Blog Is Monkeypox A.2 Strain Different Than The UK Monkeypox Virus Strain?

Is Monkeypox A.2 Strain Different Than The UK Monkeypox Virus Strain?

The analysis of the Indian medical department shows that the strains are a little different than the UK strains. According to the reports of the institute of the Indian Council of Medical Research, the first two cases of the Monkeypox virus strain are A.2. And this virus outbreak is different from the UK monkeypox virus outbreak causing strains.

Still, now, the Indian medical council reported nine cases of monkeypox and one affected person’s death. The Dubai Emirates return affected people are showing the symptoms of vesicular lesions, mild fever, myalgia on the different parts of the body, including the genitalia areas. Multiple samples are collected in the EDTA, blood serum, and urine from the affected people.

The researchers said according to the phylogenetic analysis the first two cases of the infections are caused by the monkeypox virus strain of A.2.This A.2 strain belongs to the hMPXV-1A lineage and comes under clade 3. West Africa and Central Africa, along with the Congo basin, are two well-known different monkeypox virus clades. This virus comes under the 11% mortality rate and increased amount of transformability.

On July 23th, the WHO announced the global health emergency situation over the six major countries.

This is a worldwide outbreak situation. Among two types of strains, most monkeypox-affected people are affected by West African stains.

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