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How Is Behavior Therapy Different Than Psychoanalysis?

We are living in a time when the stopwatch is our only enemy. Do you know how many people visit the physiatrist appointment every year? According to the study, 54.12% of males and 45.88% of females visit physiatrist appointments. Not necessary, only any mental trauma is going to be your psychiatric visiting time.

Due to any low feelings of depression, you can visit your nearest physiatrist. In the psychology department, two types of treatment are very popular. One is behaviour therapy the other is psychoanalysis. So let’s have a look at ‘how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis.

I am starting with the behavioural therapy definition.


What Is Behavioral Therapy?

Behavioural therapy is a specific type of therapy that will go to treat mental health disorders. This is a simple form of therapy. The target of this therapy is to treat the patient’s mental illness and disorders. 

What Is Behavioral Therapy?

This treatment is to identify the problems and get relief from the unhealthy behaviours. Behaviour therapy is an action-oriented approach. Everyone will go to learn the negative behavioural patterns, and on the basis of these patterns, the physiatrists are offered the treatment procedures.

This is the simple definition of behavioural therapy. These ideas will go to lighten up the subjects, and you will know ‘ how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis’.

Here are some of the factors where patients can seek help from the physiatrist.

  • Anxiety, stress, and phobia.
  • Depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • OCD.
  • behavioral issues and certain communication difficulties.
  • behavioral issues and emotional challenges.
  • Defiant behaviors.

What Is Psychoanalysis?

The aim of Psychoanalysis is to bring unconscious thoughts, desires, and feelings into consciousness. The memories which are deep-rooted in the mind psychological issues are seen as disturbances. And this is a treatment procedure. 

What Is Psychoanalysis?

At first glance, these two names will sound similar. But these two treatment procedures are not similar, so let‘s see how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis.

Here are some cases where patients can seek a psychologist’s help.

  • Childhood trauma in their development period.
  • Anxiety and certain kinds of phobias.
  • Panic attacks and depression.
  • Hypersensitivity and sexual dysfunction.
  • Workaholism and nerve restlessness.

Behavior Therapy Vs Psychoanalysis?

Behavior Therapy and psychoanalysis have huge differences even though the patient’s symptoms sound similar.

Behavior Therapy Vs Psychoanalysis

Not let’s have a look at how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis.

Behavior TherapyPsychoanalysis
In behavior therapy, the therapist identifies mental traumas which are learned.Psychoanalysis is a treatment procedure where therapists target the submissive emotions of the patients.
The target of behavioral therapy is to encourage positive behaviors and eliminate negative ones.Psychoanalysis believes that all types of repressed emotions of an unconscious mind are responsible for the mental health issues people face.
The time frames for behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis are entirely different. The behavioral therapy time is short.Psychoanalysis usually takes more time to complete. At least a patient will require two or more than one session a week.
Behavioral therapy is a highly target driven focused and action-based process.Psychoanalysis is performed based on the representations of emotions and the unconscious mind.
There are specific, measurable goals set up during the therapy.The sessions are largely led by the patients, and as a result, some of the sessions are becoming exceptionally long.
Behavioral therapy techniques are all based on the principles related to classical conditioning.Psychoanalysis techniques include dream interpretations, inkblot tests, and transference analyses.

Which One To Select Between Behaviour Therapy And Psychoanalysis?

Now you will get the exact idea about how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis. But which types of treatment will be suitable for you? There are certain types of things that you must always analyze first the client’s basic requirements. And what types of problems they are currently suffering with.

There are certain types of factors that you must analyze before selecting the treatment procedures.

  • First, sit with your therapist and share your discomforting issues.
  • Second, understand the nature of the two treatments.
  • Third, if required, you can have some of the assessment tests to know which types of behavior therapy are suitable for you.

The target of behavioral therapy and Psychoanalysis is very simple, earning more conscious behaviors. But the modules and the therapy process are also very different. The therapist sits comfortably with their patients and then determines which therapy is going to be best for them.

What Are The Differences Between Behavioural Therapy & Psychoanalysis Techniques?

Differences Between Behavioural Therapy & Psychoanalysis Techniques

If you want to know the actual answer to how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis. Then finding the therapy differences are a must.

Behavioral Therapy Strategies

Behavioural therapy techniques are entirely based on the principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

  • Classical conditioning
  • Aversion Therapy
  • Flooding Therapy
  • Contingency Management
  • Extinction etc.

Psychoanalytic Therapy Strategies

If you are going to go through the strategic process, you will find the actual differences between behavior therapy and psychoanalysis. When you will going to understand the different strategies of Psychoanalytic.

Here are the different statement strategies of the psychoanalytic.

  • Free association
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Transference analysis
  • Inkblot test.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1. What Is The Difference Between Cognitive Behavioral Therapies And Psychoanalytic Therapy?

In psychoanalysis, the goal of treatment is to make an interaction with the patient’s emotions. CBT is a linear approach focusing on logical analysis. These are the two main differences between cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic therapy.

Q2. Which Is Better, Psychoanalysis Or CBT?

Psychodynamic therapy can be useful when you want to have a fast solution. If you are looking for CBT treatments, you have to go under the six and 12 number sessions. This is the main difference between psychoanalysis and CBT. Depending on your requirements, select the best type of psychoanalysis and CBT.

Q3. Does Psychoanalysis A Part Of Behavioral Therapy?

Psychoanalysis therapy requires a longer time than behavior therapy. If you think this is okay with the patients. Then it’s fine. Other than this, unlike any behavior therapy, this will focus on the actions which are seen.

Psychoanalysis treatments are all focusing on all sorts of unseen desires and motivations. So Psychoanalysis is not part of behavioral therapy.

The Bottomline Is Live Long With A Healthy Mind

I think now the points are clear to you: how is behaviour therapy different than psychoanalysis? Both of these two are part of psychological treatment procedures. But the difference is always there.

From the treatment process to the target of the treatment, everything is different, and treatment is also applicable to the various categories of mental stress.

What is your opinion? You can share your opinion through the comment sections.

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