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10 Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity

At one point in life, the chances are that you have suffered from acidity. When you find yourself in this condition, the first thing you need is a relief. Anything that might help you out with this condition is worth considering.  

There are so many ways of treating the acidity condition. If this condition occurs to you while at home, you need to try out some home remedies for the same. Below are fantastic home remedies for acidity that you need to know just in case you suffer from acidity. 

Everybody has suffered from acidity at least once or twice in life. Severe stomach pains, bloating, burping, flatulence, hiccupping, and acid reflux are common symptoms.  

While the natural and immediate response to go for an antacid while suffering from acidity, you will not get a long relief.  

 It is suggested to opt for kitchen treasures as home remedies for acidity. This will help you to control and cure and then boost the overall health of the stomach. You get the most effective acidity remedies, indigestion, and indigestion. 


Common Causes Of Acidity  

The common causes of acidity are known to be over-eating, not having meals on time, unhealthy eating habits such as consuming too much of caffeinated, cold drinks, junk foods, spicy and excessively oily food.

The presence of underlying conditions such as GERD or stomach ulcers, stress. The causes may even be related to heartburn, and gas. The causes of acidity may even be related to consumption.

The consumption of acidic fruits can also lead to development of acidity as the high level of citric acid can trigger acidity. Lack of physical activities, excessive smoking, resting or lying down immediately after a meal can also be contributing factors to acidity.

In addition, if you are on certain medications that can also trigger acidity for you. Medicines such as ibuprofen, acidity are known to cause acidity.

It is best to avoid these mentioned habits so that you can cure your acidity soon.

Symptoms Of Acidity  

Following are the signs you may experience during acidity:

  • Nauseous

  • Heartburn

  • Indigestion

  • Bad breath

  • Restlessness

  • Inflammation

  • Sour taste in the mouth

  • Excessive vomiting

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Burning sensation in throat and stomach

  • Serious pain in the abdomen and chest

  • Regurgitation

Top 10 Best Home Remedies for Acidity:

1. Bananas 


Bananas are very beneficial for the stomach because of the high fiber content that enhances the process of digestion. They are protein-rich and increase mucus production inside the stomach. The mucus that prevents the formation of acid and fights the harmful effects of excess production of acid.  

A ripe banana is among the best home remedies for acidity and an antidote to deep acidity bouts. Therefore, if you think you are suffering from acidity, you need to try out bananas. 

So many people that tried out ripe bananas in an acid case found great relief in them. Acidity symptoms manifest themselves differently in different people.  

However, if you are sure that you are suffering from acidity, you need to rush to the nearest grocery and get yourself some bananas. 

Even though there is no definite recommendation for the number of bananas, one or two bananas will be excellent. If, after taking the bananas, you will not be able to feel any effects, you can try out other remedies. If the condition persists, you can seek advanced medical conditions.  

 2. Cold milk 

Cold milk 

The fact remains that milk contains high amounts of calcium that make it an excellent food for the health of the bones. Did you know that calcium is among the main ingredients in over the counter antacids? 

 It helps in maintaining the ph. balance and helps with digestion. For this reason, cold milk can give you instant relief from burning sensation you feel during acid reflux and acidity.  

Calcium found in milk prevents and curbs acid buildup and absorbs excess produced acid. Remember that cold milk is beneficial than milk and not to add additives like chocolate powder or sugar to the milk.  

If you want instant relief, you need to try and stick milk. 

Try and avoid the milk that contains so many chemicals. This kind of milk might not be able to help you. It is advisable to go for the milk that is straight from the farm.  

Such juice does not contain any contaminants. You can boil the milk first of all then keep it a fridge for a few hours. 

Once the milk gets cold, you can make a full glass, and you will be able to experience the effects. If the condition persists, you can wait for some time like a few hours then take another glass. If the acidity problem was not that serious, then the milk should be able to help you. 

3. Buttermilk 


Cold buttermilk is a handy acidity antidote. To get heartburn relief, drink a glass of cold buttermilk. Buttermilk is among home remedies for acidity because it contains lactic acid, which neutralizes acidity inside the stomach.  

It soothes the stomach by offering a stomach lining and reduces acid reflux and irritation. Buttermilk is a natural probiotic. Probiotics are essential for the process of digestion. This is why the majority of doctors recommend supplements of probiotics daily.  

Good bacteria present here to prevent the buildup of gas and bloating, which causes a reflux of acid. It allows foods and nutrients to be absorbed and digested correctly. This reduces and eliminates the occurrence of acidity and keeps the health of gastrointestinal in good condition. 

There are so many places where you can find this buttermilk.  

You only need to rush to the nearest store or restaurant, and you will have the milk. If you are not so sure about how to take the milk, you can seek advice on the same. However, in most cases, a small quantity of milk will be able to help you out with your condition. 

 4. Fennel Seeds 

Fennel Seeds 

Fennel seeds are fantastic home remedies for acidity since they have a compound known as Anatole. The compound functions as a soothing agent for your stomach and prevents flatulence and spasm.  

It also has a load of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which aid in the digestion process. It has antiulcer properties that cool the stomach lining and helps relieve constipation. These seeds come in handy for handling acidity and indigestion in pregnant women.  

Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn while pregnant, but they cannot take a lot of medicines and food items.  

