Blog Why MapMyRun? Features, Price, Benefits, Reviews, More

Why MapMyRun? Features, Price, Benefits, Reviews, More

Let me state here at the beginning that I am not trying to body-shame or fat-shame anyone here. I am all about self-love and having a positive body image about oneself. Loving your own body and shape is what is important.

But all these should not promote obesity, which leads to diabetes and other health problems. We should aim towards having a healthy and fit life, regardless of shape and size.

It is true that none of us actually likes to exercise. Even though we do it, maybe to get in shape for the summer and have that fantastic beach bod!

Or maybe your friend forced you to go to the gym with them, or rather you thought of posting pictures on Instagram of you and your partner at the gym saying, #GymGoals!

Whatever the reason may be, you cannot deny that exercising sure does make you feel great physically and mentally. And losing weight is just the added bonus.

Now allow me to introduce you to a fresh new app called – MapMyRun.


MapMyRun: Own Every Mile!

This is a free-running app that helps track mostly everything, from your running, distance covered, your pace, the calories you have burned, help with your back pain, and many more. You can download this app on any of your devices whether Android or iOS.

MapMyRun Own Every Mile!

MapMyRun App goes beyond just a tracking app, as it is a GPS-based app it can track your location and running stats, and it also allows you to keep a track of your heart rate through its in-build sensors.

This app allows you to sync data with any of the newer apps and smart wearables such as Google Fit, any Android wearables, Fitbits, or even Gambit.

This app even stores more than about 600 exercise and fitness activities. You can choose any of these activities and plan your fitness and even track your progress.

The MapMyRun Free app has a community of over 60 million people who are fitness enthusiasts. If you think you lack the required dedication and motivation to exercise, here you are definitely going to get the boost of motivation and confidence you would need.

Features: Why Should I Use It?

features of the MapMyRun

These are the free features of the MapMyRun:

  • Registration via social media accounts or email.
  • Profile set up through customized parameters.
  • Set a Goal- workouts and fitness.
  • MapMyRun Route tracker can track real-time routes and suggest new routes.
  • Find a route map and create a route and even share it with others.
  • Activity Feed displays the map when running, walking, and refreshing the route.
  • Share your workout on your social media platforms.
  • A dashboard highlights your current workout and history.
  • Connect to other apps in order to import and export data.
  • Connect to other wearables such as smartwatches or even shoes.
  • Fitness challenges which you can accept and compete in, you can create your own challenges as well.
  • Ad preferences, where you can select ads to appear on the app.

Here are the features that are from the premium version of the app. In this premium version, the costs are $5.99 per month and $29.99 per year.

  • Live Tracking, real-time tracking, you can even share your location with friends & family.
  • Personalized training plans, which help you reach your desired weight and running goal like the app MyFitnessPal.
  • Audio coaching for real-time progress updates. Set run goal, cadence, distance, duration, and calorie, MapMyRun Create Route to your need.
  • Custom training plan to gain ultimate goal and activity level.
  • Heart rate zone, you can attach it to a heartbeat monitor and get a data graph.
  • Mobile coaching with workout audio feedback & guidance.
The MapMyRun app is now owned by a global Map My Fitness platform which is now owned by the sports apparel company, Under Armour.

Pros And Cons: Is It Worth It?

Pros And Cons of mapmyrun
It is user-friendly.Important features are on the premium plan.
Great route planner.GPS maps are not always reliable.
The data is well presented.It contains ads.
The range of training plans is great.

Verdicts: What Do The Customers Say?

Positive Reviews:

1st review

1st review


2nd review

2nd review


3rd review

3rd review


Negative Reviews:

1st review:

1st review


2nd review:

2nd review


Comparisons: Are There Any Similar Apps?

MapMyRun Google app can be similar to a few apps as well, lets’s see what these apps are similar to this app.

1. ASICS Runkeeper

This is one of the best running apps there is. This is a highly user-friendly app that tracks your pace, distance and calories burned. It can store your progress history and you can look back on those data.

2. Nike Run Club

To use this app, you don’t need to have any Nike products. Other than tracking the pace, calories, and distance, the feature that set’s this app apart is its gamified options which let you set personal goals.

3. Adidas App By Runtastic

This app links itself with Google Earth which enables easy route mapping. The analytics of this app is great. It has charts, graphs, and bars that depict your daily progress. You can sync it up with Spotify and Pandora for music streaming.

4. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

If you like doing multiple activities, then Strava is your app of choice. It provides you with detailed aspects of your workout. There are leaderboards, achievement badges, and challenges that help you achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is MapMyRun A Free App?

The MapMyRun is a free app, which you can download on your iOS and Android devices. But if you want to have the premium version then it is $5.99 per month and $29.99 per year. 

2. Can I Map A Run On Google Maps? 

You can easily sync your cycling and running route with Google Maps. It is the fastest way to the internal route planner.

3. How Accurate Is MapMyRun? 

The online distance calculator is very accurate. The app makes sure that it is on the highest magnification.

Finish Line!

You can see that there are many fitness apps that are available in the market at present. But seeing the above details you can see why MapMyRun is one of the best apps out there.

The app is both available in a free version and also a paid version. So you can avail any of the versions and use any of the benefits and the features that are available in the app.

I hope you have all the required information you might need to properly verify whether the app MapMyRun will benefit your needs or not.

Hope you stay fit and healthy!

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