Blog Maharashtra Jumps With New 1,444 Covid-19 Cases In 24 Hours

Maharashtra Jumps With New 1,444 Covid-19 Cases In 24 Hours

Over the last few days, Covid-19 cases have been included in India. In this midterm, Maharashtra recorded 1,444 new Covid-19 infection cases and eight deaths, according to the Maharashtra Health Department.

Health experts said that due to Ganesh Chaturthi, people are gathered in the market without taking any safety measures. This is one of the reasons for the rapidly increasing covid cases in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is one of the major states in India. The increasing number of covid affected reminds us of the second wave of Coronavirus in the country.

Till now, the Maharashtra’s overall noble coronavirus tally rose to 80,98,738 while the toll increased to 1,48,242, said the state Health Department.

Only Mumbai city logged 516 new covid cases and three deaths due to coronavirus in the day. According to the data of the Health Ministry, Thane, Chandrapur, and Nagpur districts registered one death each. On the other hand, Kolhapur recorded two coronavirus-related deaths. 

The Health Department said,

In Maharashtra 2,006 patients recovered in 24 hours. The bulletin states that 27,460 coronavirus tests were conducted in Maharashtra yesterday. The overall count is 8,40,93,526.

Maharashtra’s Covid-19 figures are as follows:

  • Total cases: 80,98,738.
  • Fresh cases: 1,444.
  • Death toll: 1,48,242.
  • Recoveries: 79,39,594.
  • Active cases: 10,902.
  • Total Tests: 8,40,93,526.

The Mumbai city civic body said Mumba raised the tally to 11,44,185 and the toll to 19,694 by 516 new coronavirus cases. 

The most important thing is only 31 patients were symptomatic, and the remaining number of patients (485) were asymptomatic.

Mumbai’s noble coronavirus recovery rate stands at 97.9%, while the cases grew at the rate of 0.059%. 

Let’s see how the state will handle this situation on this festive day.

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