Blog Symptoms Of Jet lag Can Be Cured Through A Healthy Breakfast: Study.

Symptoms Of Jet lag Can Be Cured Through A Healthy Breakfast: Study.

The circadian rhythm or the internal body clock is responsible for our ability to stay alert during the day, while making us tired at night. However, this rhythm goes in for a toss when we are traveling, have an uncommon shift work, have a change in our routine or any other reason that may hamper our sleep schedule repeatedly. 

The delicate system can be hampered due to any of the above,mentioned reasons. 

The short-term effect of the disruption in the sleep cycle results in fatigue, upset stomach, mood change, or insomnia. Scientific evidence suggests that over a period of time, the effects of this disrupted cycle can become dangerous, with health risks increasing. 

These health risks can include heart diseases, depression, and cancer. The earlier evidence suggested an exposure to light playing a positive role in easing the effects, however, current evidence sheds light on the role of meal timing. The recent evidence in favor of this was published in a journal- Chaos, where the researchers found a link between healthy breakfast and alleviated symptoms of disrupted sleep cycle. 

The lead study author- Dr. Yitong Huang, stated that their study presented evidence on the positive effect of keeping the cues such as light exposure and meal timing in sync. These would lessen the chances of a person developing symptoms. 

Several research on the body clock has focused on the central body clock which is found in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain. The central clock is responsive to sunlight, with studies suggesting several other body clocks being involved in the circadian rhythm. 

These are present in every tissue and cell which calibrate (adjust) to the different cues which are received. Dr. Huang stated that the many organs reset with meals. 

The relation between jet lag and a big breakfast was found in this study. They found that having a big breakfast while skipping dinner for the first three days facilitated recovery. This is because the body’s clock was able to align, thus combating the impact of jet lagMoreover, the study revealed that incorporating a jet lag recovery IV on the first day significantly enhanced the adjustment process. Furthermore, the study emphasized the importance of hydration during this adjustment period. Staying well-hydrated was linked to improved cognitive function and alertness, crucial elements in the jet lag recovery process.


Dr. Huang explained that the brain wants to rest at night, which is not possible when a person suffering from jet lag has dinner. 

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