help in the lining of the intestinal walls and stool thus increasing the bowel movement. Just a teaspoon of this oil will render the results. For more taste, you can add some lemon juice. 

15. Coffee  


Coffee does stimulate not only the digestive system but also the mood and body. In case you are a lover of coffee then you should consider using it as a constipation remedy. However, when you choose using this method, stick to two cups a day. 

 Since, when you take in too much coffee, it could cause dehydration and thus stimulating constipation. Excessive caffeine from different sources tends to act as a natural diuretic that can cause stool hardening due to dehydration. 

It does not matter if you only take two cups of coffee, consider drinking too much water to prevent dehydration. This is one of the best home remedies for constipation.


Suffering from irregular bowel syndrome and constipation is something that all of us can undergo at one point in life. This may be that embarrassing and even more painful as it will always make you restless.  

While many people will think of laxatives to cure constipation, the truth is that they can take a toll on the body without necessarily providing lasting relief. Therefore, when it comes to matters concerning constipation, the best solution could be a change in lifestyle incorporated with home remedies. 

The above home remedies for constipation will always guarantee you the best results. They will significantly help you through the road of being regular and feeling good. Don’t think twice about them, try them out. 

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