Blog Monkeypox Rishing Case numbers Among The Male sex Network Is A Big Headache

Monkeypox Rishing Case numbers Among The Male sex Network Is A Big Headache

Monkeypox-infected numbers keep rising among the male sex. The headache is now the monkeypox cases keep rising but the monkeypox virus can spread among others.

Experts are saying that maybe right now, the monkeypox spreading is limited under the male sex networks. But the chances of spreading the monkeypox virus among the other community is undeniable.

The number of cases of monkeypox keeps growing worldwide. And there are always chances of the community spreading. According to the records of the May 2022 worldwide monkeypox infected cases, numbers are touching the bar of 43,000. Right now, 95 countries are dealing with the monkeypox virus spreading problems.

According to global data,

Monkeypox case numbers are rising in every country. The US reported 15,4432 cases. The second highest affected number is Spain. After Spain, the other two highest monkeypox outbreaks are recorded in Germany and the UK.

Still, the maximum number of infected people are reported from men’s sex networks. The outbreaks are mainly recorded among the men who are having sex with men. But there are chances of the outbreak of the virus among other communities as well as this specific community.

So now all the medical experts around the globe are carefully analyzing the spreading virus’ nature. But there is only one solution to stop the spreading of the virus. That is the proper precaution.

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