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Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin

Who does not crave for beautiful carefree skin? Although it is very difficult to maintain beautiful, flawless skin in the pollution nevertheless, it is not impossible. Self-love is very important for skincare, only then will one follow the skin-care tips and get beautiful skin. There are some skin care tips that must be followed like Bible rules like for example it is very harmful if you keep on changing your cream and moisturizer or facial products can harm your skin. Taking care of skin is not overnight magic, it needs patience and real care towards your skin. You will have to know your skin type, what kind of product suits your skin and what kind of product you are allergic to. 

There are some beauty secrets that must be followed to have flawless skin with all care. This will also give them a natural look and good skin will automatically give a great feel. One must be aware of the skincare tips which will make them look beautiful. Taking the proper care of the skin might seem to be a lengthy process but it is not something that can not be done. 


5 Natural Ways to Skin Care

There, of course, many products in the market which can redefine your skin but nothing can be better than natural care. Some caring tips that would help you get flawless skin are here: 

Make-Up Rules

Make sure whenever you use any makeup, do not forget to remove makeup from the face and then wash it. Do not just rub hard to get rid of the makeup. Use cotton and put a little drop of oil on the cotton and then rub it gently on your skin or the area where you have used the makeup. 


Do not forget to use SPF sunscreen which lays a layer on your skin that helps the skin to remain protected from UV rays of the sun. Make sure that your sunscreen is “nonacnegenic”, only then it is safe to use. Also, try to wear shades and hats when you are going out in the heat. 

Eat Healthily

What your stomach feeds in, your skin feels it. If you eat oily food, it will come on your skin. So eat more and more green vegetables and fruit to enrich your skin with vitamins. Avoid eating spicy or unhealthy food because that will directly show the result on your skin in the form of a pimple. 

Run Out

It is very helpful if you sweat out while your morning walk or early morning running. Yoga, running, exercise is good for blood circulation which will help you to have great skin. But before you leave home for jogging or exercise do not forget to take proper skincare for your skin. 

Sleep Well

After all the care that you have taken on your skin, you must know also have a great sleep because sleeping is very important for the proper nourishment and care of the skin. The skin needs time to feel the nutrition and settle them on the skin and get rest to make your skin look more glorious. 

5 Chemical Ways to Skin Care

The Skin Care industry is much fascinating and one must know how great it is to deal with makeup and other chemical product that is used on the face to get flawless skin. But there are some steps to chemical skincare: 

Know Your Skin

Before anything or any treatment, you will have to know your skin type. It is very important to know what is the skin type, if it is sensitive or not, whether it is allergic to any particular skin product etc. If you are not well aware of your skin type then the usage of some unsuiting products may cause irritation, inflammation or skin damage.

Steps to Skin Care:

You must know the sequence of the creams and chemicals that you will be applying to the skin. Here we have discussed in a stepwise manner. 

Step 1 User Cleanser 
Step 2 Use Tonner
Step 3 Use Spot Cream 
Step 4 Use Serum
Step 5 Eye Cream 
Step 6 Moisturiser 
Step 7 Oil
Step 8 SPF

You must apply your skincare creams in this order, only then it will help your skin to absorb all the cream and their benefits. 

Number of Products: It is advisable that not much of these chemical products are good for your skin so try not to use too much of these products. For example, if you use too many moisturizers then it might clog your pores and that will prevent other products from entering your skin.  

Cleansing: Double cleansing is the hack, it is very advisable to cleanse your skin at least twice in a day. If you clean your face twice, then that will help your face by removing the bacteria, dirt, and oil. The cleaning of your skin will give you a fresh feel and all the products will work wonders on the skin. 

Don’t Use This: It is an absolute “no” if you want to use any expired product because that will hamper your skin largely. Expired products go through a lot of chemical reactions after the expiry date. Hence they must not be applied on the skin because it might cause, irritation, inflammation, itchiness or red patch. This can lead to harm on your skin. Often you would find “12M” or “24M” written on particular cosmetic products. This means such products can be used for 12 months or 24 months and not more than that.  

The above-mentioned guides of Natural and Chemical skincare are must that should be followed to get a lovely skin. But most importantly, keep your hands away from the pimples on your face. Because that might leave behind some unwanted marks on the skin which is difficult to be removed later on. So, “prevention is better than cure”, one must prevent scratching or using fingers on pimple. Because then they might burst and would leave behind some spots. 

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