Blog The Smoking Effect: Cigarettes are Making Your Skin Age Faster

The Smoking Effect: Cigarettes are Making Your Skin Age Faster

Beautiful and radiant skin is something that is most coveted. There is hardly anything that people don’t try, today, for achieving it. But at the same time, we often end up committing inevitable mistakes. 

These mistakes can wreak havoc on various parts of the body, including your skin. Smoking is one such evil habit that can take a toll on your body. Most people who smoke end up with a rather unpleasant skin.  

This is because of smoke contains some components that are capable of harming the skin and other parts of the body. It is only a few individuals who smoke then move on to take the remedy that care for their skin. The others have to put up with less appealing skin. 

There are some extreme cases where smoking forced people to develop skin cancer. Given these factors, the only way to care for your skin is to avoid smoking. This way, you will prevent any skin disease that meant from smoking. 

There are so many adverse conditions associated with smoking. Starting from brain damage to after surgery complications and even your pets are not spared from smoking anti-effects. It is an understatement to say that smoking is not suitable for your health.  

Smoking can cause you some severe health conditions, some of which might even lead to death. Skin problems are just part of the issues that smoking can cause. 

The endorsements in the past days portrayed smoking as the entry-ticket into the jet-set life. It was implied that you would look more relaxed and desirable when you smoke.  

But the reality of smoking is far from it.  The people desperate for glamour were never shown the ugly truth of smoking. 

Apart from severe health implications, cigarettes also massively impact your looks. It deprives your skin of the oxygen, paces up the aging process and prevents the body from the oxygen. 

 Here are some of how smoking affects the way you look and your skin. If you are thinking of beginning to smoke, then these conditions should make you change your mind. Otherwise, you will be sinking yourself into some depth you will never get out of. Just take a look. 


Yes, Smoking Makes Your Skin Age faster 

Smoking Makes Your Skin Age faster 

You may indeed feel a sense of relief when you take a puff of the cigarette. But on the blood vessels, that action can have a very opposite effect. These vessels get thinner and undergo a spasm because of smoking.  

This decreases the oxygen level in the blood. Naturally, your skin gets affected by it. If you smoke for a prolonged period, then chances are you will have a severely damaged skin.  

You might also develop some other skin infections that might drain your resources when trying to look for a cure. 

It doesn’t matter what you smoke. Any form of smoking will undoubtedly have adverse effects on your skin.  

Chain smokers are even at a much higher risk of developing these infections. If you would like to maintain your young and glowing skin, then smoking should not be an option for you.   

The decrease of oxygen and the circulation lead to premature aging and the signs appear, particularly around the mouth.  

These are absolute tell-tale signs that you are a smoker. As you constantly purse the lips as you smoke, it gives rise to smoke lines or cigarette lines. These lines usually extend from the mouth. 

Not only that, with the low circulation, you can anticipate the healing of the wound. This is among the most significant short-term effects of smoking. This means that if you have any wounds, then you it will take you so much time before the wounds heal.  

With your wounds healing at a much slower pace, you are likely to have poor health. If you have multiple wounds, then your health will be even worse. 

 Even though there are remedies that might speed up the wound healing process. Smoking might stand in the way of such resources. 

Again, smoking also comes with another direct result is that it releases free collagen. This impairs the production of collagen, leading to the breakdown of the proteins that are responsible for maintaining the skin.  

With this condition, you can count yourself out of the people with excellent and fabulous.  

The aging process involves oxidative damage to the cells that include free radicals.  

When you smoke, you release higher levels of free radicals in the body. These radicals further enhance the cellular oxidative damage that is responsible for aging. 

You Get Bags Under Your Eyes

All of us hate the saggy under-eye bags that you get when you are unable to grab a good sleep. If you smoke, you are almost 4-5 times more likely than the people who do not smoke to feel unrested at night.  

The lack of sleep at night can be because of your night-time intake of nicotine. This can make you toss and turn in your bed.  

Unfortunately, the poor sleep is bound to show up on your face as well. This way, you will look bad and with little confidence. You will even find it hard to speak in front of people. 

Lack of proper sleep is also not good for your health. It might result in fatigue which might cause you some problems later on. Even though this condition does not apply uniformly to all smokers, it affects the majority of the people who smoke. 

You May Lose Your Healthy Glow

Lose Your Healthy Glow 

Smoking also decreases red blood cell production as a result of smoking which you start looking paler. Also your skin can begin viewing greyish in certain parts because of anemia.  

The smoothness, glow, and the texture of the skin also get affected by smoking. These usually appear in the upper and chin area where the cigarette lines emerge. The skin lacks the glow and softness which the non-smokers typically have.  

This brings in an overall unevenness, rough skin texture, and pigmentation. With this condition, you will look bad and out of shape.  

It is also much easier to tell that you are a smoker. The more you continue to smoke, the worse you look. If this condition gets worse on you, then you might appear different from other people. 

Your Skin Can Get Scarred Easily

Nicotine leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels or vasoconstriction. This limits the flow of blood to the tiny vessels in every part of the body and the face.  

As said earlier, if you are a smoker, your wounds will take longer to heal. The scars will be more prominent and redder than those who don’t smoke.  

If you have these scares in visible areas like the face, then they will make you look bad. This will even block you from joining some professions like modeling or aircrew. 

How to Reduce the Effects of Smoking on Your Skin? 


Though it is quite challenging to reverse the smoking affects, you can minimize the damage by g certain lifestyle adjustments. You should avoid sun exposure and alcohol consumption. Apart from that, staying active can boost your circulation that is reduced by smoking. 

People who smoke and stay active are better off than people who are regular smokers and lead an inactive life.  

You can try to jog around and make sure that you exercise sufficiently. If you take so many cigarettes, you can also reduce the smoke intake. 

Many people find it hard to quit smoking or reduce the amount of smoke intake. However, there are tactics that you can use to achieve this. You can even try out rehabilitation. 

Can Quit to Smoke Restore Your Skin? 

If you quit smoking, it takes about 20-30 days for the count of RBCs or red blood cells to increase. After that, you can start to see the difference in the skin’s texture and quality. 

However, there are some effects of smoking on the skin that cannot be restored.  

The wrinkles and the fine lines will take time to heal.  

Just like stained teeth, which is another side-effect of smoking, may need professional treatment at the best dental clinic. The dental clinic will help you to retrieve a spark. You may also require the advice of a reputed dermatologist for your skin recovery. 

So if you are deciding to quit smoking, it is not just your health that is going to get benefitted. Your skin will experience and showcase its perks.  

So to restore your overall well-being, it is always recommended that you shun this self-destructive addiction to smoking as soon as possible.  

It is tough to quit smoking, but if you dedicate yourself to it, then you will find it possible to do so. There are also rehabilitation centers that you can visit with this problem. They will put you on a program that will help you to recover from this life destructive habit. 


There is no doubt that smoking comes with a host of problems. One of the areas that get affected most by smoking is your skin. Smoking has been proven to have adverse effects on your skin. The factors listed above are some of the ways by which smoking affects your skin. 

The only way to avoid all these problems is to quit smoking altogether. It might seem hard, but if you give it a try with dedication, you will get there. 

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