Blog Meal Replacement Drinks: The Healthiest Sip Ever

Meal Replacement Drinks: The Healthiest Sip Ever

In a bid to get rid of those annoying extra pounds or beat your body into a desired shape within the shortest possible time, you may be tempted to skip a few meals every day. Well, it adds up. If you’re gaining some more pounds simply because of what you’re eating, then skipping some meals should do the trick, right?

While you can choose to skip some meals on your quest to get into shape or lose some extra calories, there’s also another option of consuming meal replacement drinks instead of entirely skipping meals.

If there’s one reason why you should think twice about skipping meals, it’s because skipping meals can cause your body metabolism to slow down, making it difficult for you to lose weight or cause you to put on weight. So, you see that the idea of skipping meals as a bodybuilding strategy is counterproductive, right?

This is where consuming meal replacement drinks come in. Instead of parting ways with a particular meal every day, you can create a drink recipe that supplies your body with the nutrients it would have gotten from that meal you skipped. If you’re completely new to meal replacement drinks, this article will show you all you need to know about them and equip you with some effective meal replacement drink recipes for bodybuilding and weight loss.


What’s a meal replacement drink?

Meal replacement drinks are drinks, soups, or shakes intended for consumption as substitutes for solid food, and they contain specific quantities of calories and nutrients required by the body.

The primary aim of meal replacement drinks is to provide the human body with all the nutrients needed for optimum functionality, even when the person must stay away from solid food for specific reasons like fitness exercises. So, if you’re training your muscles or you’re on a diet that requires you to stay off food at some point in the day, you may want to consider swapping complete fasting for consuming meal replacement drinks.

Advantages of meal replacement drinks

Some of the proven medical advantages of consuming meal replacement drinks in place of leaving your stomach empty include:

1. Meal replacement drinks are convenient and portable

Imagine having to run away from your home early in the morning, carrying a lunch pack that has been stuffed to the brim with your lunch. It would be a bit uncomfortable, right?

However, using a meal replacement drink for lunch would provide you with more room for ease, as all the nutrients your body needs for that day’s lunch can be compressed into a tiny bottle.

2. Meal replacements help with your weight loss plan

With a meal replacement plan, it is easier to stick to a weight loss plan, as you don’t have to deal with trying to choose what to eat at every point of the day.

3. Meal replacements help with weight loss

Studies have shown that meal replacement drinks are helpful in weight loss, weight management, and mass muscle gain. In recent studies, it has been revealed that meal replacement drinks, if formulated well, can help maintain lean body mass during weight loss and reduce inflammation. In summary, if you want to lose weight without adding it again, you may want to replace some meals with the right meal replacement drinks.

With these in perspective, here are some of the best meal replacement drinks you should incorporate into your weight loss journey this year.

Best meal replacement drinks for weight loss

Best meal replacement drinks for weight loss

1. PhenQ Complete Meal Replacement Shake

One of the best things about this drink is that you don’t have to know anything about ‘how to make your shakes at home’ to prepare and consume it. You can easily walk into any mall and grab it off a shelf.

Who needs this replacement shake?

This shake is for you if:

  1. You are on a journey of weight loss, and you intend to see sustainable results rapidly.
  2. You have a long-standing habit of eating many sugary foods, and you’re looking to replace the habit with something better.
  3. You want to use only health-approved, plant-based products on your weight loss journey.

Constituents of this shake include:

  1. About 16 grams of vegan protein, fibers, and healthy MCT oil. These help your body look good and enhance the process of muscle development.
  2. 269 calories per serving. This is just the right amount of calories to keep your body going, but not enough to disrupt the weight loss process.

2. ‘Earth to Chocolate’ Shake

2. 'Earth to Chocolate' Shake

As the name implies, this shake is heavy on its chocolate color and taste. It provides your body with the needed nutrients for muscle development, even as it helps you healthily indulge your love for chocolates.

Who is this shake for?

  1. Anyone with a history of love for chocolates may find it difficult to let go of this sweet tooth.
  2. People who want to start their weight loss journey using only plant-based products.

Constituents of the shake include:

  1. Made of only plant-based proteins like brown rice and absolutely no saturated fats.
  2. Rich in vitamins (vitamin A, D, and B complex), minerals, and healthy carbs.

The major disadvantage of this shake is that it’s expensive to purchase in stores.

3. Vega Protein Nutrition Shake

This shake comes in a small, cylindrical, colorful bottle that whets your appetite immediately after the first glance. On the upside, it’s completely plant-based and poses a minimal threat, which usually comes from harmful preservatives.

Who is this shake for?

  1. Athletes who are on a journey to become toned and who’d instead rely on 100% safe shakes to achieve their goals.
  2. Champions of an organic lifestyle.
  3. Vegetarians who are looking to improve their muscle mass or get rid of excess fats.
  4. People who love to feel full, even after skipping a meal.

Constituents of this drink include:

  1. Antioxidative vitamins and minerals help in systemic detoxification.
  2. A delicate, rich blend of fruits and vegetables to supply the fiber and extra vitamin content in the drink.
  3. 150 calories, 0 mg Cholesterol, and less than 1gm of saturated fats.

This drink can help boost your immune system but may not be readily accessible by everyone because it’s expensive.

4. Slimfast Advanced Meal Replacement Shake

Slimfast Advanced Meal Replacement Shake

This meal replacement drink is focused on helping consumers shed weight within the shortest possible time. It seeks to eliminate the adverse health complications associated with excess weight as it contains specific components that can eliminate fats. Coupled with a comprehensive workout regimen, you’d notice remarkable changes within a short amount of time.

Who is this shake for?

  1. Whoever wants to lose weight in any part of their body, around the waist, in the stomach, or every part of their body.
  2. Those interested in quality and taste, as opposed to other factors such as the size of the meal replacement drink.

Constituents of this drink include:

  1. About 20 grams of protein.
  2. 180 calories and 9 grams of fats.
  3. 8 grams of carbohydrates, necessary for strength and agility, even as you go about your normal daily activities.
  4. Multiple flavors are available for people with different tastes.
  5. Contains 23 vitamins and minerals for bodybuilding.
  6. Potassium, iodine, and zinc. These are micronutrients the body thrives on.

The only downside of this shake is that it:s not vegan-friendly. If you’re strictly on a vegan diet, you may want to look for other meal replacement drinks.


As you journey to weight loss and bodybuilding, know that the tendency to skip meals in a bid to lose more weight within record time is counterproductive. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself putting on more weight even as you try to eliminate some meals from your routine.

Instead of completely skipping meals, please take advantage of the meal replacement drinks we’ve discussed in this article. With a few sips of these, you are good to go. Then again, you don’t need extensive knowledge on how to prepare your meal replacement drinks as all of them can be purchased online and in stores.

In addition to these four, there are many other meal replacement drinks you can take advantage of immediately. We have compiled a list of 12 of the best meal replacement drinks for weight loss and muscle building.

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