Blog Third Monkeypox Case Found In Delhi. So Far, The Number of Patients Affected In India Is 8.

Third Monkeypox Case Found In Delhi. So Far, The Number of Patients Affected In India Is 8.

According to the Indian health minister records, eight monkeypox cases are registered in the country. The Indian national task force is monitoring the development process of diagnostics and vaccination.

Thirty years old man, a foreign Nigerian national in Delhi tested positive for monkeypox. But this man has no record of travelling in recent days. After the patient tested positive for monkeypox, he was admitted to the Lok Nayak Hospital Delhi.

isolated rooms for the monkeypox cases

The first case in India was reported from Kerala. According to the medical health report, the Delhi monkey pox case is the eighth monkeypox-infected person. Delhi government is already asking to create isolated rooms for the monkeypox cases to three private hospitals.

The medical surveillance team is working. And contraction tracing is still going on. From the airport to any international travel depot, health checking is going on. Now from the contact tracing, the medical tests are running to find the source of the cases.

As far as we all know, monkeypox is caused by monkey pox viruses. The monkeypox virus is in the same category as the smallpox virus; according to the report by WHO, the number of infected people’s numbers are rising in Central and West Africa. So if India can take precautions, then they can stop the contraction rates of the country.

After the Kerala monkeypox case the Indian Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya Parliament said this,

We have written to the Dubai government, asking them, if someone is travelling from there, to conduct tracing and share the reports with us so that we can monitor them. At the airport, we do thermal screening.”

This is a Government official statement.

So we can say India is preparing to deal with the probable health crisis in the country.

The symptoms start with fever and small red bumps all over the body with swollen lymph nodes. This is a self-limiting disease, and the symptoms last for two or four weeks.

Source Of Government Official Statement And Video.

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