Blog Is Gingivitis Contagious In Humans?

Is Gingivitis Contagious In Humans?

Gingivitis is painful gum inflammation, but is gingivitis contagious? Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that can affect any age of human beings. The primary symptoms of gingivitis are often the person feeling tender, red swelling, and bleeding gum Often, the inflammation occurs due to the poor hygiene of the patients.

The bacteria which is leading to gingivitis are spreading through the affected person’s saliva. That means if you have gingivitis, it often can spread through saliva to saliva contractions. But if any person has poor dental health, they are more likely to open for gingivitis exposures.

Let’s see first what is gingivitis according to the medical definitions.


What Is Gingivitis?

is gingivitis contagious

Gingivitis is a form of painful gum disease that occurs due to bacteria and plaque build-up in the mouth. Many times gingivitis doesn’t show any serious concerning symptoms. Only you can feel the redness and swelling in the gum areas. To recover these concerning issues, you have to run some basic dentist checkups and maintain good oral hygiene

Now let’s see what are the symptoms of gingivitis and is it contagious.

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Symptoms Of Gingivitis

is gingivitis contagious
is gingivitis contagious

Here are the primary symptoms of gingivitis. Read it and know when to seek the doctor’s help.

  • Swollen red and puffy gums.
  • Dark red patches in gums.
  • Bleeding gum during brushing or flossing.
  • Foul smells during a breath.
  • Tender and painful gums

Causes Of Gingivitis

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. These bacteria’s functions are different. Most of these bacteria are safe and natural. And some of the bacteria are forming very sticky and gingivitis plaque on teeth. They are creating an invisible film on the teeth.

Here are some of the reasons which are causing gingivitis.

  • Unclean and dirty gum and teeth.
  • When you have a heavy plaque in your gum.
  • Plaques are harder to remove, and they trap more bacteria which also causes gingivitis.

Now let’s see is gingivitis contagious. And what is the possibility of exchanging the bacteria during kissing

Is Gingivitis Contagious Through Kissing?

Saliva has some antibacterial properties. So during kissing, even if we are exchanging saliva, there are very few chances of gingivitis contractions. Is gingivitis contagious in humans? This is a very common query that often comes from the couple when they already know their partner has poor mouth hygiene or gingivitis.

Can you get gingivitis from kissing? During kissing, the saliva gives you mild protection. But if the person has a low immunity system, then the contagious chances are pretty high. Hence for the child contraction, chances are pretty high. Even though the studies show in very few cases, gingivitis is contracted from the parents to their children.

The best precaution is to avoid the moth to mouth kissing unless the person is fully recovered from gingivitis.

Can Gingivitis Spread Through Shared Drinks?

Many common gum diseases contagious possibilities are high with shared drinks. But is it also accurate for gingivitis? Kissing and drinking are not the same. Kissing means direct contractions, but saliva exchange is possible in both cases.

When you are consuming the shared drinks, the saliva can exchange in both ways. If someone has gingivitis, the bacteria in the saliva can spread through the glass or straws.

But that does not mean someone will develop gingivitis by drinking from the same cup as someone who has gingivitis.

Is gingivitis contagious and even can spread via sharing drinks?

Although kissing and sharing a drink aren’t exactly the same activity, saliva can exchange in both cases. But bacteria spreading chances are relatively high for the person who has weak immunity and weak oral health.

If you are diagnosed with gingivitis, then it is better to avoid drinking from sharing drinks with friends, partners, and family members. Wait for complete recovery, or wait unless the conditions are fully treated.

Can Gingivitis Spread Through Other Ways?

You know the spreading is only possible when a person has lower immunity. Is gingivitis contagious and spreading in any way other rather than kissing or anything else?

Through sharing utensils, and toothbrush use, you can be exposed to bacteria. But exposure does not mean you are going to develop gingivitis.

The best precaution is to avoid any kind of saliva contact with the person who has gingivitis. And maintain good oral hygiene. These two are easy precautions to stop gingivitis from spreading.

How To Prevent Gingivitis?

There are only two ways to prevent gingivitis. One is to maintain good oral health and regular dental check-ups. Practicing good oral hygiene is keeping your oral health good and keeping your gum in good shape.

Here are the tips which you can apply to prevent gingivitis and improve your gum health.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Dental cleaning procedure to remove gingivitis plaque on teeth.
  • Teeth flossing at least once a day.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to clean up the debris and another build-up from the teeth.

These are the tips that are not only going to prevent gingivitis. These can prevent your gum from any contractions. And if you are maintaining good oral health, you no longer have to ask, ‘is gum disease contagious.’ Because you already know your gums are under 90% protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1:How Long Does Gingivitis Take To Spread?

During early stages of gingivitis, gum inflammation can occur within five days. Within 14 or 21 days, the signs of gingivitis become more noticeable.

Q2: How Can A Dentist Clean Gingivitis?

Professional gingivitis care includes cleaning with the help of dentists. The professional cleaning procedures are cleaning all the buildups and plaques from the teeth. Scaling is removing the tartar and bacteria from the tooth surface.

Q3:Does Warm Salt Water Help Gingivitis?

Saltwater can remove the plaques and bacteria from your teeth and gums. Saltwater can ease the pain of gum inflammation, but it can’t cure the inflammation entirely.

Wrapping It Up With A Healthy Gum And Bright Smile

I think you already get the answer of whether is gingivitis contagious in humans and how to prevent it. These are the tips that not only help with preventing gingivitis. These tips can also avoid any kind of gum disease and inflammation. If you are suffering from any type of gum discomfort, consult the doctor immediately. Are we missing any point? Share your opinion through the comment sections.

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