Fennel seeds are natural remedies for acid reflux, acidity, and indigestion. They are beneficial for mothers that are breastfeeding as it increases milk. Other than they also help a lot with the acidity condition. 

If you have an acidity condition, you can try them out and see if they can help you out.  

In fact, in most cases, doctors recommend them for the acidity condition. They work well to remedy this condition, and they also do not have so many side effects.  

5. Basil Leaves 

Basil Leaves 

Basil leaves stimulate the stomach to produce mucus that, in turn, helps relieve nausea and heartburn that comes with acidity.  

Chew two or three leaves of basil to minimize stomach acid. Also, leaves of basil soothe an inflamed stomach lining and esophagus resulting from the production of excess stomach acid. The leaves have properties of anti-ulcer that to reduce the effects of gastric acid and gas production. The powder and juice from basil leaves are ordinary in indigestion medicines called Ayurveda 

If you suffer from acidity and heartburn, then you need to try out these leaves. They are a better home remedy to all those conditions.  

6. Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juice is among home remedies for indigestion that provide relief from heartburn and acidity.  

Take a glass of pineapple juice when you have symptoms of acidosis and spicy meals. This juice has been trusted as a remedy to prevent and reduce heartburn and hyperacidity.  

Pineapples contain bromelain enzyme that helps to control hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach and prevents acid reflux. Besides this juice, the delicious sauce of aloe-Vera is a natural remedy and coolant of heartburn. 

However, you have to be careful not to take more than enough for this condition. The juice also contains sugar that might have other side effects on your body. 

 A medium glass of this juice will be enough to help you out with your condition. Taking more than enough might complicate your situation even further.  

7. Raw almonds 

Raw almonds are also high as a home remedy for acidity. Raw almonds need to be natural without any soaking or tampering. A long time ago, almonds were used as natural remedies for heartburn and ulcers.  

Currently, natural and medical therapy advocate their benefits for curing acidity. They are rich in oils that neutralize and soothe stomach acid. 

You can use raw almonds for your acidity condition, and you will find great relief in them. There is a big chance that if you try them out, they will be able to help you. However, you have to be very selective soaked, or tempered almonds might not be able to help you.  

You have to make sure you get raw almonds for you to get a remedy for your condition. There are so many places where you can get these almonds. You only need to make sure you get the right almonds to remedy your situation. 

 8. Mint leaves 

Mint leaves 

Leaves of mint are fantastic home remedies for acidity and indigestion. These leaves are the best coolants by nature. This makes that reduce pain and burning that accompanies indigestion and acidity.  

It helps lower acidity in the stomach and enhances digestion. Chop mint leaves to soothe and control acidity. You can even boil the leaves and take the water after cooling to boost intestine and stomach health.  

These leaves will cool your stomach, which will not only ease the pain but also remedy the acidity condition. 

Cold mint leaves are the best. If you boil them, you have to cool them entirely for maximum effect.  

9. Clove 


Clove is helpful in soothing damaged and inflamed stomach lining that is beneficial for stomach spasm and heartburns. Clove has been typical in Indian kitchens. It has carminative and curative properties that help ward off excess acid production inside the gastrointestinal tract and stomach. Clove implies that it does not provide the allowance of gas formation. Sprinkle cardamom and crushed cloves in carries and desserts to prevent flatulence, treat acidity, and eliminate bad breath. 

 10. Ginger 


Ginger is a staple with very many benefits to body health. Gingerols are the main ingredient that gives it healing properties for typical cold and cough or other intestinal digestive disorders.  

How will ginger help alleviate acidity? It has features that destroy bacteria that trigger acidity called pylori. It minimizes nausea, calms the muscles of the stomach, and decreases inflammation. 

Fresh ginger is good for nausea treatment. It is an active ingredient in many Ayurveda medicines. You can consume ginger raw, in cooking, or tea. If suffering from severe acidity and indigestion, use one tablespoon of ginger, lemon juice, and two spoons of honey in warm water 

It will aid in the reduction of acidity symptoms, relieve pain and weakness of acidity, and keep the metabolism active. 


Now that you know many home remedies for acidity. Try to choose some of them in the place of a bottle of antacid when experiencing discomfort because of acidity. These solutions will help you fight acidity with ease. 


What Are The Risk Factors Of Acidity?   

The risk factors of acidity may be sex or age and it is not restricted to one factor. A person may experience the condition due to either their lifestyle, medical history or regular use of triggers as mentioned in the article. The main causes of the condition have been found to be the regular use of drugs, or caffeine.

What Are The Best Treatment Options For Acidity?  

The best treatment options for acidity include medications such as antacids that can neutralize the stomach acids and provide a quick relief. In addition, other quick remedies that can provide you relief in a short time such as 30 minutes include, H2 blockers which reduce the stomach acid and can provide long-term relief. The H2 blocker may not work immediately, however, it can provide a long-term relief from the condition.

Are There Complications Of Acidity?   

The complications that are associated with acidity can differ depending on the extent of the condition. If the condition has progressed severely, chances are that you may suffer from gastric ulcers, throat irritation, cancer, severe pain in the abdomen or chest and issues related to the digestive system.

What Can Help Me Reduce Acidity?   

Drinking coconut water, cold milk may make a difference for you. In addition, avoiding caffeinated beverages or soda can also make a difference.

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