Blog Expedite Weight Loss: Here are the tricks Laxatives can offer

Expedite Weight Loss: Here are the tricks Laxatives can offer

Getting a bolder, tougher, and more toned body can be achieved when the proper formula is used. The formula includes 1) sets of routines in different variations, 2) a high nutrient content diet, and 3) proper use of supplements and laxatives.

The first two items are self-explanatory—the internet can help you identify what routines fit your body, and answer all the thoughts in your head on exercise and diet. The third item, supplements, and laxatives are what we are going to explain in this article.

Exercising to lose weight is not enough. Exercising needs to be paired with something that can expedite the achievement of your ultimate goal which is to lose weight. Not so long ago, people have found out that laxatives in weight loss can be very effective if worked with proper diet and exercise. The next paragraphs will drive you to numerous ideas on how laxatives can help you lose some weight.


What are laxatives?

A laxative is a form of medication that people use when they experience constipation. However, laxatives have been wrongly used as weight loss medication, too. Some are called laxatives purgative or aperients. In the general world of medicine, laxatives can be used to help a person solve constipation issues. The target part of the body of laxatives is the human digestive system.

Laxatives work as a stimulant of the bowel. It is a form of medication that helps improve your metabolism. As science tells the world, improved metabolism results in fast absorption of nutrients coming from food, and quick disposal of the remains. Therefore, if you improve your bowel movement and metabolism, you are not prone to have accumulated fats and lesser weight.

The different types of laxatives :

There are many different types of laxatives. The list would include stimulant laxatives, osmotic-type laxatives, bulk-forming laxatives, saline laxatives, lubricant laxatives, and stool softeners. You may pick whichever fits your need and your body situation. Some articles would provide a list of the best laxatives for weight loss, but it is important to check your body and your needs before you pick the brand and type of laxatives you are going to use.

1. Stimulant laxatives –

the goal of stimulant laxatives is to trigger and irritate your digestive system. It aims to alter the normal operations of your digestive system to forward command to your brain, which is to go to the nearest toilet and release. People who think that they ate a lot, opt for stimulant laxatives and that they have to withdraw. The result is instant, so it is better to be near a toilet before taking up a stimulant laxative.

2. Osmotic-type and saline laxatives –

From the word itself, osmotic type of laxatives promotes osmosis in the digestive tract. Osmosis helps separate water from stool, providing a more difficult-to-control bowel movement. Because of the ability of these types of laxatives to drain water from the system, medical practitioners believe that there should be moderation in using this because dehydration is likely to occur.

3. Bulk-forming laxatives –

The easiest to find laxative is the bulk-forming laxatives. Others termed it as fiber laxatives because the main component is fiber. The goal of this laxative is to enlarge the stool until it makes the intestine contract. As observed, the effect of using bulk-forming laxatives takes to at least half a day to three or more days. This is not an instant laxative that triggers your body in a short period. Some use pineapple juices, believed to be very rich in fiber, to serve as their go-to laxative.

4. Stool softeners –

Stool softener includes lubricating your digestive tract. The goal of stool softeners and other lubricants is to smoothen the path from the digestive system to the outside world. Stool softeners regulate the fats in the body in a way that makes you release unwanted contents quickly and more frequently.

The recommended brands of laxatives for weight loss : listed down the most used and trusted brands of laxatives around the world. Included in the top-notch are Swiss Krib Tabs, Kirkland LaxaClear, and Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse.

Engaging with laxatives does not mean that you have to prepare your wallet for this. Not all laxatives come in tablet or capsule form. Moreover, you can buy some in the form of tea or juice. You may choose your brand and type of laxatives but make sure to have it consulted first. If improperly used, laxatives may cause dehydration, abnormal to very loose bowel movement, or it can permanently disrupt the operations of your digestive system.

You may also ask your peers about their preferences and to know the side effects, if any. The most important thing is to make sure that laxatives work as a detox and as a digestive cleanser. Thus, if you observe other unnecessary effects were observe, consult with more experienced and knowledgeable personnel.

Conclusion :

Thus, laxatives have been proven to help you lose weight. Different drug stores and supermarkets have set an area for these types of brands and products to make it easier for people to get and compare them. Because this has been very accessible now for the public, it is best to ensure safety in using it.

People cannot entirely depend on the intake of laxatives just to get the weight that they prefer. Moreover, taking up laxatives must always be in a timely manner to avoid unwanted side effects. Aside from possible dehydration and loose bowel movement, overdose may also occur if you use laxatives everyday. To avoid experiencing such harmful effects, make sure to supplement your medication with proper diet and proper exercise. Know more about what fits your personality and body by consulting with experts today!

Remember the formula: weight loss = diet + exercise/activities + laxatives. Start cleansing your body now to have a better metabolism!

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