Blog 4 Ways To Incorporate Multivitamins Into Your Routine

4 Ways To Incorporate Multivitamins Into Your Routine

We all have very busy days, and having to take a multivitamin isn’t always going to be the top priority on our to-do list. Still, a men’s multivitamin or a women’s multivitamin is very very important, and you need to take them whether you have a deficiency or not.

If you aren’t producing enough of a vitamin or mineral, or aren’t getting enough from your diet or environment, then your body is operating at less than 100% capacity.

You could be sluggish, at a greater risk for disease, or simply not doing certain functions as well as you could be. So you owe it to yourself to bring your body up to 100% by giving it what it needs and in order to make the entire process easier for you,


Here Are Ways To Incorporate Multivitamins Into Your Daily Routine:

Here Are Ways To Incorporate Multivitamins Into Your Daily Routine

1. Take Them In The Morning- Right When You Wake Up

Most people are around liquid every morning. Whether it is a bathroom, shower, a morning glass of water, or that sweet morning cup of coffee as a booster, you can chain that habit to help you take your multivitamin with no extra muss or fuss. Just put a cup of water whenever you first go in the morning and have the multivitamin next to it.

Then, make it a habit to swallow the vitamin before you go through the rest of your day. It’s an easy and healthy good choice that you can make, and the faster you get the multivitamin inside of you, the faster it can kick off releasing everything that will benefit your body.

The important thing with this habit is ease and speed. You don’t want to walk to the kitchen, get a glass of water, fill it, open the multivitamin jar, take one out, and drink. Instead, you simply need to grab it and go, so have the glass and vitamin ready to go the night before so you can be ready to take it.

2. Take Them With Your Meal

If you can or need to take your multivitamin on a full stomach, then make sure that getting your multivitamin is an essential part of your meal prep.

Have the pills visible in the kitchen and place them where you will be sitting to ensure you take the pill. Then, once you have finished eating, take one last swig of water and send that multivitamin down the hatch!

Just like with the above example, make it easy and speedy. Don’t make the vitamin something you dread, just take it without thinking and you will be all good. It helps if you have a good meal to enjoy first too!

3. Set An Alarm For Your Multivitamin

Sometimes we all need a little reminder, or we might even be too busy in the morning to pop a pill and drink. If life is hectic but you still want to care about your health, then make sure to have an alarm on your phone or another device to remind you to take your multivitamin.

This might require you to invest in a pillbox or for you simply carry the bottle of multivitamins around with you, but as long as you don’t lose the box you are good to go.

Just make sure your alarm is consistent, you can always see it, and you associate the alarm with stopping what you are doing and taking the multivitamin. You don’t want to ignore the alarm and make a habit of skipping those days, because your health won’t thank you for it.

4. Pair The Multivitamin With Other Pills

Finally, chances are a multivitamin isn’t the only pill you are taking in your day. If you take allergy medication, or some other type of pill to help you out, chances are you already have a habit of taking them. So instead of trying to build a new habit with your multivitamin, add the multivitamin to your old habit.

Place the multivitamin container next to where you keep your other pills, and then when the time comes to take the rest, then take your multivitamin too. Easy peasy, and you will get several pills benefits in one quick drink.

Make Time For Multivitamins

Whether you need a multivitamin because your health could use the boost, or you simply want to make your body have some extra health and reserves to draw upon, don’t be afraid to take taking your multivitamin seriously. Do whatever you have to do to ensure that it gets taken, and you’ll find that your health will improve.

Plus, after a few tries, it becomes automatic and you’ll never miss a day of your multivitamin, so take the time to build the habit and your body will thank you!

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