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How to Deal with Mental Health Issues Such as Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

To the grind of life, our mental well-being is taking a severe thrashing. Knowing well that when our mental health is in danger, then everything in our lives is an enormous mess. Our overall lifestyle, job performance, and our relationships. These are the things that are making our daily perusing of life more dreadful. 

At most times, people will take mental health concerns lightly. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. However, this could be very devastating, destroying your overall health entirely.  

What comes to your mind when you hear the words anxiety, depression, and panic attacks? 

Panic attacks: it is usually the abrupt onset of intense discomfort or fear that tends to reach the pick within the shortest time possible. When one experiences panic attacks, they could have symptoms such as accelerated heartbeat, pounding heart, and palpitations. 

More so, the attack can be accompanied by profuse sweating, smothering, sensations of shortness, and trembling. 

Anxiety: it refers to the way our bodies naturally respond to stress. It is usually a feeling of apprehension or fear of what is going to happen. It may be experienced when one is about to attend an interview or the first day in a new school. 

Symptoms include feeling tired, sweating, rapid breathing, and a fast heart rate. 

Depression: it is usually a mental health disorder that is brought about by the loss of interest or having a depressed mood. This causes significant impairment in our daily lives. 


Causes of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks


When people get involved in a battle, be it personal or family disputes, this could make them feel depressed. They may also get anxious about what I to come next. And in the case the conflict was ambushed, then one could experience panic attacks as well. 



Our past lives can be a significant cause of our depression. Be it physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, and this increases the vulnerability of depression in our lives. 


A family with a history of depression, panic attacks, and anxiety increases the risks. Since these are complex traits, many different genes can probably exert small effects. When these genes are passed from one generation to another, then this is the cause of increased health disorders. 

Certain medications  

When you take in some drugs such as those used in treating acne and other antiviral drugs, they could always tend to increase the risks of depression and panic attacks. 

Major events  

It does not matter the game, as so long as it is giving the first experience, you can get anxious, experience panic attacks or depression. It can be you are graduating, attending to a new job, losing a job, getting divorced from the name but a few. 

Death or a loss

Sadness or grief, especially from the death of loved ones, could increase the chances of mental health issues. Especially to the grieving elders, it can always be that difficult when it comes to recovering. 

What are the ways you can deal with mental health issues?  

When it comes to dealing with your mental health, this could be an essential aspect. Many people who are diagnosed with mental illness achieve strength and recover through participating in individual or group treatment.  There are many counseling and mental health services available to overcome mental health issues. Down-below is an explicit discussion on the ways through which we can deal with mental health issues.

Develop and maintain a bedtime routine  

According to mental health experts, it is essential to switch off electronic devices before you can sleep. Although, this does not mean you will have to go to bed immediately after turning off the machine. 

It is recommended that you can have some mental preparation for slumber. You can meditate, read a book, or listen to soothing music. These activities will be of benefit in detaching yourself from the stressors of the day. Thus you can sleep at peace. 

Calming your mind  

Calming your mind  

Our minds are always accompanied by plenty of power. But in the case you suffer from mental health issues, then your account can prove to be your supreme burden. When you suffer from anxiety or have stressed, this can make you overthink, which messes with your mental state. 

When you experience such situations, you could always engage in deep breathing exercises, taking a walk around with friends while chatting. This could help tame your drifting thoughts. 

Adopting proper stress management practices  

It is evident that when it comes to managing stress, most people will always tend to be that ignorant. Due to this, it makes way for various shortcomings for you in terms of your physical fitness and mental health. 

However, there exist a lot of stress management practices that you could always consider adopting. You could engage in exercises, hiking, reading motivational books to name but a few. They could be of great benefit to your mental health. 

Breakaway from the routine  

Being monotonous is a clear foundation of anxiety and stress. When you consistently do one thing over and over again, this could arm your mental well-being. Therefore, you can consider enjoying all forms of recreational activities. Find new hobbies and approaches that can help you carry out your daily tasks. 

Love yourself  

Love yourself  

It is usually natural to be at war with yourself at times. Also, you can continuously torture yourself psychologically by being overdetermined. Just like a student with lots of assignments and other daily schedules, they could develop mental health issues. 

Therefore, always consider showing yourself some self –compassion or self-appreciation. You could indulge in meditation, and also investing in significant amounts of time for the things you enjoy doing. 

Don’t consume anti-depressants or consume alcohol  

When you drink a glass of wine or pop a pill, then this might temporarily relieve you from stress and other mental disorders. But the idea is that you will not want to be that dependent on them. Because regularly consuming alcohol or drugs could affect your overall health. 

Take care of your body  

Your physical health and mental health are usually connected. Whatever inner chaos that you may be experiencing are going through, this could affect your overall body. 

Therefore, whenever you feel you have some health issues, you could consider doing a few things such as; 

  •         Maintain a proper diet and stay away from high-fat and junk food and drinks.
  •         Get approximately seven hours of sleep every night
  •         Spend at least half an hour of your time exercising
  •         Do not smoke
  •         Keep yourself hydrated at all times

Know when to draw a line when it comes to your job  

In the job setup, it is evident that you will experience anxiety and stress. Even according to research, most professionals are prone to higher levels of depression and stress. 

Thus when you realize that your job requirements are giving you more stress and affecting your mental health, you can reconsider your options. Having your job is not that fun, but this does not mean that it should threaten your mental stability. You should consider incorporating fun times into your daily work routine. 

Choose social circle carefully  

Not all people will enjoy having strong bonds with their families and friends. But actually, they are essential in contributing to mental wellness. Therefore, choosing the people you associate with depends on you.  

Consider being surrounded by loving people, friends, and families. You can always look for ways in which you could draw near to other people who can help you in recovering from mental disorders. 


Mental health issues are very much prone, especially in this current generation. Do you get stressed, feel anxious or frequently get panic attacks? Above are some of the ways you can incorporate in your daily routine and thus maintaining your mental health. 

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