Blog Meth Use And Sexual Function: How Meth Affects Female Body

Meth Use And Sexual Function: How Meth Affects Female Body

Whenever we talk about some intravenous drug use, meth is one such drug that we often hear about!

So, what is meth, and how is it affecting our body?

In this excerpt below, you will learn about meth addiction and, more specifically, what it can do with the female body.

Does it affect their sexual health, or can it even affect their fertility?

You will be able to get all these answers from the excerpt below.

Do you know the number one reason for people getting addicted to meth is increased libido?

Some physicians have even said that getting addicted to meth has actually helped many to get rid of certain sexual restrains and really enjoy the act.

However, this can be a huge problem for many reasons, and that is what we will discuss further.

Nevertheless, this kind of addiction can be extremely dangerous for anyone.

Thus, if you are suffering from this addiction or know someone who might be dealing with this, you need to enroll in an inpatient detox and recovery center.

Now, a popular Houston drug rehab center suggests that they have the best program, so you should check them out.

Meanwhile, sit back and learn all about Meth addiction.


What Is Meth?

What Is Meth?

Crystal meth is not something that has any legal use anywhere!

Thus, it is a completely illegal drug.

It is highly addictive, and it directly affects the central nervous system.

It comes in the form of a clear bluish crystal-like substance, hence the name Crystal Meth.

Known as a very popular party drug. It is either taken in the form of edibles, or some might powder it and snort it. Some might even go to the dangerous length and cook it to smoke it with a glass pipe.



Inject it directly into their vein.

Like any other hallucinogen, it has a euphoric feeling in the beginning; however, once you start doing it every day.

It can have the worst effects on your psyche.

So, you should be careful about experimenting because you can get addicted very easily when it comes to something called Crystal meth.

Crystal meth is something that is extracted from a substance called Methamphetamine, and you wouldn’t believe that there was a time when meth was given to people volunteering.

For example, during world war II, soldiers were given meth for keeping them awake all night.

Meth is also known for changing your weight drastically, and it was the drug that was known to help people lose weight.

Thank god, we are far from those times!

How Crystal Meth Affects The Body

How Crystal Meth Affects The Body

Here are some of the common effects that Methamphetamine might have on your body.

1. Confusion & Anxiety

Since crystal meth is constantly causing damage to their head, there is a possibility that they might lose most of their rational and cognitive thinking.

As a result, conditions might follow and bring anxious thoughts for simple errands along with that.

2. Skin Problems

Crystal meth is known for completely dehydrating the body and making it extremely dry.

This can cause itchiness and even soreness from the constant itching on the body.

3. Oral Problems

Since meth is a very harsh substance, constant oral consumption or inhaling can cause a rotting effect on your teeth.

Too much rotting effect can completely decay your teeth and can also give you some oral hygiene issues.

5. Weight Loss

Again weight loss is another drastic side effect of constant consumption of Methamphetamine.

Thus, if you see drastically losing weight within a week, this could be a suspicious sign.

How Meth Affects Sexual Health In Women

How Meth Affects Sexual Health In Women

Here are some of the ways in which methamphetamine can cause sexual health issues and even fertility issues among women.

1. Aggressive Sexual Behavior

Many research and surveys have shown that meth can increase the amount of libido among women and even boost their testosterone levels.

As a result, they wouldn’t be afraid of much risky sexual behavior.

Now, this might sound like a very interesting prospect for some, but hear us out!

These sexual behavior are not always normal, and neither is the frequency in which they might want to indulge.

As a result, their partner might not be very keen on such sexual activities, and this can make them very aggressive.

2. Difficulty In Orgasm

When the nervous system is constantly subjected to these chemicals from Methamphetamine, the nerves eventually go numb!

As a result, even when the body is sexually aroused by the activity, the lack of reaction from the nerves makes it almost reach climax.

This could be extremely frustrating for someone who is trying their best to reach an orgasm because of the high sex drive caused by the drug.

3. Decrease Libido

Increased libido is something that might get anyone addicted to these drugs!

However, once the body goes through the same chemical reaction, again and again, it can very easily get immune.

Thus, when dependent on meth, a female body can never be satisfied with the normal libido secreted by a human body.

As a result, the decreased libido will cause less sex drive, and they will want to indulge more in this drug.

4. Infertility

Constant abuse of meth during the teen years can cause a lot of issues in pregnancy and when they are trying to conceive.

Not just infertility, but if someone is able to conceive.

There are high chances of infant mortality rate.

5. Unfulfilled Sex Life

We have said this before; there is no one who can match the sex drive of someone who has fallen prey to drug addiction.

This will ultimately make the patient irritated and sometimes even borderline hostile.

Some of the common side effects could be,

– Infidelity

– Sexually transmitted diseases due to having multiple partners.

– Indulging in unsocial behavior or even sexual crime.

Say No To Drugs!

Yes, drug recovery is always possible, but always ensure that you take the right help before it is too late.

The effect can be quite adverse!

So, it is always better to either prevent it or immediately get therapy before your mental health derails whenever the signs match with addiction.

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